Lavender Wedding Colors Trends For Your Wedding Theme

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Lavender wedding colors, otherwise known as the “adult pink” is synonymous with beauty, elegance, and grace. They are perfect for weddings all year round. And when combined with colors like sage, teal, navy, grey, and more, you have a stunning wedding palette.

Lavender comes in a couple of shades suitable for your cakes, decor, centerpieces, attire, and overall wedding layout. So, it’s in your best interest to choose and combine these colors early enough. Finalizing these details early will help you create a unique, artsy, and cohesive wedding look. Furthermore, you’ll be able to incorporate contrasting elements without ruining your theme.

All that said, you won’t be working on this task alone. In this post, we’ve put together different stylish methods to help you pull off your lavender wedding.

Brides Often Ask

What style of the wedding goes well with lavender color?

Lavender is a soft color suitable for a ton of wedding styles. The styles include romantic, rustic country, garden, beach, ballroom, whimsical, sophisticated, casual, modern, industrial-chic, and woodland. Of course, nailing these wedding styles depends on the supporting colors, which we’ll learn about in a bit.


Lavender Wedding Attire

Lavender wedding attire can be as fabulous as you want it. See how to combine and accessorize with them.

Lavender Wedding Dresses

Lavender wedding dresses are downright gorgeous, suited for brides who defy tradition. And whatever wedding style you choose, you’ve got a dress for you.

Styling tips:

  • To present a royal look, opt for a silk satin lavender dress, while a crepe dress will fit the Grecian look. Pair these dresses with grey or charcoal belts.
  • For the barefoot Bohemian bride, pick a tiered lavender lace wedding dress. If you’re going for a romantic and timeless look, choose a flutter sleeved dress tied at the waist.
  • To accessorize, do not mix metals for jewelry. Go with silvervine hair clips, neckpieces, clutch, and shoes. You may also choose pearls or diamond jewelry and strapped grey sandals or lavender wedding shoes.
  • Use a cathedral length veil for the ceremony and ditch it for dendrobium orchids at reception. Workaround your preferred shade of lavender hue. The idea is to keep your attire simple yet attractive, and timeless.


Groom Attire Ideas

  • Grooms can match the bride’s lavender wedding dress with a black suit or tuxedo and lavender tie. They can also opt for tan suits with lavender cravats. For both looks, cream and green mixed boutonnieres will work best.
  • For the groomsmen, have them wear a black pair of trousers, lavender shirts, and black suspenders. They can also switch the look to grey suits, lavender shirts, and bow ties. For both looks, sports lavender, green and tan boutonnières.
  • To accessorize, the groom and groomsmen will fix purple shade lavender pocket squares. Match these with silver tie bars and single-stone silver cufflinks.
  • The groom’s men and groom can switch the suspenders for cummerbunds or black belts. Wear black leather or silver chain timepieces. You may also opt for a silver chain pocket watch or sporty watches. Seal the look with lavender shades of socks, black lace-up shoes, and hot browline shades.


Lavender Dresses For Wedding Guests

Lavender wedding dresses for guests can be hard to match for stylish people. So the best bet is to snip a little piece from the fabric and take it shopping. If you don’t feel like going through all that, here’s some help.

Styling tips:

  • Create your outfit around the dress which is the core of your look. For a charming fall look, opt for a lavender sleeveless dress and sage hard-knit wool shrug. Complementary colors will appear brighter when mixed with your base color. You can finish this look with green, yellow, or purple beads.
  • For beach weddings, throw in a sage hat and dainty silver or peach sandals.
  • If you’re for a monochromatic look, work with different lavender hues. Opt for lavender pink, magenta, violet, or plum. Pair a lavender-pink chiffon scarf wrapped around the neck to go with lavender-pink shoes and a purse. The solution to so much lavender is more lavender.


Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

The ultimate tip for wearing lavender bridesmaid wedding dresses is that less is more. Also, you must subtly mimic the bride, so as not to overshadow her. Going by these rules, you’ll match modest silver jewelry with a detailed or patterned lavender dress.

Styling tips:

  • If you choose to have your hair in an updo, pair with lilac or rose gold dangling earrings.
  • If you let your hair down, pair with diamond studs.
  • Decorate your hair with floral hairpieces or lavender flower crown. There’s also the option of crystal-studded barrette or hair clips.
  • For necklines, when you go strapless, pair with statement silver neck-piece, bracelets, and stud earrings.
  • For V-neck dresses, wear cute silver pendant necklaces.
  • You could wear dainty sandals or stilettos in gray, teal, silver, or turquoise colors. The bridesmaids will look uber-sophisticated and elegant.

Newest Lavender Wedding Ideas

The trendy lavender wedding ideas incorporate various cool colors to build amazing looks. From lavender wedding invitations to bouquets and cakes, let’s get creative.


Lavender Wedding Invitations

When choosing lavender wedding invitations, put your wedding style into consideration.

  • For instance, cream, ivory, or white card stock is the standard. When it’s paired with black or gold font, we get the classic style for formal wedding invitations.
  • If you’re going for another style, switch up your invites with colorful or metallic fonts, paper stock, envelopes, and liners.
  • For a boho look, work with lavender, gold, and white colors. Have the background in white, decorate edges with dried lavender sprigs, and settle for gold lettering.
  • To get a rustic look, opt for a charcoal gray background with floral lavender edges and white lettering.
  • For something more modern, choose lavender card stock, lavender, and green floral edges with blue and white lettering. A lilac or purple card stock with gold lettering, sealed with lavender lace ribbon is also genius. Stepping away from these, you can incorporate your own unique colors.

Lavender Wedding Bouquets

To create charming lavender wedding bouquets, think colors. You also need to incorporate flowers that work well with lavender. Remember that the stems are rigid, for this reason, you must use them sparingly except in larger floral arrangements.

Styling tips:

  • Pair lavender wedding flowers with some baby’s breath, peonies, and orange daisies for a whimsical look. For something more romantic, pair lavender with yellow marigolds, orchids, and pink zinnias.
  • A more sophisticated wedding will require some roses, cosmos, hydrangeas, and purple blooms for a pop of color. Add some greenery or foliage to bring on the rustic vibe.
  • To accentuate your bouquet, opt for crystal or rhinestone stretch stalk bands and flower pins. You may also choose to do a lavender satin bridal bow tie bouquet wrap.
  • Embellished Pearl or rhinestone bouquets are also trendy. Choose to get more personal by painting leaves in gold and adding to the mix for more uniqueness.


Lavender Wedding Cakes

Lavender wedding cakes are quintessential and fit for different wedding styles. If you’re having a garden-inspired wedding, opt for tiered lavender and silver icing wedding cake. Decorate with gum paste lavender blossoms and pink blooms.

  • For modern weddings, choose ivory icing with gum paste roses. Crawl around the cake with lace and sage ribbons per tier. Top it with a personalized acrylic circle.
  • Modern weddings will work with a white-based cake plus lilac ruffles and gold leaf flecked blossoms. You can switch the blossoms for gold drop string piping.
  • If it’s a beach wedding, go with lilac and lavender cascading floral cake with roses and greenery leaves.
  • Vintage weddings will choose a lavender base with antique silver and lilac rose wedding cake on a bas relief.
  • Top this look with statuettes or laser cuts of your favorite animals. Replace this topper with laser-cut wood mason jars for rustic weddings.

Lavender Wedding Decorations

From the aisle to reception and floral arrangements, the lavender grace never diminishes. See some of the newest lavender decoration ideas below.


Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas

Record a grand entrance down the aisle with timeless decoration ideas.

Styling tips:

  • Wrap lavender, roses, and dahlias around trees for a woodland forest theme.
  • Flank your aisle with a combination of pampas grass, lavender florals, and foliage to create a rustic look.
  • For a whimsical setting, match the white floor runner with a wall and roof assortment of lavender flowers and drapes.
  • Create a wanderlust feel by fixing large pots of lush greenery, verbena, sedums, and lavender at the aisle entrance. Seal this look by draping arches with burlap entangled in lilies, lavender, and orchids.
  • Match ghost chairs with garlands made of baby’s breath, ivy, and lavender flowers for fairytale weddings. Finish up by fixing lanterns overhead from the aisle entrance to the altar.
  • Invent a timeless rustic-chic look by asymmetrically grouping lanterns overhead and along the aisle. Add a pop of colors with hydrangeas, roses, and peonies in pink, peach, and purple.

Lavender Wedding Reception Ideas

Lavender wedding reception decor ideas are perfect for modern, rustic, industrial-chic, whimsical, bohemian styles, and more.

  • Drape ceilings with lavender chiffon for tented weddings. Accompany this look with mismatched red, gold, and lavender chairs for the lounge. Fill them with patterned pillows.
  • For a more rustic look, display escort cardboard in place of table cards. Adorn the board edges with lavender sprinkles, greenery, and daisies. Suspend glass vases filled with lush red, purple, gold, and yellow flower arrangements above the guests for a more intimate setting.
  • Incorporate the vintage vibe by standing chalkboard signage with white and lavender wedding decor at the entrance or cocktail bar.
  • Float a whimsical beach style with a teal backdrop. Give the guests elements to stare at with layers of different colors and shapes. Using colorful tissue paper tassels, garlands of greenery and lavender paper flowers, create cute shapes and attach to the teal backdrop.


Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Wedding seating charts will save the guests from searching and squinting around tables to find their seats.

  • Seating charts come in different styles and the best for modern weddings are mirrors. Put them at the entrance behind a bed of greenery, so the names can reflect. Write names in lavender and adorn the base with vases of hydrangeas, lavender, and peonies.
  • A preferred chart for vintage and boho look is the gold-framed boards. Order for hand-calligraphed lavender cards with the guests’ names on them. Fasten these cards to the board with pins. You can also fix dried sprigs of lavender or lilac flowers to the golden frames. Line the base with candles or lanterns.
  • Rustic seating charts are best made of wood. Write names in white or lavender and decorate the chart with lush greenery and lavender blooms. You can also choose printable floral seating charts for a minimalist look.

Wedding Table Setting Decor

Styling tips:

  • Set your beach wedding table with lavender tablecloth, transparent dinnerware, and white napkins. Choose silver cutlery and cover white chargers with lavender sweet pea stem.
  • For a woodland forest look, decorate with artichokes, roses, and pale purple centerpieces. Other options are lavender, daisy, and foxgloves centerpieces.
  • For the perfect tropical look, chose sage napkins on lavender table clothes. Add tall tropic centerpieces with lavender, or thistle and wildflower in bud vases.
  • For a sophisticated and elegant wedding style, opt for lavender table cloths, and gold accented place settings. Pair this look with gold-rimmed dinnerware and gold-rimmed transparent flutes. Finish this look with lavish hydrangea and rose centerpieces.
  • For an alternative look, opt for gold floral motif table clothes plus tall gold vase centerpieces surrounded by red candles. You can also ditch flowers for tall table lamps surrounded by terrarium, moss, succulents, and purple candles. These blooms will help hide cords.


Lavender Flower Arrangements

Moving from the ceremony to reception, lavender wedding flowers have quite the aesthetic appeal. And to maximize the visual diversity of lavender, pair it with other flowers. Choose soft pink and cream roses, white and black Callas, Stephanotis, garden roses, and lavender blooms for the bouquet. Pick dried lavender sprigs and tea rose succulents for boutonnieres. For the aisle and altar, arrange white rose petals and eucalyptus garland with tucked in lavender roses tucked.

Styling tips:

  • At the reception, use a lot of creme roses, lavender sprigs, hydrangeas, and lush greenery for decor. Choose white rose petals and eucalyptus garland with lavender roses for dessert tables. Add some candles to the table for a touch of romance.
  • For centerpieces, opt for Burgundy dahlias, purple hydrangeas, lavender roses, and dark Burgundy artichokes for a dramatic effect. Dress up the entrance or welcome sign with four feet Garland of white and lavender blooms plus accented greenery.

Lavender wedding colors have the ability to adapt to every season and style. Depending on your vision, the colors can be playful and whimsical or sophisticated and serene. Use shades along the same gradient to create an ombre palette for your lavender wedding. You may also merge lavender with colors like red, gold, black, purple, sage, teal, silver, and more. Check out this post to get inspired with lavender wedding ideas to pull off a timeless wedding.