10 Wedding Couple Classic And Modern Picture Poses

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Photography poses can make or break the pictures for a wedding couple. Besides that, the couple often forgets to take some important shots which they regret later. Unfortunately, there may never be a do-over. So it is always best to approach your wedding day prepared with the ultimate photography checklist that captures the right emotions, moments, and organic outlooks. If you are not sure of where to start, check out these picture poses that emphasize the connection you share with your beloved.


Frequently Asked Questions

What wedding photos of a couple are a must?

There are mandatory wedding photos that couples must have from their big day. They are essential for memory purposes such as the first kiss and dance, vow sayings, first look, ring exchange, and candid moments of tears and laughter. The wedding couple must be relaxed, natural, and authentic because pictures say a thousand words. Let your emotions shine through for maximum effect.


A First Look Moment

First look photos are classic intimate pictures where the couples see each other for the first time. It is even more beautiful when they have some quiet time to themselves to connect. Catch the couple in the elevator or when they walk down the aisle and stare at each other for the first time. Couples may also deliberately pose hand in hand or lean into each other to catch portrait-worthy first look moments.


Wedding Vows Exchanged

The wedding vows are arguably the most important elements of the ceremony. It is a solemn moment when the couple affirms their commitment to each other by making promises. The emotions on the couple’s faces say it all. Capture this moment in still photos to serve as a reminder of the promises they made and how it stays binding forever.


Putting On the Rings

There is hardly dry eye left when the wedding rings are exchanged. The act is a time-honored tradition that symbolizes the couple’s love and respect for each other. The rings are a token of love that the wedding couple will carry everywhere. The moment of exchange must be captured when the bride looks at the groom before fixing the ring and when the groom does the same. Take pictures of when they smile at each other post ring exchange.


Romantic Wedding Kiss

No one has control over how the wedding kiss will go even if it is in the program. It is usually a brief moment with variations that keep it interesting. Some couples even have the after kiss reaction which deserved to be captured. Some classic kiss poses include the dip and deep kiss, the bridal style sweep, and the couple under the veil sharing a kiss. Couples can also try flat lays while the photographer shoots from higher grounds. This creates an illusion of the couple floating. Go for an intimate one in the getaway car and let the camera catch it through the rearview mirror.

Tears and Laughter

Who knows how far the wedding couple has come and what they went through to get here. For his reason, there is bound to be some tears and laughter while saying vows, cutting the cake, exchanging rings, giving a toast, and even at the first sight of each other. These situations are emotionally charged, original and unexpected. Catching pictures of these moments will serve as a lifetime reminder of how much you love each other.


A Couple’s First Dance

The couple’s first dance is usually slow, romantic, and meaningful. To capture this moment perfectly, manipulate the angles by taking the camera low down to get a standout shot. Move side to side on the dance floor to capture the couple leaning into each other, hands at the waist, smiling at each other, whispering, and more. Don’t forget to take the ultimate classic pose, which is the dip and kiss pose.

Bride and Groom Cuddling

When the couple is comfortable with each other, they feel safe. Show the world how much of this is true by asking the groom to cuddle the bride from behind while standing. He can plant a kiss on her shoulder in the process. They can also lock in on each other while lying on the grass for outdoor weddings. If under the skies, the bride can spread her veil covering the couple while they get comfortable in their arms. Throw some kisses and whispers in for a maximum romantic effect.


Sincere Happiness Of Wedding Couple

There are so many things to be happy about on your wedding day. The biggest of all is that you finally get to be with your love forever and your loved ones witnessed it. Take candid shots of your happiness after you are pronounced a couple officially. If you have a beach wedding, hold hands, run towards freedom and be happy. These authentic shots will perk up the whole photoshoot.

Eyes to Eyes

The eyes to eyes look has the couple facing each other, showing the connection between them. To perfect this pose, ask the couple to lean into each other or stand close together. They can add some emotion by looking in a mirror, holding each other, or caressing the face as they stare. For the sake of variation, the couple can loop their arms together ad share a kiss while they stare at each other. You may also follow their lead if they choose to hold their waist, plant a forehead kiss as they stare because the eyes say a thousand words.


Hand in Hand

Hand in hand is an easy classic pose with interesting variations. It symbolizes unity and oneness. Ask the couple to hold hands and take a walk while the camera snaps away. This is an ice-breaker pose that is natural and helps relax the couple. The bride may also walk few steps ahead, leading the groom. Snap a candid shot from behind by asking the couple to walk away from the camera. This helps shows the details of their outfit while emphasizing the subtle romance in their actions.

The wedding photos are the first official pictures of married life. We have put together a must-have collection for the wedding couple. Eyes to eyes, hand in hand, the tears and laughter; these moments are everything. Capture these memories for the beautiful times ahead.