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51 Gorgeous Summer Wedding Bouquets


Summer weddings couldn’t be more beautiful! The weather is perfect and the flowers are in bloom. What not to take advantage by adding them to your wedding theme. Whether they are beach wedding flowers for beach weddings; garden weddings, decor or centerpieces. Floral designs are always in trend!

Flowers make statements and a bride must be careful with selecting them for a beautiful wedding. Even more, if the beautiful wedding flowers compliment the wedding dress and decor. In fact, all flowers are uniquely breathtaking there may be some exceptions when we talk about wedding.

As much as you’d have favorites for your summer wedding, some flowers should be avoided on your wedding, so your day isn’t ruined. This is because these summer blooming flowers may either wilt or die due to the heat. In addition, they may even hurt because some are poisonous and cause allergies.

Therefore, we’re giving you our helping hand by telling all these flower aspects and tips for a perfect and memorable wedding.

Tips For Making And Selecting The Bridal Bouquet

  • Choose your wedding dress and colors before decide the bouquet.
  • Know your flowers and their seasons.
  • Shop for your flowers locally. This is because blooms in your locale are used to the weather around.
  • Keep your bouquet size moderate and complimentary to your dress.
  • Personalize your flowers. Pick ones of significance to you.
  • Gorgeous bouquets deserve close shots. Take some!
  • Keep the flowers alive at the end of the day. Plant them in water.

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