Gorgeous Summer Wedding Bouquets 30+ Ideas & FAQs

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Summer weddings are a stunning affair! With perfect weather and blooming flowers, it’s the ideal time to incorporate them into your theme, whether it’s for beach, garden, or centerpieces. However, brides should be cautious in selecting flowers that complement their dress and decor. Some summer blooms may wilt or cause allergies in the heat, so it’s essential to choose wisely. We’re here to offer tips for a perfect and memorable wedding.


Brides Often Ask

How to Make And Select The Bridal Bouquet?

  • Choose your wedding dress and colors before deciding on the bouquet.
  • Know your flowers and their seasons.
  • Shop for your flowers locally. This is because blooms in your locale are used to the weather around.
  • Keep your bouquet size moderate and complementary to your dress.
  • Personalize your flowers. Pick ones of significance to you.
  • Gorgeous bouquets deserve close shots. Take some!
  • Keep the flowers alive at the end of the day. Plant them in water.


The Most Popular Summer Flowers


Choose peonies for their lush, romantic blooms in shades of pink, white, and coral. Opt for fully open flowers for maximum impact.

Pro Tip: Keep them fresh by placing the stems in cool water and storing in a refrigerator until the ceremony.


Garden Roses

Select garden roses for their classic elegance and wide range of colors, from soft pastels to rich jewel tones. Pick blooms with tight petals for longevity.

Pro Tip: To keep them fresh, trim stems at an angle and place in water with floral preservative.



Opt for hydrangeas for their large, showy blooms and variety of colors, including white, blue, pink, and purple. Choose blooms with firm petals and avoid wilting.

Pro Tip: Keep hydrangeas fresh by submerging blooms in cool water for several hours before arranging.


Select delphinium for their tall, elegant spikes of flowers in shades of blue, purple, and white. Use as focal points or accents in bouquets.

Pro Tip: To maintain freshness, recut stems and place in water with floral preservative, avoiding direct sunlight.



Incorporate chamomile for its delicate, daisy-like blooms and fresh scent. Utilize its white petals to add a touch of whimsy and texture to bouquets. Harvest chamomile just before use to preserve its fragrance.

Pro Tip: Keep stems hydrated by placing them in water until ready to assemble bouquets.


Select dahlias for their diverse colors, sizes, and intricate petal shapes. Choose fully opened blooms in hues like white, pink, or peach.

Pro Tip: Keep them fresh by re-cutting stems underwater and placing in a clean vase with flower food. Store in a cool location away from direct sunlight.


Summer Wedding Bouquets In Different Colors

Pale Pink Summer Wedding Bouquets

Pale pink colors perfectly suit weddings of all seasons and places. They make a great tropical wedding bouquet for weddings in the tropics, for summer, halls, beach weddings, and all.

This color comes in neutral shades which brighten other colors, thus, being a perfect choice for beach wedding bouquets. It seeps into the plain beach surroundings and lights it up, like a blush! Pink generally signifies beauty and purity.  Ranunculus, lilies, peonies, garden roses…… They come in different shades of pink, most of which are your favs!

Flowers to avoid

  • Jasmine: They cause allergies such as inflammation and itching.
  • Hyacinth: They droop easily under heat. If you have to use them, they should be mixed with other flowers.


Blue & Purple Bouquets For A Summer

Purple and blue send a strong message of royalty, glory, and rest. They come in different types and shades to give a great selection of summer wedding flowers. These colors match with white and cream to make simple wedding bouquets.

These beautiful wedding flowers also blend with bridesmaids’ dresses to give a regal touch. We hear that purple and silver dresses are bridesmaids’ favorites! To make a wedding bouquet of purples and blues, make your pick from the following flowers; Cattleya orchids, pincushions, hydrangeas, freesia, anemones, garden roses, etc.

Flowers to avoid

  • Chrysanthemums: They cause allergies through their pollens.
  • Gerbera daisy:  They wilt easily and contain high pollen.

Perfect White & Crimson Bouquets

An all-white wedding bouquet exudes elegance and sophistication, perfect for classic, modern, or minimalist weddings. It complements various themes, from traditional ceremonies to contemporary chic affairs, adding timeless charm and purity.

An all-white summer bouquet can include flowers like white roses, peonies, calla lilies, hydrangeas, lilies of the valley, and baby’s breath. These blooms create a stunning arrangement, ideal for romantic, beach, garden, or formal weddings.

Flowers to avoid

  • Tulips and daffodils: As beautiful as they are, their stems do not hold water well. If you must use them, put them in the middle of a bouquet.


Bright and Colorful Summer Wedding Bouquets

Brides having beach weddings tend to pick bolder colors for their beach wedding bouquets. This is so that it will pop some light into the environment and pictures. Bright summer flowers burst with colors ranging from cream, purple, blue, yellow, red, etc. They complement rustic, traditional, or modern weddings.

For a tropical wedding, make bold colors like ombre, orange, red, green, or multicolor a part of your tropical wedding bouquet. They will contrast with your dress perfectly, making you a knockout! Flowers that make this cut include orchids, proteas, andromedas, lilies, giant tropical leaves, and roses.

Flowers to avoid

  • Yellow carnations and yellow lilies: They convey disdain and falsehood.
  • Sage: These are toxic when ingested in high doses. You may not want to touch them carelessly.

Peaches and Creams Bridal Bouquets

Peach is a color choice for contemporary brides. But its combination with cream is a knockout! It oozes romance, sophistication, rebirth, and innocence. From the park and formal to classic, beach, or ballroom weddings, peaches, and cream summer-blooming flowers are a hit!

The great thing about these colors is that they blend, complement, and give other colors some shine. The dresses, decor, and even pictures. Dahlias, garden roses, peonies, and ranunculus are magnificent blooms that come in peaches and cream. Any of these will scale through for a classic bride, while a combination is for the more daring Boho chic!

Flowers to avoid

  • PeoniesThey are delicate and will wilt when exposed to high heat. Keep them submerged in water.
  • Larkspur: These flowers have a superstitious connotation with infidelity.

Trendy Chic Summer Bouquets With Greens

Simple wedding bouquets are chic and classic! They draw all the attention without distraction due to the green hint. Green means life and sure brings life to everything they touch. For your dream bridal bouquet, get creative by picking out green summer-blooming flowers and their decorations.

Pick pink, yellow, white, red, blue, ombre, orange, or purple flowers like; peonies, anemones, garden roses, lilies, proteas, etc. for your bouquet.

Flowers to avoid

  • Hydrangeas: They are fragile and will wilt easily under intense sunlight.
  • Anemones: Their petals are delicate and they wilt when exposed to heat and sun. They are better left in the water until it’s party time.

Perfect Bouquets With Red Flowers

Red depicts love, passion, rage, and power. Red is a vibrant showstopper and is most suitable for a tropical wedding bouquet.

Flowers with which to make your gorgeous red wedding bouquets with red roses, cardinal, anthurium, poppy, red carnation, red tulips.

Flowers to avoid

  • Marigold: They are symbolic of grief.
  • Rhododendron: These flowers are symbolic of danger.

Stylish Green Bouquets

The unusual always stands out! Green bouquets are not only non-traditional but stylish and unique. They fit in anywhere, especially as beach wedding flowers – a case of nature meets nature!

Using all green for a tropical wedding bouquet may be a bit extravagant but we are all about boldness and making statements! Green bouquets are cheap wedding flowers alternative to fresh exotic flowers for brides on a budget. With greenery and foliage, there is less expenditure and more room for creativity, as you can never go wrong with nature.

Flowers to avoid

  • Flowering maples: They cause skin irritation to those with sensitive skin and respiratory problems for those allergic to it.
  • African violets: They trap dust easily and can trigger respiratory distress in some people.