What Wedding Cake Shapes Are For You

Wedding Cake Shapes From Round To Heart


Wedding cakes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and heights, and each one speaks to a different style of wedding. When it comes to selecting the cake that perfectly fits your dream wedding, consider these common wedding cake shapes, and the best methods for decorating with them.

Photo 1-6: Round Wedding Cakes

Source: Cakesofyourdreams, Sweetavenuecakery, Cakesofyourdreams

Source: Sweetavenuecakery, Cakesofyourdreams, Sweetavenuecakery

Photo 7-12: Square Wedding Cakes

Source: Sweetavenuecakery, Finespuncakess, Goosehousebakery

Source: Whippedcakeco, Wingatescakedesign, Jenscakery

Photo 13-18: Hexagonal Wedding Cakes

Source: Honeycrumbcakes, Cakesbynomoretiers, Carlareich

Source: Honeycrumbcakes, Honeycrumbcakes, Cakesforalluk

Photo 19-24: Mixed Forms

Source: Wingatescakedesign, Twelvefivecakery, Kimmycakes_ccd

Source: Luxurycakesca, Euphoric Cakes via instagram, Penthousesweetschicago

Photo 25-30: Unususal Heart Wedding Cakes

Source: Sam Cupcakesyumyum, Occasions cake studio, Cake Studio

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