Beach Wedding Decoration 35+ Ideas

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The sand on your toes. The sun on your skin. The smell of flowers. The salt and mist in the air. There are plenty of reasons just like these that are driving brides to go wild over beach weddings. If that sounds right up your alley you are going to need some inspiration, planning a beach wedding is a little different than your traditional church affair.
Keep reading for the amazing beach wedding decoration ideas you need to kickstart your outdoor wedding.


Amazing Beach Themed Wedding Decorations

The first thing to think about when planning your beach themed wedding decorations is the comfort of your guests. Consider rental tents, hand fans, and cooling stations. Aside from that, there are no rules! The beach is an elegant place. It’s also perfect for rustic, boho, Gatsby, and any other wedding theme you find yourself attracted to. The only differences are the decisions you make. The reality is that any theme can feel at home on the beach with a few simple adaptations. Here is your inspiration:



Beach Ideas For Centerpieces

When it comes to beach wedding themed centerpieces, bold vibrant colors is the name of the game. Don’t be afraid of cliches, they are warmly welcomed here. Make use of tides. shells, sand, anchors, and all of the other stereotypical icons. Leaving your tables in their bare wood state leaves more opportunity to place bouquets, fruits and veggies, candles, and other assorted beach imagery. Follow the same logic for your beach wedding guest books.


Beach Themed Wedding Chair Decorations

Sorting out your seating for beach weddings is fun! For guests, convenience is king. Choose lightweight, lightly colored seating to make them easy to place in the sand and won’t absorb heat so much but are still comfortable. Decorate with palm leaves or hand fans so that they can keep themselves cool. Alternatively, long bench seating has increased in popularity by designers and wedding attendants alike.
For the bride and groom, round wicker thrones that capture the beachcomber essence certainly make a statement.


Great Ideas For Beach Wedding Arches

Your choice of beach wedding arches will differ greatly depending on if it is a daytime or nighttime event. For daytime, choose materials like tulle fabrics and plenty of flowers (the more the merrier) that will interact with the gentle breeze. For nighttime, make use of candles or LED rope lights with fabric that will reflect the light. Whatever your decision, the reason you chose the beach as your wedding venue is because of all of the readily available natural beauty. Keep your arch or backdrop small and simple enough to avoid competing with mother nature.


Cheap Beach Themed Wedding Decorations

Beach wedding decorations don’t have to break the bank. In fact, as mentioned earlier, mother nature does most of the work for you! That is your best source for DIY material. For example, instead of purchasing costly seating signage, build it yourself out of palm leaves and resin that you can etch or print on. Comb the beach for shells that you can clean and add to your centerpieces, favors, and station signage. You can even fill glass vessels with sand and starfish to top your tables or adorn gathering areas.


Gorgeous Beach Aisle

A beach aisle is a beautiful thing to behold. Decorate your walk to the altar with shells, buoys, hung lanterns, or a row of erect palm leaves. Considering the bride’s gown, you can also consider a long carpet or even a makeshift wood runway. Simple is best. Try to reduce your choice down to just one of these options. Also make sure to prepare a shoe check station so that guests can go barefoot.

The best approach to a successful beach wedding is to choose the theme that you normally would for an indoor venue and adapt it to the beach with strategic decor. Also, please keep in mind that natural beauty already exists, and only a modest amount of decor is needed.