Teal And Rust Wedding Color Ideas For Every Type Of Wedding

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Rust and teal are a great color combination that can be used for a variety of designs. The contrast of warm and cool make it especially interesting and unique. If you’d like an edgy and moody wedding theme, then you might want to consider a teal and rust wedding.


This blend of rich colors is also a great inspiration for a fall wedding. So, if you are a fall bride, this is a must-see for you. Finding the balance in the warm orangey tones alongside the cool blues and greens can be tricky.
But stick with us, scroll on and you’ll find our top ideas on using rust and teal colors for a wedding.

Brides Often Ask

Do teal and rust go together?

Rust and teal go well together as a fusion of rich and cozy colors. With a sophisticated palette, you get a feel of warmth and intensity from the rust and burnt orange and a cool and cozy vibe from the blues and greens.

What colors go with teal?

Teal is simply a combination of green and blue, and this comes in handy when finding other colors that would match this. Colors that go with teal include orange, terracotta, rust, marsala, paprika, blue and green.


Teal And Rust Wedding Colors: The Mood Of This Combination

As wedding colors, a teal and rust palette creates a calming and cozy vibe that would work for all types of weddings.

  • What weddings is it good for? These wedding colors are a great choice for boho or rustic weddings. Depending on the color combinations, hues and designs, they can also be sued for a beach wedding, casual backyard wedding, or a traditional wedding.
  • What season is it good for? In particular, rust and teal weddings are a favorite for the fall as these colors are perfect for this time of year. The warm colors can also be great for a summer wedding celebration.
  • What atmosphere can it create? Teal and rust hues vary from burnt orange to terracotta, blues, and greens. In essence, a rich combination of colors can create a cool and cozy atmosphere. The warmer colors can give off a passionate and romantic sunset vibe.


Rust And Teal Wedding Floristics

Bridal Bouquets

With teal and rust wedding colors, you can style your bouquets after the type of wedding you’re having. A bouquet with floral hues of cream-colored petals and rust colors would go well with a fall or beach wedding. You could add touches of blue for contrast.


Rust And Teal Wedding Colors For Outfits

Bridal Dress

Create the mood for a formal contemporary wedding or a casual beach wedding with outfits of teal to match the wedding decor or the landscape.


Groom Suit Ideas

Svelte dark teal suits complemented with rust or tan-colored shoes are a look that can be pulled off for any type of teal and rust wedding theme. Crisp white shirts and matching bow ties are great for a formal affair.

Looks For Bridesmaids In Teal And Rust

Choosing dresses for bridesmaids can be so much fun. Bridesmaids could match in either teal dresses for a more formal indoor wedding, or in rust for a bohemian or desert-themed wedding.


Teal And Rust Wedding Colors: Decoration Inspiration

Table Decor

Table decorations for teal and rust weddings can be most elegant and inspirational. The calming colors of teal, blues, and even certain greens can be a base. Accents of copper, gold, and rust hues add warm and gleaming accents that can turn any tablescape into a masterpiece. Use floral decor as centerpieces or table runners in the theme colors to complete the picture.


Teal and Rust Wedding Centerpieces

Teal and rust wedding centerpieces will give your wedding a one-of-a-kind charm. Use teal vases, rust-colored flowers, and candles. It will add elegance with a touch of nature to your wedding decor.

Arch For Teal And Rust Wedding

There are lots of ways to create wedding arches to match any type of wedding. Think nature-inspired creations for an outdoor wedding. More elaborate and purposeful arches can be used for more formal or contemporary events.


Wedding Car

Opt to make a statement with your getaway car if you can. Decorate with rust and teal garlands or balloons in metallic hues. If you can get a car in the right color, even better. A rustic horse-drawn carriage to close a bohemian wedding with a bang, or individual brown horses, complete with cowboy hats for a country wedding.

Photo Zone

With a wedding already decorated in teal and rust, you can create special backdrops with floral walls in seasonal colors. Or even soft hanging fabric brought to life with metallic accents from gold gleaming fairy lights.

Wedding Cake Ideas For Teal And Rust Wedding

Wedding Cake Masterpieces

Include your wedding cake in this color theme with single-colored cakes used as a canvas for a variety of decorations. White, teal, or rust cakes decorated with organic or sugar flowers or an ombre design in colors to contrast the wedding cake – can become ideal options.

Rust And Teal Stationery

Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations set the tone for the rest of your wedding. So, choose the warmer hues of rust, or cooler colors of teal to direct the expectations of your guests.

While the rich colors for a teal and rust wedding make them perfect for a fall wedding, they can be suited to any season. Find the combination that best suits your special day.