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36 Amazing Wedding Centerpieces With Flowers


Wedding centerpieces are one of the key positions of the wedding decor. The most impressive, of course, are floral centerpieces. Depending on a type of wedding, that wish to organize a bride and groom, the details of decor will be different. However, all of them include flowers in different forms. Luxury roses and seasonal flowers, in vases or curly flower garland – all depends on the imagination of the designer. What flowers are popular with wedding florists? How nature inspires designers to create beautiful compositions?

Luxurious Trend – Tall Wedding Centerpieces

Especially popular are the tall wedding centerpieces. Yes, of course, similar decor elements add a luxurious feel to any wedding. But he has another distinct advantage: tall thin vases take up little space. Due to this, the floral ensemble becomes an air giving the impression of a fairy tale.
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Charming Tulips In Elegant Centerpieces

Tulips. Lovely and elegant. They are good in both: tall wedding centerpieces, and small forms. It’s amazing how much happiness can bring such a simple spring flower.
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Fresh Idea – Spring Sprigs And Floral Bottles In Centerpieces

For couples who love the spring, florists offer touching wedding centerpieces. Gentle as a bride in your special day.
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Romantic Centerpieces With Candles That Make Your Heart Flutter

Weddings lit by candles are almost always the most romantic celebrations, because candles give a beautiful amber lighting that exudes a warm and intimate charm.
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