21 Funny Wedding Pictures That Will Make You Laugh

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Couples are now beginning to embrace the concept of incorporating funny wedding pictures for a wedding. I mean, you spend a lot of money to take memorable pictures, you want the memories to last a lifetime. Why not take some funny wedding photos to put a perfect and finishing touch to the day?


Weddings are sober and emotional enough, as it is. Taking a wedding ceremony picture or two will go a long way to heighten the fun. The best part is that most of these pictures aren’t expected and will leave you shocked.

But you can also plan funny wedding party pictures with a little help from us. From pictures with the family to the couple, friends, bridesmaid, groomsmen, and even adorable kids. So, read through and make your pick of funny wedding picture ideas that suit you. Below, we will draw up a list of funny wedding photos in 7 categories.


Cute Wedding Pictures Of Bride And Groom

The photographers can take cute wedding pictures of the bride and groom that are downright funny. In this category, you’ll find some ideas that are unique.

  • She Got Him

This is one of the very funny bride pictures anymore bride can take. One to look back and laugh at. The bride and groom pose for a picture, with the bride behind him. Then she sticks out her tongue as the shutter goes off. Yeah, I got him!

  • He Wears A Veil

As far as cute wedding pictures of the bride and groom go, this is the best. It’s unplanned and will be a shock to the couple and photographer. The couple steps out to take a picture. And boom, the wind blows the veil to cover the groom’s head.

  • She’s Pissed

This is a very hilarious one between the bride and groom. The groom offends the bride and she goes all ballistic. Next, she turns up with a pan in hand to beat the grooms head. Of course, we all know this is an act, but we love it.



Funny Bride And Bridesmaid Pictures

Some funny bride and bridesmaid pictures made it to our list. They show the bride having great and hilarious moments with her inner circle girls.

  • We’re Not Ready

This shows the bride and bridesmaids trying to get ready in a rush. The rollers are still on their heads, with some of them rushing to the bath, others are trying out their shoes while some cannot even find their dresses or bouquets. The place is in disarray.

  • The Bouquet Toss

The bridesmaids go in a line behind the bride, waiting for a toss. The bride throws up the bouquet and everyone goes scrambling on the ground. One of the bridesmaids have the bouquet and it turns into a struggle. Who goes home with the bouquet? Unanswered questions!

  • Cute Funny Faces

The bridesmaids pose for photos with the bride wedding day. While the bride is busy being happy, the bridesmaids make faces. Some are very happy, some stay shocked and can’t believe she’s off the market. Others have a lonely face that makes for funny wedding pictures.



Funny Groomsmen Pictures

The guys find humor in almost everything, but with their friend getting married? Let’s look at some funny groomsmen pictures ideas for the perfect wedding.

  • King Of The Day

This is between the groom and his groomsmen after the wedding party. He married her and everything went so smooth. The day was perfect and she is now his wife. So, this makes him king of the day. And they raise him high on their shoulders.

  • Who’s The Groom

Not all couples will be okay with this, but it’s worth a try. This is a funny way for groomsmen to identify the groom is the one getting married. They all pull down their trousers with inscriptions on their knickers. From groomsmen to groom in the middle.

  • Do You Still Want To Run?

A very funny one this is. The groomsmen run towards the groom with eyes wide. This depicts the groomsmen telling the groom that the bride is almost here. Does he still want to run? The groom only has a few minutes left before he’s shackled forever.



Funny Wedding Party Pictures

There are funny pictures to take with friends that are unforgettable. Below are three funny wedding party picture ideas that you can incorporate at your wedding.

  • Let’s Separate Them

This is a classic, like the old world where two people in love struggle to be together. The bride and groom will kiss or hold hands. Then the groomsmen will pull the groom away. They bridesmaids also pull the bride. But the couple holds on to themselves.

  • They’re In Love

This is a very romantic yet funny wedding picture. The couple will get into a very deep kiss and forget everyone else. The bridesmaids and groomsmen try to get their attention and no way. So they look on stunned at what is happening. They are in love!

  • Let The Party Go On

So the couple and their wedding party decide to have some time out to unwind. They get drinking until they are all wasted. Someone walks in to find them all on top of each other in a deep sleep, and off the camera shutter goes.



Wedding Pictures With Kids

Kids can be so innocent, sweet, and mischievous at the same time. Most funny kids’ pictures are well unplanned, but you can plan them.

  • I’m Stressed Out

Little baby boy is the page boy, with the wedding going on and on. It seems endless and little page boy cannot take it anymore. He comes with his placard saying he’s stressed! Is it not the time for some cake yet? This is innocent and hilarious.

  • We Can’t Watch This

Wedding pictures with kids will be incomplete if you don’t incorporate this idea. The couple is kissing before the flower girls, little bride and page boy. This is that “Ewwww” moment where they cover their faces shouting “yuck”! Get a room! Don’t leave the kids traumatized.

  • Oh! Look At Them

The couple is having a quiet moment and being all romantic. And the kids all look on in awe at what’s going on. They see love so much that they get entranced. The photographer will capture the priceless looks on their faces. Those moments are treasures.


Funny Reception Moments

Reception moments consist of so much funny wedding photos which you didn’t plan. Below are three of the funniest wedding pictures you’d find at a reception.

  • It’s A Rocky Cake

Have you ever had trouble or seen a hard wedding cake to cut? Well, it happens at weddings one too many times. If this is your case, you may turn it into humor. And if it’s not, you could feign an inability to cut your wedding cake.

  • The Odd One Out

These funny reception moments last only seconds or into some minutes. So your photographer should have quick reflexes. Guests are on their dance floor and there’s this guest that doesn’t understand the dance. They keep doing the opposite which doesn’t match with the pattern of the dance.

  • The Cake Mess

So husband and wife cut their cake already and wife decided to give him some to taste. She makes a mistake of rubbing some on his nose and lips. Husband senses mischief and does his. It becomes a loving cake mess. They pose for pictures that way.



Funny Family Pictures

The people who are most happy when you reach any milestone is family. As they are happy, let’s see some funny things they could do.

  • I’m Watching You

This is one of the priceless wedding picture ideas we’ve seen so far. The groom is taking the bride with him and her dad watches in a helpless manner. Then the groom looks back and her dad does the fingers to the eyes sign. I’m watching you!

  • They’re Still Ours

The bride and groom, wedding party are taking pictures without end. The family gets tired of waiting and what do they do? They barge in all ready to take some snapshots with the couple. When the wedding party looks in shock, the family make signs, they’re still ours!

  • My Aunt Is Gorgeous

The little kid cannot contain her awe when she sees her aunt walk the aisle. Her whole family watches her in amazement as the bride steps in. But she taps her mom and says, aunt is so gorgeous. You can give her a sigh for that.

We’ve listed 7 categories of funny wedding pictures that will either shock you make you laugh. Now that is the beauty of having a wedding to remember. You can goof with your partner or have you photographers catch those spontaneous funny moments. But if you want deliberate funny wedding photos, we have great fun ideas for you. Go through this article and find your style. Your day is only as memorable as you make it!