10 Wedding Reception Decorations Ideas Perfect All Year Round

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Planning your big day is an overwhelming task, but choosing your reception wedding decorations is in a league of its own. The idea is to give your venue a facelift by enhancing the beauty of your venue without altering it. Your palette and wedding thee will come to play big-time, alongside chosen settings, florals, accents, and everything else to tie the details together.


With trendy reception décor options everywhere you turn, it can be hard to make a choice. So we’ve sorted through the lot and narrowed it down to some stylish wedding reception décor ideas suitable for almost any theme, all year round.

Flower Arrangement for Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception style largely determines your floral installations. For a modern classy floral arrangement, opt for hanging lush flowers. Suspend bouquets overhead but hanging low over the table setting to create an intimate space. Hanging floral installations is a creative way to add dimension and personalize the venue. If you’re leaning towards a rustic venue that stands out at any time of the year, bring life to your venue by building a wall of greenery. Going bohemian? Set up floral beds of densely packed petals or create a picturesque backdrop with rose stems, trailing delphiniums, and vines for your tables and walls.


Elegant Wedding Reception Décor

An elegant wedding reception decor doesn’t have to cost you a king’s ransom. If you’re going for a garden, vintage, or rustic-inspired look, opt for a venue with high ceilings, plenty of space, and grand interiors. Augment this venue with artificial or real cherry blossom trees that give a romantic, fairytale feel. For an industrial-chic touch, adorn your lights with foliage wreaths and flowers. Suspend them overhead to create whimsical hanging centerpieces. Rustic and country weddings will enjoy oversized letters which are versatile. Choose metal letters with exposed Edison bulbs or wooden finishes fitting for both industrial and country weddings. Tie the details together with a bunting décor.


How to Decorate Rustic Wedding Reception

Rustic settings are Organic, laid-back, and soothing. Create the right ambiance by decorating the venue interior with Chiavari chairs. Decorate these natural-looking or lime-washed chars with gypsophila-filled milk bottles attached with twines. Personalize wooden mismatched crates by filling them with letters. Flowers, custom storybooks, and signs. Throw in some string lights for country dimension or neon signs along the outer edges of foliage for a rustic feel. This also fosters functionality as it can serve as a photo backdrop. For lighting, use biodegradable paper lanterns to cast a soft warm glow. Hang around baby breath garlands from your lounge to the sitting area, bar, and dessert tables. Choose colorful table runners with floral accents or bolder textured burlap table cloths and smaller centerpieces. This way, you can maximize and make the venue an attractive space.


Modern Wedding Ideas for a Reception

Envelop your venue with beauty by turning the ceiling into an array of colors. Install every inch of your ceiling with honeycombs and paper lanterns. Incorporate some pompoms over your dining area, bar and marquees. If you’re going for a minimalist look, take inspiration from plain classy silk table runners adorned with eucalyptus or ferns. For a glam wedding look, it is a stiff competition between sequins and hessian combined with an abundance of blooms. Choose transparent chairs with colorful ribbons and floral. For the love of everything modern, you can also incorporate the pop culture fitting and colors in décor from your favorite movies, shows, or books, etc. transfer monochromatic or and gradient palette into the floral arrangement, invitation suite, food menu, and escort cards for a minimalistic look.


Bohemian Wedding Decor Ideas

Bohemian wedding décor ideas are straight out of the mythical woodland enchanted pages. Inspired by the stunning outdoors, earth, and nature.The texturized earthy and soft romantic feel is distinct. To pull off this ambiance, incorporate light airy linens or macramé, pampas, and a variety of greenery installations to make bogus centerpieces. Pull attention to your high ceilings by hanging wreaths around string lights. To personalize your ethereal venue, opt for gems, quartz, and crystals on rugs to create an enchanting effect. You can pepper this combo down the aisle, as part of centerpieces or emblazoned on cardstock for your wedding invitation suite.

Wedding Party on the Beach Decor Ideas

Make your beach wedding part fresh and unique with the appropriate florals from palm trees to pampas grass and more. Select these fresh blooms and greenery to match your theme and tropical taste, reinforcing the beachy aesthetic. For a Hawaiian look, choose greenery leis garlands for décor. Opt for an orange calla lily bouquet or mix with anthurium, orchid, and palm leaf. Replace photo booth backdrop with greenery walls of moss, eucalyptus, monstera leaves, and ferns surrounding a custom neon design. For the escort cards, opt for calligraphic oyster shells, starfish, or seashells for an artsy look. Choose upholstered chairs surrounding the greenery arch for a romantic view. Install twinkle lights over the dancing and dining areas for the day and orbs or fairy lights for the nights which melt into the stars.


Wedding Reception Lighting

Take inspiration from the seasons by using fairy lights wrapped around the venue pillars and beams as the case may be. If you’ve chosen a rustic venue, run them through the rafts overhead. You can also hang them on nets or around your fireplace to make a breathtaking backdrop. For a chic industrial or modern wedding, install glistening glass chandeliers overhead and glistening candelabras on the tables. Incorporate garlands of crystal beads, greenery, and floral blooms for a luxurious, chic, and stylish look. For a magical, celestial big day, combine flickering fairy lights above with paper lanterns, tea lights, and votives around your tables and the venue. The final look equates to what beautiful dreams are made of.

Wedding Table Decor Ideas

Choose colored table cloths that match your color scheme to add some dimensions and excitement to your reception tables. Lace table cloths, placemats, table runners, and cloth napkins for place settings can add a pop of color and class throughout your tables. Lighting is another interesting table décor because it serves two purposes; sight and ambiance. Combine candles and electric light for maximum effect. Lights like candelabras and spotlights coordinate best with indoor reception table décor. For a more modern look, swap with pillar or LED candles and hurricane lamps for the tables and dance floor. If the outdoor or rustic looks are your thing, opt for lanterns surrounded by flowers and greenery. They’re simple, can stand on their own, and complement centerpieces.Go for double-duty centerpieces, especially if you are on a budget. Cluster the bridesmaids’ bouquets, cluster of small floral vases, herbs, trees, and accents are just perfect.


Ideas to Use Draping at Your Wedding

From vintage to bohemian, modern or rustic, drapes give the wedding venue an airy, decadent feel. If you’re having a farm or barn wedding, drape it in light-colored fabrics for a whimsical feel. Add a chandelier and you get a glam look. Display your loft and formal venue opulence with white drapes. Add some black or gothic colors for an avant-garde look. With draped ceilings, the venue décor itself becomes minimal, a beautiful way to save money.

Wedding Bar Design Ideas

Your wedding bar attracts the most attention because every guest came to have a good time. So design a style bar with a wooden platform and beer tap for the country and coastal weddings. For rustic weddings, set up your wine bar with light letters spelling your initials and surrounded by flowers. Go modern, casual, vintage, or industrial chic by using a van decorated with floral garland, fairy lights, and acrylic signage for an instant hit.


There are so many options for wedding reception decorations. Whether modern, beach style, garden, rustic or vintage, there is something for everyone. We have narrowed down a ton of ideas to help you make a choice.  From table décor down to floral arrangements, take inspiration from this post for your big day.