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For some reason, daddy isn’t in the picture and it’s been just the two of you. Mom found love again and you couldn’t be happier. However, she has honored you with the task of giving a speech at her wedding, and you need help to craft the perfect daughter of the bride speech.


We’re here to help because the daughter-mother bond is so strong, and there’s no closer relationship. Your speech is an opportunity to tell the world about your relationship, her strengths, and how much you love her. But there are guiding rules and tips which you’ll find in this post. So if you want ideas on how to create the best speeches, outlines, and etiquettes; keep reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start my daughter-of-the-bride wedding speech?

Start your daughter of the bride’s wedding speech by introducing yourself to the guests. It doesn’t matter if everyone knows you. Tell the guests your full name and relationship with the bride.

Who does the daughter of the bride thank in their speech?

The daughter thanks the guests first, then friends and family. She also thanks her mommy last for the intangible things like providence, guidance, love, and protection.


Daughter Of The Bride Wedding Speech: Why Is It So Special?

The daughter of the bride’s speech wedding idea is very important because of the bond shared with her mom. She knows her mother the most and is in the best position to talk about her, especially if they cohabit. It is also different from other kinds of speeches because it focuses on the mom and comes from a place of gratitude, unconditional love, and hope. Whether you’re little, a teenager, or an adult, there are different ways to flavor your speeches. See some tips below.


Young daughter’s speech

Kids are unexpected geniuses, so a young daughter giving a speech is one of the most beautiful sights. However, she can’t give a lengthy speech that’s why short and sweet is better. As a mama, ask her to jot down what she loves about you, and what the word means to her.

Alternatively, she could recite a short poem that best captures all you mean to her. If there’s a favorite poem you read together, it could feature. If you want a fun situation, let her freestyle and you’ll marvel at her insight.

Teenage daughter’s speech

Teenagers are the dons of sarcastic and witty remarks, so cap it at 5 minutes. They also prefer to lace their speeches with humor by connecting them to their favorite activities. Give your teenager free rein to talk about how much they love you with their best songs, movies, games, or poems.

Don’t forget to proofread their speeches for errors and awkward jokes without damping the humor.


Adult daughter’s speech

The adult daughter speech is a reverse role of the father-daughter speech. This time, you’re telling the world about your mom, but from a child’s and not a parent’s perspective. Create a balance of humor, fact, and emotion that shows how much she means to you.

Remember to welcome her new husband and shoot one for the team by sharing some of your mom’s disciplinarian stories.

How Long Daughter Of The Bride Speech Should Be?

A wedding speech for the daughter of the bride should last between three to eight minutes. The time slot depends on whether you’re an adult, little, or teenager. It also hinges on eloquence and how much you love the stage because many children are shy. In this speech, you’ll talk like it’s a direct conversation with your mom. And we assure you that it will hold the guests spellbound.

The best time to render a daughter of the bride speech is after the maid of honor. But in most cases, the daughter speaks first, and then you have to do the welcoming and greeting of guests.


Wedding Speech Ideas For Daughter Of The Bride: How To Write?

  • Introduce yourself
    Regardless of what wedding speech ideas for the daughter of the bride you choose, start with an introduction. This applies to all daughters, whether little or adult. Tell the guests your name and relationship with the bride.
  • Share a story about your mother
    Follow your introduction by telling the guests how beautiful your mom looks. Talk about the beautiful day, venue, and ambiance briefly. Then share a short story about your mom that shows a strong quality.
  • Share some personal thoughts, say how you love your mom
    Tell the guests what you love about your mom and why. If she’s given you advice that turned your life around, talk about it. If she’s so resourceful, selfless, and loving, say it. Tell the audience what you think about her even when she’s not there, and why she means the world to you.
  • Say some words about her new spouse
    Turn the charm towards her new spouse and make them giggle by saying sweet things. Tell them how he makes your mom happy and how her eyelash shines when she talks about him. Talk about how you catch them looking at each other when no one is watching. It will make them blush.
  • Wish something to the couple
    Give the couple your good wishes and give the groom a tip on how to get along with mama. This will make the guests laugh.
  • End with a toast
    Toast to the new couple, guests, life, love, and happiness.

Tips For Wedding Speech For Daughter Of The Bride

  • Prepare in advance
    To pull off the best daughter of the bride’s wedding speech, prepare early. Don’t knave it until the last minute because it’s important. Write your speech in advance, proofread, edit, print, and save.
  • Read aloud several times beforehand
    Practice as many times as you can by reading aloud. Do this in front of friends, family, and your mirror. This method helps you spot errors and eliminates stage fright. Also, you get to memorize the script to the point of not needing a script on the wedding day.
  • Start with a bang
    Begin your speech with a funny one-liner that will get the guests laughing. But if you want to ring in an emotional speech, start with a poem or song that connects both of you.
  • It’s okay to use a script
    While some people can easily retain information, others need to refresh their memories. So if you fall into the latter category, don’t fret. It’s okay to go on stage with your script.
  • Add jokes, but not many
    Throw in some jokes but keep it minimal so it doesn’t become a circus than a speech. You can make the guests laugh with real-life jokes about the couple.
  • Be human
    It is fine to forget something in your speech or show some anxiety. You’re human, vulnerable, and probably with stage fright. Make a joke out of it and everyone would laugh it off.


Daughter Of The Bride Speech Samples For Your Inspiration

If you need unique inspiration for your script, check out our daughter of the bride wedding speech examples. They range from heartfelt to funny, romantic, and factual. These speeches are short, sweet, and follow the outline of writing a winning script. They emphasize the close relationship shared with the mom. The speeches end with perfect toasts to the couple which makes the speech unforgettable.

Hi all! My name is _, I am the daughter of the bride.
First of all, I would like to say about how beautiful my mother is today – you just look at her amazing dress, hairstyle, and those eyes burning with happiness. We came up with the design of her dress together and spent so many sleepless nights, you can’t even imagine.
As for the groom’s suit, by the way, we also chose it together with him. All the preparations were so exciting!
I want to wish the newlyweds a long happy life and invite all of us to raise our glasses to my mother and _!

For those who do not know me, I am _, the daughter of our charming bride.
I was only 5 when my dad died, it was a great grief, and I wanted my mom to be happy again so much.
I am so glad that _ appeared in our family. He was able to bring smiles and fun back to our home and my mom is enjoying life again!
I’m so happy that today so many of our close people came to share with us the emotions of this special day.
_ , welcome to the family! Cheers!

I am our bride’s daughter. I see a lot of new faces today, this is the family of our fiance, so I’ll introduce myself – my name is _.
To be honest, I was trying to write this speech for 3 weeks at least, and rewrote it 5 times. I wanted to make it long and memorable, but long reads have never been my achievement. So, I will briefly talk about the most important.
Mom, I love you very much and I wish you to be happy! You all see that _ can make your dreams come true, so may your life together be long and filled with a huge number of bright romantic moments.

Hi everyone! I’m so glad that so many people are with us today! You are all so beautiful, it’s mind-blowing!
But our newlyweds are just incredible today! _ showed that dreams come true if to believe in them. If anyone does not know, my mother raised me alone, and I wanted her to meet an ideal man and become happy.
See, that’s exactly what happened! _ , my mom and I are so happy to have you in our lives. Be happy our sweet birds!

What Not To Say In Best Daughter Of The Bride Wedding Speech

  • Don’t forget to introduce yourself
    Whether you’re giving a heartfelt or funny daughter of the bride speech, don’t forget to introduce yourself. We can’t emphasize this enough because it’s an essential rule during speeches.
  • Do not cry too much
    We understand that you love her and you’re happy she’s in love again. But stay in control. Don’t get so emotional that you can’t get a word in. That would be awkward for everyone, and the situation will look more painful than exciting.
  • Do not add drama to it
    You’ve been asked to give a speech and not act in a drama. Do not steal the couple’s thunder by getting dramatic and bawling to the point of concern.
  • No inside jokes
    Make only jokes that everyone understands and not inside jokes known to only a few. Also, let your jokes be very clear so you don’t need to interpret them for guests to understand.
  • Leave out the sob stories
    It’s a day of joy, so keep the sob stories away. No reminders about the horrible times or bad situations.
  • Do not mention your mother’s exes
    Avoid talking about exes whether they were saints or sinners. Your mom’s wedding isn’t the day to reminisce about what could have been.

The daughter of the bride’s speech is a time to express love in real form, from daughter to mother. There are different daughter of the bride speech samples for young, teenage, and adult children. However, one thing that binds them is the outpouring of emotions towards the mother. We’ve curated different ideas for you to adopt and tips to help you prepare.