Hot Summer Wedding Cake Ideas


If you decide to have your wedding during the summer months, you’re in for some outstanding options as far as venues, flowers and the reception are concerned. Your wedding cake is also an important consideration, as you’ll need to keep the weather in mind, especially for an outdoor venue.

Here are some summer wedding cake ideas that are sure to please!

1. The Flavors Of Summer

Summer wedding cakes should center on showcasing the special flavors associated with summer. Whether you choose a fresh blackberry puree, a sweet strawberry filling or a lemon cake with summer fruit accents, the whole point is to create a cake that evokes the sweet flavors of summertime. Even chocolate cake can be made into a summer treat when filled with tasty chocolate-cherry ganache.

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2. The Colors Of Summer

Another great way to create a beautiful summer wedding cake is to incorporate bright summery colors along with traditional white. Choosing the right palette is essential for creating a gorgeous summer wedding cake. Ideas abound about using fondant versus using buttercream, and there is a lot of disagreement over which is best. If you have a climate-controlled venue, the buttercream will work well, but in warmer venues (such as outdoors), you might want to go with fondant, even if you really want buttercream; fondant won’t melt.

3. The Flowers Of Summer

If you’re looking for a simple and elegant summer wedding cake ideas, sugar flowers or real blooms can create a simply gorgeous wedding cake. For more modern décor, ask your baker to create a few oversized blooms to grace the tiers of your wedding cake, or you can have a replica of your wedding flowers created to be used as a topper.

4. Summery Shapes

Butterflies, birds, flowers and other symbols of summer can be created using sugar, chocolate or other moldable mediums to give your wedding cake the style and feel of summer. If you’re looking for a great summer wedding cake ideas, it’s hard to go wrong with the delicate blooms of summer’s beauty. Keep in mind that such add-ons will increase the cost of your cake, so keep an eye on your budget. From subtle and soft to bold and bright, summer wedding cakes don’t need a lot of embellishment to be beautiful.

5. The Perfect Summer

No matter what kind of wedding you’re planning, if it’s during the summer months, you’ll have access to some of the best fruits and berries, the most gorgeous flowers and all the good things summer has to offer. Make sure you take full advantage of your summer wedding planning and create a wedding ceremony and cake that are perfect for you. It’s your wedding and it should be just how you want it, from the invitations to the cake.