All White Wedding Bouquets Inspiration 40+ Ideas & FAQs

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Your personal style, the season for your wedding and even the location can all play a big part in the overall theme and color palette for your wedding. With so much in design and color to choose from, it is easy to feel frantic or overwhelmed. So, if you’d prefer something sleek and minimalist, why not go for a monochromatic wedding? And while you’re at it, since it’s bridal, you might want to consider an all white wedding. While not everything would need to be all white, white wedding bouquets inspiration would definitely help with the theme.


Using this classic color for your floral arrangements results in the ultimate simplicity and beauty combined. All white wedding florals are an element that seem simple but end up making a huge impact at any event. Whether you are having a rustic, modern, bohemian or whimsical event, this is one element that can work for it all.

Here are some of our favorite all white floral arrangements that can help transform your wedding celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the white wedding flowers called?

White wedding flowers such as anemones, roses, calla lilies, and more are a stunning choice for any kind of wedding. They play nice with other blooms and greenery, and can complement any wedding style.


Elegant Wedding Bouquets

Consider a white wedding floral cake as the ultimate white wedding bouquet inspiration. A most unique wedding presentation that your guests will love.

If your pastry chef has award winning skills, you can create a cake that might as well be a wedding bouquet. The most unique piece of edible wedding décor that can be as elegant as it is tasty. You can choose to use white live flowers that will adorn the all white cake, or sugar flowers created in a way that flows with each layer of the cake. Incorporate sugar anemones and add a big white flower topper as a nod to your monochromatic white wedding.


Delicate Wedding Bouquets

Create the most delicate cascading wedding bouquets with white bougainvillea and white roses. These elements do not have to be used for the bouquet alone. If you are having a floral overhead installation, the same blooms and cascade can be applied as well for the most elegant and delicate white wedding décor. Add some greenery if you would prefer pops of color in your white wedding bouquet flowers.

In addition to the installation and cascading bouquets, incorporate that garden wedding feel with floral table runners of white blossoms accented with greenery.


Breathtaking White Wedding Bouquets

There are so many ways to incorporate white wedding bouquets in your monochromatic wedding. A most breathtaking design that is becoming a trend, is lining the walkway of the grand entrance with bountiful bouquets of petunias, perennials or vincas for a most romantic bridal entry.

Work with your florist to choose the seasonal blooms that will work with your dream theme, and also the size of bouquets that would be perfect for the type of venue you would be using. With monochromatic floral arrangements, it would be hard to go wrong.


Beautiful White Wedding Bouquets

If your bridesmaids will carry bouquets as well, you can make it interesting by allowing them choose what to carry. Some bouquets can consist of the same type of flower for simple white wedding bouquets, while others can be single stem flowers of several types. From seasonal white flowers to such choices as white roses, dahlias, peonies and Chrysanthemums. As long as you select the white color palette in line with your theme, you can be sure to end up with effortlessly chic looking monochromatic wedding bouquets. If you would like more unique bouquets, you could consider adding sprigs of dried flowers or berries and fun dry elements such as pampas grass.

Stunning White Wedding Bouquets

Sometimes sticking to the classic and traditional can also work in line with your theme. Choosing mono floral designs can make it easy to create your white wedding bouquets. You will also get effortlessly unique looking bouquets that fit with your monochromatic dreams. Your white wedding flowers bouquets can be made from readily available florals like the beautiful, white hydrangea. Whatever tour wedding style might be, vintage, modern, classic or tropical, you can get the most stunning white wedding bouquets with lovely hydrangea floral arrangements. Create enchanting all white wedding bouquets with this bloom that would complement any type of wedding.


White Wedding Bouquets For Gentle Brides

Design delicate bouquets for the most gentle brides. Quite a number of blooms would fall into this category and make the most gorgeous bouquets. From peonies to orchids. Small sized florals to bigger ones. You can achieve the design that you desire with the most simplest of flowers. The all white design of the bridal bouquets ensures that whatever you chose, you can hardly go wrong as long as you stick with the monochromatic theme. Bigger can be better, and you are sure to make a statement if you choose gentle but oversized florals for your white wedding bouquet.

Captivating Wedding Bouquets Inspiration

We expect that all white wedding bouquets will not go out of trend and would still be on trend even in the next year. Large presentations of white wedding bouquets for brides are becoming more and more popular. A backdrop of floor to ceiling white floral walls are definitely staying on trend and can get even bigger as the year goes by. This would make a stunning statement that is sure to transport your guests to heaven and result in the most captivating wedding photos.

The entry way for the wedding ceremony can also be transformed into a lush welcome mat of delicate white florals for a cohesive monochromatic design that can be employed at the wedding ceremony and the reception.

No matter the type of wedding you are having, from bohemian, to classic, vintage or whimsical, white wedding bouquets inspiration can help you make a statement whether you are having a monochromatic event or not. It can give you a larger than life wedding celebration or help keep it simple. Whatever your choice, a white bouquet wedding is always a beautiful and most unique idea.