9 Best Summer Wedding Cake Images In 2023


Summer is the time for outdoor events and celebrations, with themes that reflect the colourfulness and laid back vibe of the season. This is why, lots of summer weddings consider making summer wedding cakes. Some of the most popular wedding cakesof today with styles and designs that go well with their all summer themes.

What we have here is a variety of wedding cake trends and designs for 2021. Desserts that bring those long summer days to mind in style and even in taste. Lots of couples are searching for details and wedding cake styles that stand apart from the norm. Well, 2020 has some of that, and more. Read below for some of these cool wedding cakes and wedding cake tips that should inspire your creation of trending cakes for 2021.

1. One Tiered Cakes

Not everyone goes for the multi-tiered cakes anymore. In keeping things simple and minimalist, a lot of couples now choose to have one tiered cakes as opposed to the traditional huge wedding cakes of the past.
Source: alcakemy via Instagram

Asides from being more affordable, with the one tiered cake option, couples can choose to have just one flavourful cake, or multiple cakes of different tastes and designs, just not stacked on top of each other. The cakes can be lined up in a simple and yet beautiful display that shows off each unique creation. The one tier option is also a sneaky, albeit smart way of avoiding any wedding cakes disasters.


2. Rectangular Cakes

In the spirit of change and straying from tradition, the rectangular cake has been born. If you are tired of round, tiered wedding cakes shapes, then this could be a cool and trendy option.
Source: cakesandcopty via Instagram

Couples who enjoy setting trends and being different, will love the look of the slim, rectangular cake. Your guests would love to see it, plus, who knows, it might become the norm in a few years to come.


3. Alternative Tiers

If you are not exactly a cake person, then it is possible to have a tiered cake made out of stuff that you love. From waffles, to cheese, donuts or even some type of bread.
Source: Eastcreek photography

Your no-cake cake can be crafted from your favourite snack or dessert to feature in your wedding. Just decide on your wedding cake designs and roll with it.


4. Structural Designs

Cakes in 2019 have begun to shift from conventional shapes, and some, asides from the previously mentioned rectangular cakes, even have structural and architectural designs.
Source: johnny miller

Fun and interesting designs that seem to defy gravity and seem beyond the human imagination. These are the cakes of 2019, the types that leave your guests awestruck, but not enough to hold back from enjoying its deliciousness.



5. Black Wedding Cakes

Another way to take a step away from convention, is with color. Gone is the traditional white cake, other colors have come out to play. One that is especially daring and lovely to see if the inky black cake.
Source: cakes by gina

Black is hot and black wedding cakes look cool and extra elegant. For extra glamour, you could fit the tasty creation with a gold or even white trim for summer cake decorating ideas. It would definitely stand out in the summer.

6. Floating Tiers Wedding Cakes

Pulling off impressive floating tiers takes some imagination and creativity, but these are the kinds of things 2019 and beyond brings with it.
Source: allentsaiphotography

Not to mention pairing them with some cool cake decorations. Nothing to amp up the summer vibe like cakes that make your guests wonder, “how?”.


7. Non-Wedding Cakes for Weddings

When straying from tradition, the proverbial box has been broken and we are suddenly allowed to operate outside it. This means that if you are not fond of the usual fondant or buttercream, then you can use an alternative for your wedding cake.
Source: Photography34

Have a sponge cake slathered in whipped cream or a fruit cake covered in poppy or chia seed glaze, it is all up to you.

8. Traditional Cakes of Other Cultures

Another trend we’re seeing, and which will be great for summer, is traditional wedding cakes of other cultures. For instance, the Italian millefoglie, which is a pastry with strawberries and Chantilly cream. Some couples create an oversized one for their wedding.
Source: martha stewart

Also used sometimes, is Kransekake, a delicious Scandinavian dessert your guests are sure to love.


9. Ferns

Instead of the popular wedding greens like eucalyptus and a few others, lots of couples are choosing to use ferns in 2019.
Source: belle and beau blog

An all-white fondant cake idea would look elegant and even slightly rustic paired with beautiful ferns.

Old traditions are giving way to new trends and we are doing our best to keep you up to date. 2021 has opened to the doors to lots of different styles, shapes, patters and designs that can be used in creating your summer wedding cakes. If you are taking advantage of the sunny weather to have an outdoor event, then by all means, some of these make for great outdoor wedding cake ideas. Have a stylish and trend setting wedding using any single one of these wedding cake ideas for summer.