Funny Wedding Cards That Add Spice to Your Nuptials

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When it comes to weddings, we all want to make the couple feel happy. One way to do that is by sending a card with a heartfelt message of congratulations. But why settle for a boring traditional card when you can add a touch of humor to the celebration with funny wedding cards? These cards feature clever jokes, witty puns, and humorous illustrations that will make the newlyweds laugh out loud. They also make for a memorable keepsake that the couple will forever cherish. Browse our selection below for the perfect idea.


Brides often Ask

What do you write on a quirky wedding card?

When writing a quirky wedding card, keep the couple’s personalities in mind. Also, incorporate inside jokes, funny anecdotes, or clever puns to make the card unique and personal. Remember to keep the tone lighthearted and playful.

What is a good wedding card message?

A good wedding card message should be heartfelt and celebratory. Congratulate the couple on their marriage, express your good wishes, and offer words of encouragement. Also, include a personal anecdote or memory to make the message more meaningful.

What do you write on a wedding card not cringe?

To avoid writing a cringe-worthy wedding card, keep the message heartfelt. But also lighthearted and playful. Also, avoid making overly personal or inappropriate comments. And steer clear of cliches or generic phrases.


Funny Things To Write On Wedding Cards

When writing funny wedding cards, consider the couple’s personalities and use humor that they will appreciate. Inside jokes, playful puns, or witty one-liners are great options. Avoid anything too inappropriate or offensive. Here are some examples:


Funny Wedding Sayings For Cards

Funny quotes for wedding cards add a spark of laughter to a wedding event. Here are some examples to consider:

  • Congratulations on finding someone who will always laugh at your jokes, even when they are terrible.
  • In marriage, you get to do all the freedom you craved in your parent’s house. Cheers to winning your freedom fight.
  • Congrats on getting married! Remember, in this workshop, the husband works, and the wife…well, she’s the boss.

Funny Love Sayings

When it comes to funny wedding sayings for cards, playful puns, and witty one-liners work well. Here are a few examples:

  • Love is like a fart. If you have to exert effort to make it happen, it becomes worthless.
  • Marriage can taste like honey or sting like a bee, but be sure to have fun at every stage. Congrats on saying ‘I do’!
  • Marriage is similar to the board game Monopoly, but instead of competing for phony money, you battle over who gets to set the temperature.


Funny Quotes For Wedding Cards

When looking for funny quotes for wedding cards, consider quotes that you can adapt to fit the occasion. Check out these examples:

  • Marriage is about choosing to embrace your partner’s flaws, like their inability to Parallel Park or their love for reality TV.
  • Weddings seem perfect in the beginning, but they can also have a happy ending. Don’t let naysayers get to you too.
  • Happy new life dear. Be ready to share your Netflix password or take turns being the designated driver.

Funny Wedding Messages For Cards

When writing funny wedding messages for cards, keep the humor lighthearted and appropriate. Consider these examples:

  • “You know you’re in love when you can fall into a deep sleep while your partner snores.”
  • “Your spouse has bought your freedom with love, and there is no refund. Congrats on the upgrade!”
  • “Wow! It’s your wedding. Now, let the argument of who gets custody of the remote begin!”


Funny One-Liners For Wedding Cards

One-liners are a great way to add a touch of humor to a wedding card. Keep the humor light and in good taste. Here are examples of funny things to write on wedding cards:

  • “A good marriage is like a casserole. Only those in charge understand how it works.”
  • “Love is a lot like a toothbrush. You have to share it, but never forget which one is yours.”
  • “Marriage is a lot like a rollercoaster. It has its ups and downs, but it’s more fun when you’re screaming together.”

Funny Wedding Postponement Cards

If you need to postpone your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances, funny wedding postponement cards can help lighten the mood. Here are some ideas below:

  • “Our wedding needs more time to ripen, like a nice wine. So, let’s raise a glass to our new wedding date!”
  • “The good news is that we are basking in genuine love. The bad news is that our wedding is on a bit of a hiatus.”
  • “Do not cry a tear, we only postponed the wedding to make more champagne available.


Wedding Congratulation Card Examples

A wedding congratulatory card is a special way to express your happiness for the newlyweds. When writing funny wedding congratulations cards, express your heartfelt congratulations while also sharing your enthusiasm for the couple’s future together. Also, add a touch of humor if it suits your relationship with the couple. Here are some general tips and examples for different types of wedding cards:

funny Wedding Congratulations Cards

A bit of humor can make your wedding congratulations card stand out. Keep the humor lighthearted and appropriate. Here are some funny wedding cards examples:

  • “Marriage is an adventure, you do not always know it all. Remember to always ask for directions!”
  • “You’ve tied the knot and are locked in your love forever. Good luck trying to escape now!”
  • “May your marriage be filled with endless love, joy, and shared bathroom time.”


Funny Wedding Thank You Cards

When writing funny wedding thank you cards, express your gratitude while also adding a touch of humor. Check out these ideas below:

  • “We were glad you traveled to celebrate our love! We promise we won’t forget this when it’s your turn to get married.”
  • “The gifts look stunning. We promise to put it to good use unless it’s a blender – we have too many of those already!”
  • “How else can we thank you for coming? We’re pretty sure we owe you our firstborn child now. Just kidding… unless you want it?”

Funny Wedding Response Cards

Response cards can be a bit boring, so why not spice them up with a touch of humor? Here are some funny wedding response cards examples:

  • “Can’t wait to celebrate with you! We promise to have enough cake for both of us.”
  • “It feels good to know you will be at our wedding. Just a heads up – the dance floor is reserved for people who can do the Macarena.”
  • “We’re excited to see you soon! If you need any advice on what to wear, just remember our wedding colors are ‘fancy’ and ‘fun.'”


Funny Wedding Anniversary Cards

Wedding anniversary funny cards keep the humor alive and celebrate the couple’s lasting love. Here are some examples:

  • “Happy anniversary! It’s amazing to think that you two have put up with each other for another year.”
  • “Congratulations on your anniversary and for not smothering each other in your sleep yet!”
  • “Happy anniversary to two of my favorite people! May your love continue to grow stronger, and your patience with each other continue to amaze us all.”

Weddings are special events that mark the beginning of a new chapter in someone’s life. While traditional wedding cards are still popular, funny wedding cards provide a unique and memorable way to share your love and best wishes. When choosing a funny wedding card, be mindful of the couple’s personality and sense of humor to ensure that your message is well-received. Remember, the goal is to make them laugh and feel loved, not offend or hurt their feelings.