18 Stylish And Trendy Ideas Camo Wedding Decorations

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Lots of people are thinking outside of the box for their wedding celebration these days. If you are a lover of camo and the outdoors, then you might consider some camo-themed wedding ideas for your big day. It is possible to create a unique and unforgettable day with camo wedding decorations in a tasteful way. However, it can be difficult to find the right accessories to pull this off.


Allow us to show you the simple ways to create the camouflage wedding of your dreams. With natural elements like pine cones, leaves, lanterns, trees, and even rock, you will be surprised at what can be achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors go good with camo for a wedding?

If you are passionate about hunting or fishing and want that to reflect in your big day, then greens and browns are the go-to shades for your camo celebration.


Camo Colors Review

Camo is not limited to one color or design like most people will like to think. There is a whole list of unlimited patterns and shades that can be used for camo wedding themes. From patterns in 3D graphics, vegetation, different terrains, and more as seen below.

  • Military
  • Woodland camo
  • Hunting camo
  • Predator camo
  • Urban camo
  • Pink camo
  • Digital camo
  • Desert camo
  • Tiger camo
  • Snow camo


Wedding Invitations In Camo Style

Your wedding invitations should set the theme for your wedding. So, if you are having a camo wedding, this should be where your guests notice it first. Consider a rustic or country look for your invitations. You could also create handmade, personalized camouflage invitations to fit the theme. They will also be cheaper.


Camo Wedding Bouquet And Boutonniere Ideas

Camo boutonnieres and bouquets are a great idea to fit with this theme. Consider flowers, leaves, and birch in camo shades and pink camo ribbons for the flower stems. The boutonnieres should be in the same shades chosen for the bouquet, to match.


Table Decorations In Camo Style

Your table setting can also display camo wedding colors in a subtle and tasteful way. Add camo candles to your centerpieces. They can be traditional candles or LED camo candles.

Complete the outdoorsy feeling with wedding camouflage table runners. This would be a great look for bard tables. A lovely addition for that rustic look in a variety of Realtree or other camo patterns. From wooden decorations to deer antlers, there are lots that can be used for camo-style centerpieces. Dark brown or black wicker nests and baskets will also be a good look on the tables, for this theme.

Cake Ideas In Camo Style

A camouflage wedding would be incomplete without a camo wedding cake. A fun idea for camo wedding themes would be a wedding cake with elements like wood stumps, hunting-related toppers, or synthetic leaves and trees. For something simpler, use a wooden cake stand for a subtle look.


Other Camouflage Elements

There are numerous elements that can be put together to tie your camo wedding theme neatly together. Whether you’re choosing to use white camo wedding ideas, pink or green, it doesn’t matter. Some of these elements include décor and accessories such as camo rings, camo lingerie, camo banners, a camo ring bearer pillow, and so much more. If you have ties to the military, love hunting, or just the outdoors, then a camo wedding could be perfect for you.

Camo wedding decorations will give you just the right amount of uniqueness and unconventional to make your wedding day one to remember.