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30 Awesome Tiffany Blue Wedding Decorations


The popularity of Tiffany blue color for weddings has grown over the last few years. This color reminds people of the clean water in tropical oceans and of course the jewelery Tiffany & Company for which tiffany blue is a trademarked color. It fits well with a multitude of colors and looks amazing in wedding decor. Here are some ideas of Tiffany blue wedding decorations.

Photo 1-3: Tiffany Blue Tablecloth For Dreamy Wedding

Source: Inhouse Studios, Jones Photography Company, White Lilac


Photo 4-6: Tiffany Blue Receptions That Full Of Elegance

Source: Arte de Vie, Meaghan Elliott Photography, Liz Banfield


Photo 7-9: Tiffany Blue Colors In Rustic Wedding Decor

Source: Jennifer Martin Photography, Let’s Frolic TogetherDreamlove Photography


Photo 10-12: Romantic Tiffany Blue Wedding Altar Ideas

Source: the_grovers via Instagram, Kim Payant PhotographyOnelove Photography


Photo 19-21: Magical Lighting Centerpieces At Tiffany Blue Weddings

Source: 84 West Studios, Colin Cowie, Visionari

Photo 22-24: Mason Jars Tiffany Blue Wedding Decorations

Source: Nadia Meli, zevfisher via Instagram, Brooke Photography and Design


Photo 25-27: Original Wedding Desserts In Tiffany Blue Color

Source: And Everything Sweet, Claire Marika Photography, Photography by Anna Mari

Photo 28-30: Simple Decor Ideas With Ribbons And Bows

Source: Colin Cowie Weddings, brizzolariribbons via Facebook, Studio 11 Weddings