Rustic Wedding Decor 30+ Best Ideas

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Serene, laid-back, intimate, and charming are some words that can be used to describe a rustic wedding. It is organic and authentic, giving a relaxed ambiance submerged in nature and neutral tones. Think earthy accents, wood, greenery, and warmth and you have the perfect setting worthy of any top-notch rustic wedding blog.

However, with wedding planning comes the burden of sorting out your rustic decorations for a wedding reception. Unfortunately, you have to wade through a sea of wedding decorations rustic options on and off the almost impossible internet. To save you time, we have sorted through the lot and compiled some of the best rustic wedding design ideas for you.

What is rustic style wedding?

An original wedding on a farm with organic products or a romantic wedding in the forest among greenery and leaves – all this is a rustic style.


The Best Rustic Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Pull off a rustic wedding chic backdrop with heart-shaped lights on strings, wrapped in seasonal blooms. Add beauty to the stunning landscape by incorporating an abundance of greenery and tulle to create a nature-inspired rustic wedding design. If you’re opting for a minimalistic look, convert your classic wooden arch from ceremony to your reception and adorn it with a small hanging bouquet or vines. For a more contemporary rustic feel, choose white doors with your initials with large bright bouquets hanging overhead and at the doorposts. Try the laid-back touch with old barn doors with cascading twisted vines and willow. Sparkling lights, hanging mason flower vases, flowing ribbons, delicate flowers, and lace fabrics are beautiful accents that you can add to your backdrop.



Perfect Rustic Wedding Decorations for a Table

Thinking of how to set up your table with a farm or barn charm? Rustic wedding design ideas are unending. Incorporate barks, vases, tree slices, burlap, wooden bark tree light holders, hessian and more for a feel of sophistication and class. For more intimacy, outdoor or indoors, use natural bark containers, buckets, for the wedding reception, or mismatched colorful bottles for the flowers and as centerpieces. For place settings, choose brown card luggage tags and give succulents as favors. Perfect your rustic decorations for a wedding reception by incorporating hessian table runners, natural hearts made from twigs and hanging all-round the venue, and candle holders made from tree bark.



Rustic Arch Decor

Following rustic-themed wedding decorations, your best bet is a wooden wedding arch. The most popular rustic wedding design ideas range from rectangular to cathedral, and geometric shapes. They allow the symmetrical and asymmetrical arrangement of accents. Rustic wedding receptions for arches are also versatile as you can dress them up or down. For an overall romantic look, drape chiffon with floral accents over your arch is well arranged asymmetrically. If you’re going for a more natural setting, vibrant blooms with a mix of greenery are the perfect accent. You can also complement your wedding aesthetic by painting or staining the wood to match your rustic wedding color palette.



Chic Rustic Wedding Aisle

Bring the organic touch to your chic rustic wedding with the organization of your aisle. Adorn your aisle with wooden chairs with wooden lanterns that run down the aisle. For a simpler look hang mason jars filled with blooms on rods mounted to the altar. Spread petals or clustered blooms along your wooden pews or bales of hay. If you are more daring, go with natural greenery or grasses like potted pampas along the pews. For a standard farm setting, opt for barrels as chairs with carpet grass running down the aisle. Stand timber logs with vintage lanterns hung on them or you can run greenery on birch through your aisle.



Greenery Decor Ideas For Rustic Wedding

Greenery and wedding rustic décor go hand in hand. Add a modern rustic switch to your wedding with an herb or greenery wedding backdrop. Another option is to line your aisle with potted plants and candles. For a rustic chic wedding look, decorate chairs with ferns or eucalyptus garlands bordering cute signage. Ditch the floral centerpieces and replace them with natural garlands for long tables. For smaller tables, potted plants or greenery in mismatched vessels give off an effortless look. Throw in some complementary glowing candles for a coppery touch. For a more glamorous look, add little extras like small herb table pans of lavender sprigs or rosemary. Use floral place settings and as toppers for your cake.