Tiffany Blue Wedding Decorations: 18 Ideas + FAQs

tiffany blue wedding decorations
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Blue is a classic color that will always be used at weddings. And with tiffany blue, there will always be fun ideas to try out. This gorgeous shade results in radiant tiffany blue wedding decorations that can be paired with a variety of shades to dress up any type of wedding location in any season.


If you are considering tiffany blue wedding décor for your big day, look at some of our suggestions for inspiration.

Brides Often Ask

What colors go with Tiffany blue for a wedding?

Blue is complementary to a number of colors. With tiffany blue, you have a lighter shade that pairs well with pastel colors such as sage green, blush, butter yellow, and lilac for summer or spring weddings.

What wedding colors are timeless?

The most timeless wedding colors are black and white, which are the most traditional for every type of wedding. Following close behind are jewel tones such as gold and silver.


Tiffany Blue Wedding Ceremony Decorations

For a tiffany blue wedding theme, you could begin with the entrance to the wedding ceremony, which should carry the theme. So, tiffany blue wedding decor ideas such as white or metallic gold and blue balloon installation or drapes would not be out of place.

For a monochromatic design, you could pair your chosen blue shade with other pale blues such as dusty blue, French blue, cornflower blue, or sky blue for a romantic atmosphere.


Reception Decorations In Tiffany Blue

Your chairs can also be used as décor pieces, especially at the wedding reception. You could have tiffany blue wedding chairs to add to the wedding décor and complement the theme. Silk blue ribbons, tiffany blue chiffon swags, and other blue accents with touches of white or jewel tone details can go a long way.


Tiffany Blue Centerpieces

Creating wedding centerpieces can be fun, and even more so with such a color theme. With tiffany blue wedding decorations in mind, you can have candles and votives with tiffany blue detailing to complement other colors. You could also have low-hanging floral decorations with flower arrangements that carry touches of blue in homage to the theme.


Table Decorations Ideas

Every inch of your tablescape matters if you’re thinking about table décor. For a simple idea, you could stick with uniform dinnerware and tablecloths in a white, metallic, or light pastel color. Add colorful napkins in tiffany blue to complement the look and tie in your color theme. You could add other blue detailing for a more elaborate look.

Floral Arrangements For A Wedding

It’s no question that adding blue flowers to your floral arrangements would be gorgeous and ultimately complement your wedding theme. However, there are other ways to add tiffany blue to florals. Silk decorative ribbons and blue-dyed foliage can fulfill the detailing needed for that subtle hint of blue in your floral décor.


Name Cards In Tiffany Blue

Your wedding stationery sets the tone for your big day, so they shouldn’t be left out of your color scheme. Aside from the obvious tiffany blue wedding invitations to invite your guests, name cards at the reception should have a similar design. Hand-tied silk ribbons, stylish fonts, and wax seals in tiffany blue and complementary shades can enhance the look of the cards.

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Tiffany Blue Cake Ideas

Cakes serve as wedding décor too, and you can see this with tiffany blue wedding cakes. If you don’t want the entire cake in your wedding color, you could incorporate a white or dark-colored cake with tiffany blue accents. This could range from blue sugar flowers to a tiffany blue cake trim or topper.

Wedding colors are chosen not only for their beauty but also their meaning. Blue is often associated with stability, peace, and calmness, which are great for such a special day. Tiffany blue wedding decorations can bring calmness to your wedding venue. Paired with accent colors and metallic hues to look classic, modern, or even casual.