30 Stunning Bridesmaid Bouquets For All Seasons

bridesmaid wedding bouquets
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After the bridal outfit, the floral arrangement comes next, which includes hers and the bridesmaid bouquets. As such, we advise that you are intentional about the kind of flowers your girls carry down the aisle. The bridesmaids are a reflection of you, and you want to make it extra special.

We are here to help you actualize your bouquet dreams with all our favorite all-time floral arrangements. You will find several gorgeous flowers, creative shapes, and evergreen shades in this post. We covered a wide range of bouquet ideas, so there is something that suits your taste. They are perfect for the various seasons and wedding themes in ethereal color palettes.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll through our large collection and get inspired by the stunning pictures of bridesmaids’ bouquets.



Brides often ask

What size should a bridesmaid bouquet be?

Wedding flowers for bridesmaids are about seven inches to eight inches wide. In some cases, they are as large as nine inches wide. If the bride wants cascading design bouquets for her bridesmaids, the best bet is the full and elegant ones. However, there is no hard and fast rule. It is all about what you like best.

Should bridesmaids have bouquets?

A bouquet for bridesmaids is pretty and traditional but not a must. However, they can opt for alternatives like a clutch, lanterns, or single flowers. They may also walk in without holding anything. If you insist on the presence of florals, they can wear flower crowns.


Gentle Pink Bouquet Ideas

If you love pink or have it in your wedding color palette, showcase them in your floral arrangement. They evoke a romantic look while complementing the wedding décor. Bridesmaid bouquet ideas include rustic fresh garden flowers, cascading arrangements, and classic round styles. Throw in some blush blooms, and you get a timeless look. Some of the flowers to curate for this look include the bridesmaid bouquet roses, orchids, peonies, ranunculus, hydrangeas, and blossoms.



Trendy White and Purple Bouquets

Perfect for the bride and bridesmaid flowers, we will see a lot of white and purple in 2024. Curate a full lilac bouquet with touches of white orchids for a serene and romantic look. Pair white and purple sweet peas with lavender clematis for an ombre gradient. If you want a loose moody look, add a stem of rose to hellebores, dahlias, lilacs, and clematis combo. Create a cascading bouquet by pairing different colors of trailing clematis with light peonies and deep-hued greenery.




Classy Ideas for Creamy White Bouquets

White bridesmaid bouquet ideas are timeless and sophisticated. Combine sweet peas, garden roses, mint, clematis, and smilax for a scented walk down the aisle. You can also opt for a full-option Japanese ranunculus for a sweet, pristine bouquet. If you want a little splash of color, carry a white bouquet with touches of dusty rose. Merge peonies with garden roses, anemones, olive branches, ranunculus, and magnolia leaves for a dramatic look. A thorough blend of eucalyptus and white roses will leave you feeling fulfilled.




Gorgeous Blue Bridesmaid Wedding Bouquets

Curate captivating wedding flower bouquets for bridesmaids by combining petite posies of hyacinth and a single stem of hydrangea. You can shine the spotlight with a large bouquet of delphinium to give a lasting impression. Another option is the cascading design featuring blue-centered anemones for that pop of color. If you are going for a nature-inspired look, try the wildflower stems of the rarely used blue Cosmo.


Cheerful Peach Bouquets

Combine peach dahlias with seeded eucalyptus, white dahlias, roses, anemones, and ranunculus. This combination will create an ultra-textural hue perfect for summertime. Mix some peach and white peonies with bay breath accents and few sprigs to create an understated beauty. Bring in colors with peach ranunculus, blush roses, and white peonies. Tie everything together with bold greens for an earthy tone. To curate a quirky bouquet, combine peach asclepiad, Antike garden roses, pink spray roses, peach zinnia, and Helios garden roses.



Passionate Red Flowers in Bouquets

To create the perfect berry tone bouquet for your bridesmaids, go for a large king protea arrangement. The combination of red roses and chocolate ribbons gives a lush romantic vibe. If you want something cascading, blend red and pink roses with some ranunculus for some muted air. Want some drama? Merge red, pink, and burgundy blooms to catch guests’ attention. Create the perfect tonal bouquet with garden roses, berries, deep-hued bougainvillea, and burgundy foliage.




Natural Bridesmaids Bouquets with Greenery

Opt for a lush bouquet of various ferns, whimsical silver-dollar eucalyptus, and some sage. If you want an effortless country passion, use long stems of sages, succulents, lavender, and wheat. Are you going organic? Try dusty miller and a few sprigs for understated elegance. Or you can arrange some pretty posies, fresh bay leaves, and clusters of astrantia. If you want the bridesmaids to carry a hoop instead, curate rosemary, olive branches, and some eucalyptus. For a textural bouquet, highlight assorted ferns, viburnum berries, hellebores, and variegated caladium.




Lovely Baby Breath Bouquets

The simple arrangement of the baby’s breath intensifies the bridal fashion statement. Carry them in a rich bundle either as they are or dye them into a tonal hue perfect for your wedding. Another alternative for this budget-friendly bloom is to keep the stems long for a causal organic look. To infuse some color, pair them up with calla lilies, carnations, and red roses.




Bright Bouquets for the Boho Bridesmaid

Bohemian style is relaxed, and the bouquets thrive better when there is texture. Merge bright blooms with feathers and greenery for an unusual look. Go big with a combo of white and red blooms, dried and green leaves, and deep purple flowers. If you want a little drama, pair a bouquet of pink, marigold, coffee, white, and greenery with some pampas grass. Combine greenery with giant king protea, eucalyptus, blush, and purple blooms to make a statement.




Budget-Friendly Minimalist Maids Bouquets

While the wild, cascading bouquets are stunning, more brides opt for minimalist or less expensive smaller-scale floral arrangements. Whether you’re going for budget-friendly or minimalist, you can still create a classic yet understated look. A floral hoop of white roses and greenery can make a stunning alternative to bridesmaid bouquets. If you want a flush of colors, mix burgundy roses with pink and white blooms plus berries. To curate a more nature-inspired collection, bring dried elements together for a small posy. Throw in two king proteas for a fresh accent.



A bridesmaid wedding bouquet can be as big or small as you wish. Work with your color palette or step out of the box for a more creative flair. We’ve compiled beautiful bridesmaid bouquet ideas for you to choose from. Whether chic, minimalist, or wild, we’ve got you covered.