Enchanting Forest Wedding Theme Ideas For A Woodland Affair

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If you’re a bride that loves to camp, explore the woods, or generally love freedom, adventure, and the outdoors; then you should get in here. For your big day, the forest wedding theme suits you best among others. It is very magical and intimate, offering you the forest’s natural beauty and its stunning scenery as a backdrop.

Imagine so much rich nature and vast woodland already built-in, standing the test of time as the years go by. From the free-moving wildflowers to the towering trees, swishing brooks, mossy floors, and more. Forest wedding venues are simply dreamy. But if you want to personalize the whole event, get inspired by these forest wedding ideas.

Brides Often Ask

What is a woodland wedding?

A woodland wedding is also known as a forest wedding. It is hosted in the woods or incorporates natural elements.


Wedding Ceremony Decoration

The wedding ceremony is arguably the most meaningful part of the wedding day. From vow exchange to first kiss and more, you want to make it memorable. To pull off a forest wedding ceremony whether indoors or outdoors, incorporate velvety green aisles and glowing lantern lights for that enchanted cave-like look. To create a sense of intimacy and romance, throw in some overarching treetops.

Candle lights can also be suspended in the venue to heighten the enchantment. A forest-themed wedding can also come alive with the addition of tree stump benches for guests and orbed lighting that confer an otherworldly look on the venue. If you are having a sunset ceremony, take advantage of the greenery by using them as accents on pale blooms to give wooded areas some energy. It doesn’t have to be all green anyway, especially during the autumn. Incorporate Lucite accents, mirrored wedding aisle, and cascades of baby breath for a new twist.


Forest Wedding Reception Decor

Bring the magical forest wedding reception to life with breathtaking reception décor. Invoke the hues of bark-covered trees and pine-strewn floors. Workaround colors like white, black, and brown. Start with trellis ceilings detailed with loose tendrils of greenery to evoke a relaxed contrast against boxwood wall panels and sculpted trees. Throw in some white blooms to lend some brightness to this invigorating color palette. If you are going for a fairytale look, incorporate some towering redwood mixed in rustic wooden details and lush greenery.

Set up a luxe lounge seating area and illuminate with pin spots for a starry and sparkly photogenic backdrop. Stepping away from the conventional, you can work with opulent pink in blooms for elegance and endless candlelight to create an otherworldly ambiance. LED lights, wooden folding chairs, soft florals, tree-suspended chandeliers, birch-made open teepees, elegant chinaware, and suspended colorful candle lights bring the whole look into the twenty-first century. However, consider comfort and make sure to hand out repellents or light some protective candles against insects.


Beautiful Ideas For Centerpiece

For a forest-themed wedding, transform your reception table into a personalized fantasy island with luxuriant centerpieces and a stunning forest tablescape. Dig vase-like holes some organic branches to add texture and depth to this charming scene. Opt for candelabras woven with cloches and branches and make them sparkly with fresh moss and fairy lights. Surround ferns with candlelight and overarching greenery or create natural and delicate ikebana style centerpieces using globed candle lights around twisted vines or succulents to compliment the outdoor majesty.

Opt for garlands of eucalyptus in jewel-toned vases or twine-wrapped mason jars for more rustic forest-inspired centerpieces. These centerpieces are easy to create but you must decide how modern, flamboyant, or minimalist they should be. Also, choose your color palette in natural shades, earth, and jewel tones. Your centerpieces will embody the palette and give your ambiance a cohesive look.


Table Decor Ideas

Adopt an off-the-beaten-path look by using crisp white, brown, or linens on your tables to complement your wooden enchanted forest-themed wedding tables. You may also spice up your table forest wedding decorations by opting for shimmery gold linens and napkins, burgundy blooms, and glimmering vintage candle holders for some drama. Use leaves as escort cards or create some modern ones in the shapes of leaves.

To evoke some bohemian or rustic magic in the forest, perch acrylic escort display cards on wooden bases as a way to merge everything with. Add some chargers for the guess using tree barks and stump plates to complete the forest look. For flatware, use white, gold, black, or silver. You can also mix and match, accompanying them with white or pastel-colored monogrammed napkins and greenery table runners. Throw in some tea-light candles and votives to create an ethereal glow and ambiance.

Forest Wedding Cake

Embellish white wedding cake with blooms and ferns to create an enchanted forest wedding theme. Complete the woodsy vibe with a foliage backdrop and a tree ring cake platter. Decorate the cake with buzzing bees, curling leaf tendrils, delicate mushrooms, and cute blossoms on the icing details. Other options include detailing the cake with pine cones, sugar flowers, twigs, and wild berries for the bark of a birch tree forestry vibe.

For a casual, modern vibe, make it semi-naked topped with fruits, berries, greenery, and blooms, either fresh or dried. Give it some drama by adding some moss pillows, bird toppers, antlers, and foliage. If you are trying to create something whimsical, imitate wood or bark using buttercream or monogram cutouts of fresh sugar blooms or foliage. Incorporate grass, sugar mushrooms, moss, and even wildflowers. Include some whimsical toppers like deer and foxes or neutral and metallic ones that look like wood barks.


Forest Wedding Venues

Enjoy a memorable wedding at lush outdoor forest wedding venues around the United States. From the comforting yet mystical environment to the magical ambiance and nature-inspired beauty and ethereal picturesque backdrops, these venues have everything going for them. Make your pick of our top five forest wedding locations.

1. Sawtooth National Forest

Situated in Stanley, Idaho, Sawtooth National Forest boasts a mountain range, lakes, hike trails, beautiful trees that lend credence to the celestial atmosphere. This venue is also known for its famous mountain range where lots of couples hold memorable events.

2. Redwood National and State Parks

Sitting pretty in the northern part of the Californian coastline, this is everything dreamscapes are made of. The place features a ton of trees, luscious greenery, a beach, and a mega-dose of rustic charm. If a couple wants to combine a beach and forest wedding, this is the place to go.

3. Tongass National Forest

This beautiful forest spot is located in Alaska, and it is the largest in the United States. For all adventurous couples, here is the place to be because they will be surrounded by crystal clear lakes, towering pine trees, wildlife, and rushing waterfalls.

4. Ko’olau Forest Reserve

All the way in Hawaii, Maui holds thus lush rainforest filled with waterfalls, plenty of greenery, hiking trails, and more. This place is also known for its many beaches, so the scenery options are endless.

5. Sequoia National Forest

California is the beautiful home to the commanding Sequoia National Forest which holds the largest trees in the world, sequoia. This forest also features dramatic peaks, hiking trails, and over one million acres of vast land to give you all the intimacy you need.

Opting for a forest wedding theme is one of the best choices that an outdoor-loving, adventurous couple will make. It brings nature to true, full beauty. To pull off this theme, we’ve put together some creative ideas in this post. Get inspired and be on your way to forever with a memorable wedding celebration.