Perfect Short Wedding Speech Examples To Guide You

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Wedding speeches are a long-time tradition of weddings. And, if you have an important role at a wedding, such as best man, father of the bride or maid of honor, you would be expected to give a speech. While the thought of giving a speech might be nerve-wracking, it might comfort you to know that the best speeches are short and sweet. So, don’t feel any stress or pressure, because short wedding speeches are not only the best, they are easy to deliver.



For your inspiration, we’ve put together a guide as well as some short wedding speeches examples to help you on your way to give the best wedding speech.

Brides Often Ask

Is it OK to read a wedding speech?

It is okay to read out your wedding speech. If your nerves get the best of you and reading would be the most comfortable, no one will care as long as you say the right words.

Do you clap at wedding speeches?

There are many reasons to clap at a celebration, and if guests feel the need to clap after a wedding speech it’s fine. These outbursts of joy are normal and always encouraged.

Can you toast in the middle of a speech?

You might be inspired to give a toast in the middle of your wedding speech. While this can disrupt the flow of your speech, it is possible to pull off. If it enhances your speech, however, by all means, toast away.


How To Write a Short Wedding Speech

With this guide, you can create short and sweet wedding speeches that will just flow organically. Write a killer speech that would be easy to read and will convey your love for the couple perfectly.

  • Remember who is in the audience: Whether you are giving short wedding speeches as the best man or groom, it is important to keep your audience in mind. Introduce yourself and acknowledge them. Focusing on the audience and engaging them will help you speak from the heart.
  • Avoid alcohol: While getting some liquid courage can be tempting, it is best to lay off the alcohol until after your speech. Alcohol could turn short funny wedding speeches into something long and nonsensical. This is because you might slur or forget your words under the influence, and this is something you absolutely do not want.
  • Use note cards: Although you are not encouraged to read out your short wedding rehearsal dinner speech completely, note cards are encouraged. With these cues, you can glance at your notes from time to time to help you remember your lines and keep you on track. The audience might not even notice, and your speech would be better for it.
  • Structure your story: Structure your speech in a way that focuses on the bride and groom. Fine one, two or three points about them that you can elaborate upon and stories in which they are the hero. This will keep your message in the right direction, and you can be sure to end on a positive note.

In the next part, we have a list of some of the best short wedding speeches that can help inspire you to write your own.


Short Wedding Speeches For Bride And Groom

It is often the tradition that the bride and groom have to say a few words themselves. Here are examples of short wedding speeches for bride and groom that can serve as a guide.


Wedding speech by a bride to a groom

There is no need to be stumped when giving your sweet and short wedding speech. As long as you remember your audience, speak from the heart and rehearse beforehand, you should be super.

“Hi everyone, I would like to thank you all for being here and celebrating this all-important day with us. I would also like to give special thanks to my mom and dad for helping make my dream come true. This gift they have given me of allowing me to marry my partner and soul mate is one that I will always treasure. I am forever grateful to have the best parents in the whole wide world. So, thank you, mom and dad, you are the best.

And to you (name), my groom. There are not enough words to express how I feel this day or explain the amount of joy you have brought into my life. Not one day goes by without me being grateful for the day that we met. I am beyond ecstatic to stand here as your wife, knowing that you have accepted me just as I am and accepted to go on this lifelong journey as my husband. You are the best thing to happen to me, and I know that this happy celebration is the beginning of many more to come.”


Wedding speech by a groom to a bride

There are many ways to give groom short wedding speeches. Use this example as a guide to inspire you when writing your own.

“Hello everyone, thank you for coming and for deciding to celebrate this wonderful day with us. We are so grateful. I would also like to thank our parents for helping to make this day a possibility. With them working together as a team, and with their blessing, I have been able to marry the love of my life and today has been truly special. We are thankful and happy and there are not enough words to express our gratitude and joy on such a day as this. We could not have asked for more.

Last but not least, I will like to thank you, my love. You have accepted me as the man that I am, shortcomings and all. You see the best in me even when I do not. And you have been my best friend and my rock through all the good and the bad. Thank you for always being by my side; thank you for allowing me to be the man in your life and for accepting to be my bride. I have not been perfect, sometimes far from it, but your love has never wavered. I promise to be the man that is always there for you, just as you have been for me. And I promise to love you forever; and may every day together be a reflection of our love, always.”

Wedding speech by a couple to guests

Here we have one of our short simple wedding speeches examples for the couple to their guests. This can be given by the groom or bride but from both of them.

“Good evening, family, and friends. We would like to welcome you to this special occasion. We are so happy to be here with you all as we celebrate our love for each other. Today will not be the special day that it is without you present. We are immensely grateful.

Being here today we are reminded of the importance of friends and of family. Our relationship has been possible, not just because of both of us, but also because of the support that you give to us. From advice, to love, to just being there to talk to, there is no way that we would have done this without the love that you have showered on us. We hope to be able to continue to celebrate like this, together. Not just celebrating ourselves, but each other. May the kind of love that we feel today, continue to live in you and your families. So, thank you.

Thank you for being our rock, thank you for always being there, for supporting us. And, thank you for coming today to celebrate this special day with us. It’s a truly big day for us, and we wouldn’t have it without you all. Thanks for helping make our dream come true. We love you all.”


Wedding speech by the groom to the father of the bride

Here is a sample short wedding speech for the father of the bride from the groom. On such a special day it is important to be able to say a few words to such a special man.

“Welcome, everyone. I will, first of all, like to thank you all, my guests for being here to celebrate with us on the most special day of my life.
I wouldn’t be standing here at all without the love and help of my parents. Also, I will not have my bride without the love and help of her parents. So, I stand here today in gratitude to them. One person I would like to thank especially is her father, my father-in-law, (name).

Thank you for giving us your blessing and thank you so much for loving us. You have been a pillar, an example, and you have given me nothing less than the same love that you show to my wife.

You have been an encouraging figure in our relationship, and you have treated me as your son from the very first time that you were introduced to me. I cannot thank you enough. I can only hope to make you as proud as you have made me feel, being married to your daughter. And I will always be grateful for the love that you have extended to me and how you have welcomed me into your family always with outstretched arms. Thank you for your unconditional support, and much love from your son.”

Short Wedding Speeches For Parents

It’s also traditional for parents to give speeches at a wedding. From short wedding speeches father of the groom to speeches from the mother of the groom and others.


Wedding speech for the father of the bride

While there are many things you might like to say on such an important day as a parent, it is always best to keep the speeches short and sweet. These examples can be helpful.

“I welcome you all on this very special day of my daughter’s wedding. Thank you all so much for being here. I also welcome the family of my new in-laws, many congratulations to us all.

As (bride’s name)’s father, I do not have enough words to express my joy and gratitude today. I have so much to say, but I’ll stick with as short a speech as possible. Today I have gotten a son and by extension a most supportive family that has teamed with us to make this glorious day possible. I am grateful for their time, and all their efforts in making all our dreams and the dreams of my daughter come true. And I am happy to be a part of this.

I know that my daughter will be happy being a part of this wonderful family, and from the day she introduced me to (name of groom), I have had no doubt that he would make her happy as well. This is a day that I have looked forward to as a father and I am glad to be able to witness it. I could not have wished anything better for my daughter. She is surrounded by all the love and security that I have always wanted for her.

Thank you all once again for being a part of today, as we celebrate the union of two people that I love very much. May this day be the beginning of many more joyous days and may we always have reason to celebrate.”

Wedding speech for the father of the groom

“Thank you all for being here to celebrate with us. I am the happiest man today welcoming a new daughter into my family. Also, I am grateful to her family as well for being the best in-laws ever and supporting us in putting all of this together.
I could not have asked for a better day for them, and all I can say is that I wish them the best. To you both, may this day be the beginning of a long and fruitful journey together. My wife and I love you both. Once again, thank you all. Cheers.


Wedding speech for mother of the bride

Here we have a short sweet wedding speech example for the mother of the bride.

“Hello everyone. Thank you all for being here.

My heart is full today, as you all must know. Watching my daughter take this important step in her life has made me very happy. We are all so happy to support them both in starting this new chapter in their lives. I have dreamed of this day so much; I am grateful to finally be able to see it.

(Groom’s name) has been an excellent son-in-law and I am beyond happy to welcome him into our family. I am extremely proud of my daughter and happy to give her to someone who loves her just as much as we do.
As we celebrate with you two today, may the sounds of celebration never leave you. All our love.”

Wedding speech for the mother of the groom

Another one of our short simple wedding speeches examples for the mother of the groom.

“Warm greetings to you all. I appreciate the time that you have taken to join us in celebrating (bride and groom).
From the day my son introduced me to (name of bride), I have grown to love her as my own daughter, and it has been a joy to watch them grow in love with each other. I used to have a lot of anxiety about my son’s relationships in the past, but when I met (bride), I knew that he had met his match. I am happy to celebrate you both today in not just your union, but the union of our families too.
Much love to you both. Cheers everyone!”

Not many people are trained public speakers, but it is hard to go wrong with short wedding speeches. Allow these tips and examples to guide you in making the best wedding speeches ever.