Bridal Shower Decorations For The Most Stylish Pre-Wedding Soiree

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A good way to appreciate your friend or loved one that’s a bride-to-be is with a bridal shower. Planning a bridal shower can be fun and is a great way to show support for the bride’s upcoming nuptials. If you are planning such a bash and wondering about the bridal shower decorations, we have listed some of our favorites that can help you have a fun time. From flower arrangements to table décor and party favors, there is so much that goes into bridal shower supplies.


Find the decor that matches your chosen theme, to create a party that you and your friends will live to remember always.

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Where to Buy Bridal Shower Decorations

One of the best and easiest places to purchase bridal shower decoration packages is online. With shops like Amazon and Etsy, you can find virtually everything that you need. Another option is a local store. So, if you know any local store nearby that sells bridal shower party supplies, you should be covered.

Rustic Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

If you are having a rustic themed bridal shower, then you can use all kinds of interesting bridal shower party decorations. For the banner, you can consider a rustic creation. This could be DIY or bought from an online or local shop. Add twinkly lights to complete the effect if the party is outdoors.

The theme for a rustic bridal shower would benefit from fall-related colors such as cream, brown, or even nude. Fabrics such as burlap alongside wooden tableware and macrame backdrops are also a cool look for a rustic design. Give your photos an unforgettably cool aesthetic; your friends are sure to love it.

Tropical Bridal Shower Decorations

A tropical theme spells fun, and that should be translated into the décor as well. From the chairs to the tableware and floral decoration. The woman of the hour and her girls should feel like they are in a tropical dream. Palm leaves and seasonal blooms can be used to decorate the table, chairs, and even the entrance. Balloons can also be used to mimic a tropical paradise if you get them in the right colors. Consider bright and beautiful colors for a ceiling installation or even an archway.

Tea Party Bridal Shower Theme Decor

A tea party is a great plan for a bridal shower and the bridal shower decorating ideas for this type of party are plentiful and easy. Upgrade your desserts such as cupcakes or cheesecakes with some bling. Fun toppers can be used on any type of dessert you serve, even on burgers or sandwiches where they can be used as toothpicks. Other fun items that can be used in a tea party bridal shower are fun props for photos. With fun desserts, photo props, tea party-inspired décor, and more, you can create memorable tea party bridal shower pictures.

Garden Theme Decorations

Another fun theme for a bridal shower is the garden theme. The bridal shower décor for this type of bridal shower is similar to the tea party but in a garden setting. Desserts are a huge part of a garden-themed party alongside bountiful florals. If your bride-to-be has a sweet tooth, then she and her guests will be easily pleased. Decorate with your garden theme in mind, so seasonal blooms would be in along with other nature-inspired decorations in pretty greens, reds, and even pinks. Whether you’ll be having a backyard party or using an indoor venue, you should be able to create the party you desire.

Champagne Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

Bridal party supplies for a champagne bridal shower need to be sophisticated and elegant. Color combinations such as white and gold, silver and white, or ivory and gold could be perfect for expressing such elegance. Florals can also be a great focal point for such a party. A monochrome display of florals such as all white or all pinks, or a combination of colors that are favorites of the bride-to-be would do. With this sort of backdrop, you are sure to get the best photos with your girls from a most memorable and fun time.

Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Table decorations play a vital role in setting the mood for a bridal shower. Original candleholders and vases can add a soft and romantic glow. Opt for vintage-inspired designs or delicate glass holders to add a touch of refinement.

Also, you can incorporate lush greenery and roses into the table decor. Adorn the tables with garlands of eucalyptus or ivy, interspersed with fresh blooms. To enhance the vintage charm, consider adding delicate lace or doilies as table runners or placemats. Complete the look with vintage-inspired tableware, such as mismatched china plates or elegant silverware.

A bridal shower can be anything you want it to be. Elaborate, simple, minimalist, rustic, vintage, or even affordable and cute. With the right bridal shower decorations, you can create whatever you want for your bride to be.