Unique Wedding Cakes 2024 Guide + Expert Tips

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Just like a wedding dress, a wedding cake is an important part of any wedding celebration. It will be a focal point in the wedding reception, and it will show in many wedding photos of the couple, and of family. This is why the style of cake that you choose is important. And if you want something different from the norm, then you might be aiming for unique wedding cakes.


While all wedding cakes are unique, there are definitely some that stand apart from the rest. Creative unique wedding cakes that don’t just taste good but look good as well. These cakes are statement pieces at your wedding and can be decorated to fit with your chosen wedding theme. Aethetically pleasing cakes that would add to your wedding décor in a most unique way. Modern wedding cakes with sophisticated design, rustic wedding cakes with an earthy feel, minimalist cakes with geometric designs and more.
Have a look at some of our favorite unique wedding cake designs to find the one that is especially for you.

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What's trending in modern wedding cakes?
What we see are the trend in modern cakes is the use of nontraditional shape and textures. Gone are the days of just round cakes on top of round. Wedding cakes can be square, asymetrically stacked, rounded into a hole, shaped like a castle, and so on. Even the traditionally shaped ones can be decorated by ruffles so it looked more organic, decorated with textures on the body of the cake itself.
There are designers that definitely move away from 'classic' designs with just flowers, and rather highlight the shape and texture of the body of the cake itself, and we predict they will be more and more popular in the future.


Unique Modern Wedding Cakes

Unique wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes and some come in especially unique designs that are pleasing to the eye.

Consider dark wedding cakes that completely stray from the norm and all that is traditional. While they may not be very popular, dark wedding cakes are definitely unique. The good thing about the dark surface of this type of cake is that it can act as a canvas for all sorts of designs, from bright floral hand paintings, to actual sugar blossoms in bold or pastel colors.

Another unique wedding cake idea is a cake of mixed shapes and mixed finishes. Each tier can be uniquely decorated and shaped in round or hexagon shapes alongside autumn hues and burnished tones. Can be finished with an adornment of soft petals in pink, green, red or white, to fit with the wedding theme.



Vintage Unique Wedding Cakes

If you want elegant unique wedding cakes, you might want to consider vintage designs, especially if this is in line with your wedding theme.

Consider a semi naked chocolate wedding cake of mixed mediums. The bottom layer can be covered in the color of gleaming metallic gold in the true vintage fashion. Decorate with a string of pastel florals and crimson hues. Add some greenery to complete the tasteful and unique look.

Another option is the traditional five tiered, all white wedding cake adorned with gold and white sugar flowers travelling all through the layers, and on either side. Cake flavors can be in raspberry, chocolate, salted caramel, and more.

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What flowers are safe on cakes?
Flowers that we use are typically made from sugar and wafer paper flowers. In the off chance that we do use real flowers, we made sure that it's from a source that is pesticide-free, washed clean and pat dry before putting it on the cake, and wrapping the stem with aluminium foil to ensure there is no sap leaking out of the place where they were cut. For flowers that are meant to be eaten and not removed before consuming, we only use edible flowers. 



Elegant Unique Wedding Cakes

Make a statement with unique beautiful wedding cakes that are as elegant as they are delicious.

You could try a magnificent all white cake, a monochromatic symbol of luxury and sophistication. Adorn with hand sculpted sugar florals of roses and orchids layered on each tier, flowing down from the top. A beautiful creation that can be topped with greenery if pops of color are required.

Another picture of elegance is a blue watercolor decoration laid on the base of a white fondant cake. Hand painted petals in violet and magenta can cover the tiers, perfect for a summer celebration. And if painting is too simple, you can consider elevated decorations in relief textures of flowers and strategically placed latticework.



Painted Unique Beautiful Wedding Cakes

Another on our list of unique wedding cakes ideas is the painted wedding cake. Considering you can have your cake painted in absolutely anything you desire makes it genius. And, if you are missing that ‘something blue’ for your traditional wedding, you can totally make it your wedding cake.

You could try a tiered cake of sea blue brushstrokes with a glittery base of a metallic trim. Complete with an adornment of bright and abundant seasonal blooms.

If you’d like a more luxurious option, then you could try gold instead. An elegant white cake with brushstrokes of gleamy gold. Adorn the bottom tier in soft pastel florals and greenery for that unique touch.



Creative Unique Wedding Cakes

Unique and modern wedding cakes are often creative pieces that stand out and make a bold statement on such an important day. If you are looking for such creativity to express your love, then you could try any out of a number of dreamy fairytale creations.

One such wedding cake design is a four or five-tiered cake with an abundant of ruffles. Covered in delicious buttercream, this cake is covered in ruffles from head to toe. Decorate in attractive florals and greenery for a tasteful finish. A stark white cake is also a great option. The clean lines can be complemented with florals or a single pastel hued bud and fresh leaves.
Another option that is just as unique is a semi nude cake that reminds you of all the beauty of nature. With parts of the naked base peeking through the layers of icing, this cake can be further decorated with pretty eucalyptus and delicate seasonal blooms.

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What is the most popular cake trends in 2021?
In 2021, the more popular trend is to incorporate design elements such as ruffles in the cake. Ruffles, frills, and embroideries on cake that resembles the wedding dress is the trend this year.

Everyone wants a wedding cake that expresses their love and their personality. Find the right wedding cake for you that fits with your theme and tells your story. These unique wedding cakes will not only help you make a statement on your big day, they will act as décor pieces at your wedding reception. From semi nude cakes, to luxurious all white wedding cakes, to modern geometric cakes and rustic cakes of florals and foliage, strive to find the wedding cake that is uniquely you.