Velvet Wedding Decor 24+ Ideas

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Every year the wedding decor becomes more and more unusual and interesting: new trends appear, new materials are used, and wedding couples are increasingly agreeing to bold experiments in the design of the wedding. Velvet wedding decor is one of the trends of 2023. It gives the decor a special chic and sophistication.


Wedding Reception Decor

Velvet is a luxurious and chic fabric that can add a touch of glamor and luxury to any wedding reception. With various trendy velvet colors like terracotta, cranberry, deep purple, forest green, emerald green, and golden yellow, you can opt for any look you want. Also, if you want traditional decor, you can choose rich, jewel-toned velvets in colors like deep red, navy blue, or forest green to create a classic look. Use velvet table runners, chair covers, and napkins to add a touch of luxury to the tablescape. For a more romantic vibe, you can opt for soft shades of velvet, like blush pink, lavender, or light blue, to create a romantic atmosphere. Use velvet to drape the backs of chairs and as a backdrop for the head table. Also, minimalists can opt for sleek and plain velvet decor in bold, solid colors like black, white, or gray.



Table Decor Ideas

There are diverse elegant ways to incorporate Velvet into your table decor. You can use velvet table runners because the rich texture and depth of color can create a sense of grandeur, and it is perfect for a formal wedding. Velvet napkins can add a touch of luxury to any table setting, and also, covering chairs with velvet fabrics can add a sense of warmth to any wedding. You can choose a same-colored chair cover or mix colors. Using a velvet table cover is a bold statement that will bring elegance to the table. You can also use it to create floral arrangements, bouquets, placemats, table numbers, and menu cards. Be sure you choose velvet shades that match the theme or style of the wedding. For a bohemian wedding, choose muted velvet shades or mixed colors, and also opt for dark velvet shades for an elegant minimalist wedding.



Velvet Tablecloths and Table Runners

Velvet is a rich, classy and versatile fabric, making it ideal for tablecloths and table runners in your wedding decor. There are several trendy velvet shades to choose from depending on the theme and mood of your wedding. For a formal traditional wedding, a classic neutral shade like navy blue or black is a great choice. Bohemian or rustic weddings can opt for a velvet runner in a natural, earthy tone such as moss green or terracotta to bring warmth to the table setting. You can also pair velvet tablecloths and runners with metallic accents like gold or silver, to add sparkle to the tablescape. Velvet tablecloths and runners are perfect for fall and winter weddings, as the rich fabric adds coziness to the reception. But you can also match velvet with a lighter fabric like organza to create a soft look for a spring or summer wedding.


Wedding Arch With Velvet

A wedding arch is a beautiful focal point for any ceremony. Also, adding velvet elements brings luxury to the whole design. To decorate a wedding arch with velvet, drape the arch in a velvet fabric. You can also use a single, large piece of velvet or layer multiple pieces for a more dramatic effect. Neutral shades like navy blue or black are perfect for classic looks. For a modern and on-trend look, consider deep jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue. You can also incorporate velvet into the florals and greenery on the arch by using velvet ribbons to tie and secure the florals and greenery. You can customize this arch to suit any theme. For a bohemian or rustic wedding, a velvet arch with natural greenery and dried flowers is stunning. A velvet arch with white flowers and greenery is perfect for summer weddings and can create a romantic vibe.



Wedding Polygraphy

Velvet wedding stationery is a luxurious and stunning option if you want to add a touch of richness to your wedding. There are several ways to incorporate velvet into your wedding stationery. You can print invitations on thick velvet paper or adorn your invitations with a velvet ribbon or bow. You can also print menus on velvet paper and place them at each guest’s table, or create your wedding program using velvet paper and tie them with a velvet ribbon. Ensure you print your place cards and table numbers on velvet paper and arrange them on each table. To decorate with velvet, consider using a velvet ribbon or bow as a finishing touch on your stationery. Using gold or silver foil on velvet stationery is a popular choice to add a touch of glamor. You can also personalize with calligraphy or handwritten style fonts.



Velvet Chairs In Wedding Decor

Velvet furniture, or velvet chairs to be precise, add luxury and class to weddings. There are various trendy designs and ideas for incorporating velvet chairs into your wedding decor. For a modern and minimalist wedding, sleek and simple velvet chairs in a neutral color such as gray or beige can add a touch of sophistication to a modern wedding. A velvet chair with a bohemian-inspired design, such as tassels or embroidery, adds a unique and playful touch to a bohemian-style wedding. Also, deep jewel-toned velvet chairs are perfect for a winter or fall wedding. For spring or summer weddings, light-colored velvet chairs are suitable. To decorate velvet chairs, consider using a velvet ribbon or bow as a finishing touch. You can also drape a coordinating colored velvet fabric over the back of the chair and add some cushioning for more comfort.


Simple Decor Ideas

There are minimalist but gorgeous velvet decor ideas for different wedding themes and styles. For a fall or winter wedding, consider using velvet table runners or chair covers. This decor will add a touch of warmth to your wedding. For summer or spring weddings, use velvet as an accent rather than the main focus. Consider using velvet ribbons on bouquets or boutonnieres or incorporating velvet into the wedding stationery. For a bohemian or rustic wedding, use velvet in unique ways, such as a velvet fringe garland or a velvet macramé hanging. Also, choose to use velvet in clean lines and simple shapes such as velvet napkins or a velvet ring pillow for a modern wedding. Incorporating velvet into a simple wedding decor is to use it sparingly as a way to add texture and depth rather than overwhelming the whole look of the event.


Wedding Bouquet With Velvet Wraps

Velvets are suitable for several bouquet styles, including classic, romantic, bohemian, and modern. To decorate a bouquet with a velvet wrap, you can tie the wrap around the stems of the bouquet, securing it with a knot or ribbon. You can also use a pin or brooch to attach the wrap to the bouquet. Be sure you pick a velvet wrap that matches the colors of the bouquet. For instance, a deep red velvet wrap will look beautiful with a bouquet of red roses. Also, ensure your choice of velvet wrap complements the style of the bouquet. A classic bouquet would look gorgeous with a simple velvet wrap, while a bohemian bouquet would look great with a velvet wrap with fringe or tassels. Use the velvet wrap sparingly so as not to overwhelm the overall look and style of the bouquet.

Velvet wedding decor adds a luxurious and gorgeous touch to any wedding. Whether used as table runners, chair covers, or even as part of the bridal attire, velvet can help to create a sophisticated look. You can incorporate its versatile material into different styles of weddings, from vintage to modern. Velvet is a preferred option for couples looking to add a touch of grandeur and class to their wedding decor.