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30 Spectacular Pampas Grass Wedding Decor


Meet the stunning way to decorate bohemian weddings: pampas grass. Pampas grass wedding trend that came from the seventies is appropriate for an event as romantic and charming as your wedding! Pampas grass has a color that ranges from sandy pink to silvery white, and it looks like feathers, making it particularly beautiful, whether fresh or dry. In our gallery we consider it in all aspects of the wedding decor.


Photo 1-3: Fabulous Wedding Ceremony Decorated With Pampas Grass

Source: Pablo Laguia, Tyler Branch via instagram, Rebecca Holls Photography


Photo 4-6: Original Style Wedding Altars With Pampas Grass

Source: Bowtie & Belle Photography, David Jenkins Photography, Zhenya Savina via instagram


Photo 7-9: Amazing Pampas Grass Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Source: marniecornellphotography via Instagram, Shauntelle Sposto Photography via instagram, flaviodecorvl via Instagram


Photo 10-12: Pampas Grass Decor For Boho Chic Wedding

Source: Federico Lanuto Photography, Jeff Brummett Visualswildernessflowers via Instagram 


Photo 13-15: Wedding Table Decor Using Pampas Grass

Source: You Can Call Me Jo Photography via instagram, For Love Of Pampas UK Photography via Instagram, Carmen Salazar Photography via instagram

Photo 16-18: Stylish Pampas Grass Altar Ideas

Source: blush_flowers via Instagram, athenaandcamron via Instagram, Adria Lea Photography


Photo 19-21: Pampas Grass Decor For Wedding Reception

Source: Henryandmac Photography via instagram, For Love Of Pampass via instagram, light as gold photography via Instagram

Photo 22-24: Boho Pampas Grass Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Source: Pocketfull of Dreams, design.noel via Instagram, Taralynn Lawton Photography via instagram


Photo 25-27: Wedding Flower Arrangement Ideas

Source: Darina Stoda Photography, Heather WaraksaJohn Benavente


Photo 28-30: Pampas Grass In Glass Vases

Source: Moni & Adri Photography, Tyler Branch, Imaj Gallery Photography via instagram