Black And White Wedding Colors – Stick To The Trends With Chic

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It is always a great idea to finalize your wedding colors early on as you begin your wedding planning. This foundation would assist you in making decisions on your venue, bridesmaids’ dresses, décor, and so on. If you’re keen on a classic and stylish wedding, then one of the best color combinations to consider would be that of the black and white wedding colors variety.

This is a color combination so bold and trendy that it will work for any time, location, or season. It is a very simple option to stick to and really has a limited number of shades; so it would be hard to get off track with attire choices or décor. Another advantage of a black and white wedding theme is that it is easy to dilute with a number of other colors like gold, silver, or even red, and all that would do is enhance your overall theme. Come along as we reveal even more ideas for planning a black and white wedding theme.


Black And White Wedding Attire

While the colors, black and white might bring thoughts of formal work and dinner attires to mind, it doesn’t always have to be so serious. This color combination can be trendy, modern, and celebratory. An elegant black and white wedding would definitely be one to remember.

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Black And White Wedding Dresses

When some people think about black and white for their wedding, they automatically assume that one person would wear white and the other would wear black. However, there are lots of ways to switch this up to make it more interesting. With a stylish black and white lace wedding dress, a bride is sure to stand out magnificently on her special day.

A bride could wear a black jacket or sash, or in the spirit of different shades, wear an ivory dress instead of white. There are also a number of colors that can be used to accentuate black and white attires. Colors such as white to grey ombre, gold, silver, green, or even red. Accessories in white or black or white and black side by side can complement the dress. Some accessories such as hair barrettes, earrings, necklaces, or tiaras would also add sparkle to the overall look in glittery silver or gold.


Groom Attire Ideas

You can be creative with the groom’s outfit as well. A black wedding color scheme is not as limiting as many might assume. Instead of the classic black tuxedo with a white shirt, a groom could opt for a stylish black shirt as well, for a sleek, blacktop-to-bottom look. For some extra style, you could add a few gold or white accessories. For instance, a gold boutonniere, white shoes, or other stylish additions.


Black And White Dresses For Wedding Guests

If you will like to extend your choice of color theme to include black and white dresses for wedding guests, it could be a lot of fun to just instruct them on the colors to go with and allow their creations to surprise you. Don’t be surprised if you end up having a black, white, and silver wedding as silver is a variation of white that is quite popular at weddings, not to mention, elegant.

Depending on the type of friends and family you are having grace your wedding, you could also end up with a black and white wedding with a pop of color. These random pops of color can also add some vibrance to an already fashionable creation.


Black And White Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

Your bridesmaids are an important part of your bridal party and their outfits should complement yours in every way. Black and white wedding ideas for bridesmaids range from having bridesmaids wear stylish black dresses for a bride in white; to bridesmaids wearing black and white dresses for a bride in a red, or red and white wedding dress.

Bridesmaids could also wear ombre, where the bride wears a solid color with stylish accessories and tasteful accents. Either way, it’s a tasteful decision to have your bridesmaids contrast you for a great overall look and gorgeous pictures. Same for the groom and his groomsmen.


Trendy Black and White Wedding Ideas

Your black and white theme shouldn’t be limited only to attire. It is even more tasteful if it carries throughout every aspect of your wedding. There are a number of trendy black and white wedding ideas that can help you achieve this.

Black And White Wedding Invitations

Choosing fonts, design, and style of black and white wedding invitations can be so much fun. A black and white wedding theme gives so much inspiration with numerous options for implementing it. If you’re having a vintage-style wedding, you could consider swirly black and gold calligraphy on soft ivory or white invitations. Complete it with a wax black or gold seal and your invitation will be sure to draw appeal.

Other options for something different yet luxurious, would be velveting touches or even leather. Allow your wedding stationery to give your guests a taste of what is to come by including the color scheme in the process. You could add accents in gold, silver, red, greenery, or any of your favorites for a pop of color.


Black and White Wedding Bouquets

You will be hard-pressed to find a classier bouquet. Black and white wedding bouquets stand out not only in their uniqueness but also in their beauty. You can equally add unique accessories to your bouquets such as feathers, berries, or even fake blooms if you are unable to acquire real ones. Greenery, anemones, and bold ribbons are also accessories that can make your bouquet all the more elegant.

Black and White Wedding Cakes

Another part of a wedding that should not be excluded from the theme is the wedding cake. The type of cake you’re using would depend on the type of wedding you’re having. A gothic wedding with black and white gothic wedding dresses could do well with an all-black cake. At the same time, a modern wedding with the same theme could use a white cake with strokes of black. A black cake with strokes of white and gold could also be an ingenious creation.


Black and White Wedding Decorations

Black and white wedding décor can be especially elegant when organized in good taste. With lots of options like polka dots, black and white stripes, prints, and gilded accents, your venue can look as modern or trendy as you want it to be.

Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas

If you want a luxurious feel for your wedding aisle, it would be good to think of clean white lines with black accents, or vice versa. Streamlined and modern details with shades of white and black can be implemented in a number of different ways for that luxurious look. If you feel limited by the two-color tone, keep in mind that abases, black and white can pair with numerous other hues. You can accent with gold, metallics like silver, or even make a statement with some of your favorite colors.


Black And White Wedding Reception Ideas

A black and white wedding theme does not have to be strictly black and white especially where the reception area is concerned. Depending on the type of wedding you’re having, you could introduce greenery runners for that modern touch. White and gold centerpieces for a minimalist touch, or white and black balloons if you are on a budget.

If you are aiming for a high-class luxurious look, you could consider an all-white overhead flower installation. You could also try all-white flower centerpieces with gold tips or simply a two-tone table for the effect of that sharp contrast. Your budget and type of wedding also go a long way in determining how you implement your choice of theme.

Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

In line with the black and white wedding, your seating chart should definitely not be excluded. Create a wedding that pops with a simple black and white setting that exudes style. Black matte flower vases propping up table numbers and guest names. White plates set against black tablecloths with a white and black menu atop the plate. For something hard to miss that is stylish and simple at the same time, you could design a large black seating chart decorated with blooms and with white cards for your guests.

A marvelous idea for a wedding of black and white wedding decorations. Black and white striped tablecloths set against black matte plates and a gilded menu in the same style as the table numbers. There are numerous ways to use a black and white wedding party to your advantage and to fit with your type of wedding.


Wedding Table Setting Decor

Your table setting can be simple and minimalistic, or it can be all-out modern and luxurious. For a minimalistic look you could stick to black, white and greenery tastefully added. For something more luxurious, a balance in black, white, velvet touches, gilded décor, and metallics would give you the ambiance you are aiming for. You could try lush greenery as your table runner.

If you’re looking to get a more boho effect with dark cutlery and table numbers to guide the guests against white centerpieces with green accents. Black table napkins atop a white or ivory tablecloth and you have a clean finish if you’re leaning towards a minimal effect. For a modern look, your white chair covers can be draped in big velvet black ribbons with a single huge and tasteful bow at the back.

Black And White Flower Arrangements

Flowers are an important part of any wedding décor, and designing your flower arrangements to go with your wedding theme is key. A large black and white flower installation with pops of greenery would be great as a backdrop for the couple and also later for memorable photos. For table décor, you could try ombre planters with white, beautiful tulips, or white roses accented with lush, dark berries. Black and white flowers in a bed of greenery is also always a good idea for a black and white wedding party.

Choosing black and white wedding colors is a good way to make a statement on your special day. Contrary to what many might believe, this color theme is not limiting in any way. With options like black and white wedding cakes, unique black and white wedding dresses, tasteful décor, and accents that can be included in a number of different colors and ways. This is one color combination that will work beautifully in any type of wedding, venue, and weather.