Sage And Rust Wedding Color Palette: Trends And Ideas

sage and rust wedding bridal bouquet
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Autumn is a beautiful season of the year that heralds Dreamy colors. Sage and rust wedding colors are arguably the most popular in this season all year round. They are inspired by nature. This color palette works perfectly for bohemian and rustic-themed weddings. But if you lean towards coastal, woodland, beach, garden, or industrial chic, a touch of other colors would give it a face-lift.


Think beige, cranberry, sage, rust wedding colors, and accents in between to spice up your day. If you’re looking for rust and sage green wedding colors ideas for decor, attire, and more, check this post.

Brides Often Ask

Do sage green and rust go together?

The sage green of trees and rusty autumn leaves go together. They are a perfect mix of cool and warm tones.

How to choose wedding colors?

Take inspiration from your venue or the season. Work with a maximum of three colors— one neutral and one bold color. Tie everything together with a metallic color. Also, opt for colors you can find across your dress, decor, cake, and flowers.


Rust and Sage Wedding Colors: Mood Of This Combination


The sage green hue is soft and subdued, making it a cool tone. Spice up this color with neutral hues or rust, and it would come alive. The combination of sage and rust would create a sophisticated nature-inspired color palette that’ll add oodles of elegance and grace to your wedding day.

This palette is even more appropriate for woodland, park, garden, rustic, country, and bohemian weddings. You can also use this color scheme for other wedding themes accompanied by other colors. Sage and rust work with white, dark green, beige, grey, peach, grey, cinnamon rose, and orange, among others.



Although sage green and rust wedding colors fly throughout the year, the best season for this color combination is autumn. Autumns feel like summer but possess more ashy tones and softer colors. So, the soft sage green hue brings the season to life. But that’s not enough because the soft, saturated and warm rust pumps up the warmth, making a perfect mix.


The best location for a sage and rust wedding is the outdoors. Think parks, woods, farms, gardens, backyards, and even the country. You can also opt for industrial chic venues, grand ballrooms, and modern settings.


Using rust and a deep sage wedding color palette would create a serene yet romantic and vibrant atmosphere.


Rust And Sage Green Wedding Decor

Table Decor in Rust and Sage

Rust and sage wedding colors for table decor are all shades of cozy and romantic. See some ideas below.

You can opt for a full nature-inspired table decor by choosing a rust table, chairs, and table runners. Embellish your overhead lights with rust covers and match them with rust bulks and candles. Complement this look with ivory flatware, and sage green centerpieces; and strategically place topiaries or flower walls.

But if you want a crisp-looking venue, make the cool sage your background color. Tie sage ribbons on a grey chair, and throw in some rust and orange in the centerpieces, napkins, and dinnerware. Tie it up with metallic accents like flatware, candle holders, and lighting.


Rust and Sage Wedding Colors For Arch

Wedding arches can be romantic, sentimental, and gorgeous with a combination of rust orange and sage green weddings.

Opt for a wooden or brass wedding arch and decorate with accents of your choice. For a rustic affair, bunch both ends of your arch with sage and grey palm flowers. Incorporate some terracotta or rust-looking foliage for maximum effect.

If you want a more modern affair, think of fabrics in a combination of rust and sage. Complement the fabrics with dried rust pampas grass and orange roses.

Sage Green and Rust Wedding Photo Zone

The photo zone is one place the guests would love to be. Make it count with a creative rust and sage green combination.
Arrange a stunning and cozy photo booth with floral addition in colors like sage, red, deep green, rust, and cranberry.

Choose cool-tone couches or chairs in colors of sage and match with a rusted floor. You could leave the bare floor untouched.


Wedding Floristics In Rust And Sage

Bridal Bouquets

Your bridal bouquets could be as big or small as you want. But the sage and rust wedding colors give them a new level of sophistication.
Curate a minimalist bouquet with tender blooms of peach and white roses. Add some rust palms and tie them together with a champagne gold clutch.

If you lean towards a more subdue and rustic idea, combine palms, pampas, eucalyptus, and fern. Match this with greenery and peach roses for an attractive wedding bouquet. But for bohemian and wanderlust brides, a wedding bouquet made up of dried pheasant feathers, dahlias, red carnations, greenery, and white and pink roses is perfect. This blend of neutral and autumnal shades expresses freedom.


Floral decor

Thinking of how to blend rust and sage green in your floral decor, here are some ideas.

Encapsulate your environment in warmth by matching sage floors with rust walls and beams. You can achieve this by using carpets and plain wallpaper. Fill your surroundings with florals in autumnal shades of rust, orange, and sage wedding colors.

You could also flip the script by using more shades of sage and a touch of rust on the tables, centerpieces, walls, and overhead. Don’t forget to use accents in neutral or metallic shades.

Stationery In Rust And Sage


Wedding Invitations

Bring class to your wedding stationery with rust and sage green wedding color palette.

Choose quality cardstock or acrylic paper for this luxe invitation suite. You can create your invitation with a sage paper and write in it. Pepper the invites with a floral motif in watercolor for a playful yet warm look. We love the idea of wax seals or ribbons tying the invite together for a more regal look.

If rust doesn’t appeal, opt for invites in sage green. Let your calligraphy be in deep or light green for a cool and serene look. You may also combine both colors by using a sage green cardstock, writing in rust color, and sealing the whole look with dried flowers.

Outfit Ideas For Sage And Rust Wedding

Looks for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids would look stunning in the autumnal palette of rust and deep sage wedding colors.

You could choose a single color like orange or peach dress and complement it with touches of rust and sage. Their shoes, jewelry, bouquet, or hair pieces would make nice complements.

Alternatively, the girls can wear sage or rust dresses and bring on some vibrance with deep, neutral, or vibrant tones. We also love the idea of mixing and matching colors among Bridesmaids. Let the girls pick either rust or sage and spice it up with the opposite colors in the attire.

Suits for Groom

The grooms can keep it simple for casual weddings in white shirts and rust trousers. They may do without a suit and complement with jackets, cummerbund, or suspenders.

For a more modern and sophisticated wedding, suits in sage green or rust are perfect. Match this look with deep brown dress shoes, sage, and rust boutonnieres. Touch up with a sage tie and pocket square.

Desserts For Rust And Sage Wedding

Wedding Cakes

Cakes are the pinnacle of a wedding palette creativity. So you must start on neutral bases like ivory and white, then go with your ideas.

Match an ivory background cake with stunning edible floral motifs in rust, beige and sage green wedding colors. Spread these colors all around or cluster them in a place to make a statement.

If you want something more iconic, create geometric shapes of cakes in tiers. Alternate the tiers between sage and rust, then finish up with beautiful leaf palm, eucalyptus, pampas, and succulents. However, if you want something simpler, make a minimalist cake with rust fillings. Decorate with sage and green florals including berries and foliage.

Wedding Mini Cakes

If you want a reason to use as many colors as possible, opt for mini wedding cakes. Make these mud Desserts in rust, sage, copper, deep green, cranberry, peach, and ivory. Add some multicolored toppings and go a step further by customizing them to the guest’s or couple’s names.

Sage Green and Rust Wedding

Rust complements sage green beautifully, creating a harmonious and earthy ambiance. Consider using rust for accents like table runners, napkins, or floral arrangements. It adds a touch of elegance and contrasts well with the softness of sage green. Play with different shades of rust to find the right balance that suits your overall theme. Incorporating rust into your wedding decor can bring out the natural and rustic charm, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your special day.

Sage and rust wedding palette is the rave of the moment among couples. The blend of calm and warmth gives a relaxing and organized atmosphere. We’ve shown how to use them in decor, attire, Desserts, stationery, and more. Get inspired with this post and enjoy the best fall wedding.