8 Top Popular Wedding Cake Shapes In 2024

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Wedding cakes are a central feature of any wedding celebration. They serve not only as a delicious dessert but also as a beautiful centerpiece that complements the overall aesthetic of the wedding. While traditional tiered cakes have been a popular choice for many years, there are now more creative options available for those who want to add a unique touch to their big day. In this post, we’ll explore some of the different wedding cake shapes, from geometric designs to unconventional sculptures, we’ll be exploring various wedding cake shapes that will make your big day unforgettable.


Brides Often Ask

Should wedding cake be round or square?

Both round and square wedding cakes are common and suitable options. The choice of shape may also depend on the wedding theme or the design of the venue. Couples should choose the shape that best reflects their taste and matches the overall aesthetic of their special day.

What type of cake is best for wedding cake?

Round and square shapes are common, but other options like hexagon, octagon, or even asymmetrical shapes are possible depending on the couple’s vision and the cake designer’s expertise.


Round Wedding Cakes

To many, a round shaped cake is simple, plain and boring. But what do we say about love being an endless circle? This is a unique wedding cake shape with depth in its simplicity. It serves as a stunning backdrop for different textures and colors.
Round wedding cake shapes can get layered with strawberry, coconut, and other types of fillings. To give it hard and sturdy covering for designs to come, bakers use fondant.


Square Wedding Cakes

Square wedding cakes have become increasingly popular in recent years, as couples seek out unique and modern designs to elevate their special day. The angular shape provides a striking contrast to the round and curved shapes commonly seen in traditional wedding cakes.
When it comes to decorating a square wedding cake, the options are endless. Fresh flowers, sugar blooms, and metallic accents are all popular choices for adding visual interest to the cake. Another trend in square wedding cakes is the use of vibrant colors, such as jewel tones or metallic hues, to create a bold statement.


Mixed Wedding Cake Shapes

Mixed-shaped cakes are awesome wedding cakes that are modern and contemporary. They are fit for an extravagant, classic, and simple wedding. If you will have a simple wedding, go with three shapes at most.
For extravagant weddings, make them bigger and add more pop of colors to give an edge. If you want to go the bohemian, whimsical, or wanderlust style, add more shapes. Make it about six shapes for dramatic effect.


Unususal Heart Wedding Cakes

We are all about love over here, so a heart-shaped cake is something we will say yes to. This is the shape that means a lot to everyone in love. It is the regular wedding cake shape but has not lost its touch.
You can touch it up with embellishments for a more exotic look. You could also leave it naked with fruits for a simple look. Perfect for country, barn and backyard weddings.

Oval Shaped Cakes

Oval wedding cakes are a unique and elegant choice for couples looking to add a touch of sophistication to their wedding. The elongated shape creates a visually stunning centerpiece that stands out from traditional round or square cakes. The curved edges of an oval cake offer a soft and romantic look that pairs perfectly with delicate floral arrangements or intricate piping designs.
Oval cakes also offer practical benefits, as they can be cut into larger slices without compromising the overall look of the cake.


Petals Shaped Cakes

Petals shaped cakes are designed to resemble a blooming flower, with soft curved edges and delicate petals that create a visually stunning centerpiece. The unique shape allows for a wide range of design possibilities, from modern and minimalist to soft and feminine.
Petal shape wedding cakes can be decorated with fresh flowers, sugar flowers, or intricate piping designs, making them a versatile option that can be tailored to suit any wedding style. With their romantic and playful appeal, petal shape wedding cakes are a charming and unforgettable choice.

Staircase Wedding Cakes

Staircase wedding cakes are a show-stopping choice for couples who want to make a grand entrance with their dessert. These cakes feature multiple tiers arranged in a cascading staircase design, creating a sense of movement and drama. Staircase wedding cakes can be customized to match any wedding theme or color palette, with options ranging from simple and elegant to ornate and elaborate.
These cakes have s unique and eye-catching design, and they are sure to impress guests and create a memorable focal point at the reception.


Creative Wedding Cake Shapes

In addition to providing a stunning visual element to the reception, creative wedding cake shapes can also serve as a conversation starter among guests. More and more couples are now opting for creative and unique cake shapes to showcase their individuality and style. From asymmetrical designs to abstract sculptures, the possibilities for creative wedding cake shapes are endless.
The trend towards creative wedding cake shapes allows couples to make a bold statement and create a truly unforgettable centerpiece for their special day.

Choosing wedding cake shapes is an exciting part of the planning process. The shape of your cake can enhance the overall aesthetic of your wedding and add a touch of personality to your celebration. Whether you opt for a classic tiered cake or something more unconventional, there are endless possibilities for creating a unique and memorable dessert. Whatever shape you choose, remember that it’s the love and commitment you’re celebrating that truly matters on your big day.