30 Spectacular Pampas Grass Wedding Decor

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Pampas grass is one of our favorite décor elements when it comes to wedding décor. It is a trend that has picked up some speed for a while, doesn’t seem to be slowing down soon, and we are here for all of it. This wispy, soft, and tan-colored grass is tall, tufted, and can be found growing on cliff sides and around riverbanks. It is a great wedding décor item that can be used for anything from hanging installations to backdrops or even bouquets.

Pampas Grass


The look of the pampas grass makes it particularly suited to boho or rustic type weddings, however, it can be used in classic, modern, or even minimalistic weddings too. This versatility of the pampas grass makes it an easy favorite for any decorator. If you want something different from the usual florals, greenery, and blooms, then read on for a variety of options of pampas grass wedding décor.

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Pampas Grass Ceremony Wedding Decor

Pampas grass is a great element of wedding décor that takes nothing from the natural beauty of your environment, only enhances it. One of the most versatile trends in the bridal world, the pampas grass can be used in any setting from a desert mountain event to a classical and luxurious ballroom affair.

Wedding Altar Decor With Pampas Grass


There are limitless ideas for using pampas grass in decorating a wedding altar or awning. You can combine neutral tones and blush with baby’s breath, roses, and pampas grass for a whimsical type wedding arch. You can also decorate a metallic or wooden geometric awning in a dramatic, modern, or rustic look with pampas grass in its original color or any other color much suited to your wedding theme.


Wedding Aisle Decor


You can add a unique and intimate feel to your wedding aisle with pampas grass wedding décor. Place them in medium-sized gold urns within an arrangement of several florals. You could add orchids and even hydrangeas creating a most dreamy-looking walkway. At the end of the aisle, by the altar, you could place the same arrangement but taller versions in big vases that will catch the eye and draw attention to the most important space of the wedding ceremony.


Reception Wedding Decor

Adding pampas grass to your wedding reception décor is the most genius idea that can produce amazing results. You can incorporate it with your already existing wedding décor. For instance, if you have a row of chandeliers, you can create a visual delight where rustic meets with stylish as bunches of pampas grass are placed strategically between sparkling chandeliers.

Backdrop Ideas With Pampas Grass


Consider arrangements of pampas grass that work with your ceremony space. If you are having an outdoor celebration, you could try a backdrop of lush pampas arranged in a semi-circle behind the couple. For pops of color and more flair, the pampas grass can be combined with greenery, florals, and even carefully placed lighting.


Pampas Grass Centerpiece Ideas


Pampas grass is also quite attractive as a wedding table centerpiece. Wow, your guests with either dramatic or simple arrangements of pampas grass on their tables. Incorporate florals and accents of white, copper, neutrals, gold, and even greenery to create a dreamy tablescape.
For a more muted effect, you could create a color palette of pastel hues and a variety of natural textures. Pampas grass alongside fresh and dried elements in shades of ivory, beige, and taupe, all in transparent glass bottles, creating that fairy tale vibe.

Pampas Grass in Glasses Bottles Decor Ideas


Create simple pampas grass decorations with pampas of different colors arranged in large and small glass jugs for different parts of your wedding venue. From the aisles to the table centerpieces, alongside escort cards, and even the altar. For a stylish and yet affordable wedding decoration.


Wedding Bouquet Ideas With Pampas Grass

Even your wedding bouquet would look like a dream incorporated with pampas grass. Add a sprig of pampas grass and sea oats to your bouquet for an arrangement with lots of texture and a unique neutral palette.

Make a bold statement with grand arrangements of pampas at your wedding reception. Use either of these ideas as inspiration to create the celebration of your dreams by including pampas grass in your décor.