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36 Rustic Wedding Decor For Country Ceremony


Planning a country wedding? We are here to help you with some nice rustic wedding decor ideas! Let’s see how to use wood, rustic materials, bouquets, mason jars, signs, even boots to organize a perfect ceremony decor.


Photo 1-6: The Best Rustic Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Source: Allie Lindsey Photography via InstagramJacqueline CampbellCassandra Farley

Source: Brie Thomason Photography via Instagram, Emily Annhughes Photography, Angela King Photography


Photo 7-12: Perfect Rustic Table Decor

Source: Kristin Burke PhotographyMark Barton PhotographyDivine Day Photography

Source: maypolestudios via Instagram, Jennifer Thornhill Photography, Natalie J Watts via Instagram



Photo 13-18: The Best Rustic Barrels Decorations

Source:  Amy Arrington PhotographyJennifer Bowen PhotographyKristin Sweeting

Source: Katie Jackson, Rachel May PhotographyTonya Joy Photography



Photo 31-36: Greenery Decor Ideas For Rustic Wedding

Source: Maria Grace Photography, Amy Faith Photography, Bonvicini Photography

Source: Emily March, Tim Coulson, Edyta Szyszlo Photography

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