Wedding Cake Alternatives That Wow In 2024

wedding cake alternatives and ideas for creative desserts
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If you would prefer to personalize your wedding down to the tee and that involves having a cake that is not a cake. Aka, your wedding cake is not a traditional wedding cake, then welcome to the 21st century where we are all about change. Here we are all about alternatives, and wedding cake alternatives are just as exciting as they sound.


It is your wedding and you are allowed to break tradition and customize your big day in every way that is possible. Lots of couples are choosing not to have the standard tiered cakes of the past, and are creating their own look and taste for their wedding. There are so many non-traditional wedding cakes at the moment that can help you achieve your dreams, and we are here to show you some of our favourites.

Donut Tower Untraditional Wedding Cakes

With the right arrangement and presentation, donuts can replace your traditional wedding cake in a way that pleases you and your guests. Who wouldn’t like a pile of donuts beautifully stacked on top of each other complete with a bride and groom topper. For your creation you could stack not just donuts but pastries of all kinds on cake stands, or make a wedding cake like creation of just donuts for the win.

Doughnuts never fail to please a crowd. Pile pastries of all kinds (or just stick to your favourite) onto cake stands as an epic dessert display.


Macaron Tower Creative Wedding Cake

A cute French treat that comes in a variety of colours and flavours, macarons are another great option for couples who prefer a non-traditional wedding cake. A macaron tower will definitely add elegance and colour to your wedding reception and please your guests immensely as well.


Cupcakes Display

Another alternative to the traditional, white tiered wedding cake are cupcakes instead of wedding cake. Yes, while these are still cakes, they can be displayed completely differently on cake tables for weddings or tiered stands. Easy to make DIY, you could have different types and colours of cupcakes arranged in way that you can still have your cake cutting moment.

The cupcakes would also make great wedding favours for guests as they leave your event.



This traditionally French cream puff dessert has been making its appearance at quite a number of weddings. And is a great, trendy alternative when considering what to do instead of a wedding cake. Made of fluffy pastries piled high and bound together by caramel syrup, its is both tasty and beautiful.

Croquembouche tower is classy and adds a ton of style to your wedding celebration.



Another one of our unique wedding cakes ideas involves cookies. Yes, you can have your favourite type of cookies stacked and personalized just for your wedding. Chocolate sandwich cookies, chocolate chip cookies, cookies frosted in your wedding colours, you name it.

Tiered cookie cakes are a new trend that can indulge your inner child and also make for great pictures on your big day.

Pie Display

Definitely not a cake, but definitely tasty and beautiful. All you need is some extra napkins for your guests since pies may be messy, but who cares. You can have a selection of pies on your dessert table of stack pies in tiers to look like a cake if you need to have a cake – pie cutting moment.

From apple pie, to lemon, cherry, blackberry or lime, you can have a selection that will satisfy your guests and everyone will be glad that you chose the non-traditional route. Pies can be served with whipped cream, ice cream or custard.


Dessert Table

For wedding cake alternative ideas, a dessert table is the type of thing that satisfies most everyone at your wedding, including guests with allergies. Since a dessert table has all kinds of desserts from candies, to minute pies, cookies, lemon bars and so on, you can be creative with variety.

You could have gluten free snacks, sugar free sweets, and then sweets for those with a sweet tooth. Everyone is happy and all thoughts of a dream wedding cake are out the window.

For wedding cake alternatives, once you’ve decided on your sweet or dessert of choice, there is really no limit. There is no wrong way to do this type of creativity as long as it is in line with the overall theme of your wedding. So customize to your heart’s content and make your wedding truly yours with any of our wedding dessert ideas instead of cake.