36 Most Pinned Photos In Blue Wedding Theme

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If you’re considering something extraordinary for your wedding, you could try a color theme. And if blue just happens to be your favorite color, then a blue wedding theme would be a wonderful idea. A most royal and unique color, blue comes in a lot of fun shades that would look lovely in this theme. From light versions like teal and dusty blue to darker shades like indigo and navy.


Whether you’re having a ballroom reception, beach wedding, or a boho-themed wedding, you can find the right shade of blue for your event. Formal weddings do well with the darker blue shades, while a wedding with a nautical or rustic theme would be better with the lighter shades. Scroll down for more as we share our favorite wedding theme ideas for your most special day.

Brides Often Ask

What color goes with blue for a wedding?

A number of colors go well with a blue-themed wedding, depending on the type of wedding you are having. A casual spring wedding would be best with pastel shades like French or sky blue, which add whimsy and romantic element to your space. Darker shades like midnight blue would add a touch of sophistication to a classic wedding. Gold and silver are also good shades for accents on a blue background.


Blue Wedding Stationery

Top on our list of blue wedding ideas is the wedding stationery. A watercolor background would be a tasteful choice for invitations. A good color combination for a classic wedding would be navy and gold. Gold accents would pair beautifully with the blue with metallic details on the envelopes and invites.


Blue Wedding Decoration Ideas

A blue-themed wedding would be incomplete without blue wedding decorations ideas.

Arches in a Blue Wedding Theme

Create a wedding arch with beautiful flowers such as delphinium for a spectacular display. Others you can add in tall bunches, include thistle, hydrangeas, allium, scabiosa and irises. These blooms can also be arranged to line your aisle. Your guests will love your wedding ceremony arch and it will be great for pictures too.


Blue Wedding Entrance Decor

If your venue has a lobby or walk-in entrance, then it’s another opportunity to work your blue wedding theme. Create a backdrop on the wall with monochrome blue paper parasols. A cool décor idea that will add an ethereal and celestial element to your big day. Just another spot for great picture moments.

Table Setting for Blue Wedding

Add that ethereal feel to your wedding with blue tablecloths. Drape your tables in lush blue table linens of different shades. You will not only create a cool and calming effect, but it would also feel luxurious too. Allowing the fabric pool to the floor will also add a romantic effect to the overall look.

Don’t forget to include your centerpieces in your blue wedding decorations theme. Centerpieces play a subtle role in the overall look of your occasion. If you are going for an electric or rustic look, you can use blue vases and bottles of several shades to achieve this. Add some adorable and lush greenery to complete the centerpiece.


Blue Wedding Theme Ideas

There’s a lot to explore with blue wedding themes. Allow us to show you some of our favorite ideas for this gorgeous theme.

Wedding Favor Ideas in Blue Color

Whatever wedding favors you might choose to give your guests, there are limitless ways to include your wedding color in the mix. If your wedding will take place outdoors, you could consider cute and cozy blue plaids. For other edible wedding desserts like cookies or macarons, you could consider making them blue or imprinting them with tasteful blue calligraphy.


Blue Wedding Cakes

A blue wedding cake is an absolutely amazing idea for a wedding blue theme. From beautiful blue monograms or stenciling over a white cake, to blue flowers draped around the cake. You could also create a cake with bold blue stripes. Have teal fondant stripes decorate your cake for a stunning addition to your dessert table.

Blue-Themed Bridal Bouquets

Asides from the idea of real blue flowers included in your bouquet, you could add a little something to the main wedding bouquet to make sure it stands out from the rest. In the true spirit of your wedding idea, you can have your florist wrap trailing colored ribbons to the stems of the flowers. These long ribbons will create a lovely whispy blue look you’re sure to love.


Attire For A Blue Wedding Theme

You don’t have to think only of blue wedding decoration ideas, your wedding attire can also fall in line with a fun color theme.

Blue Wedding Dresses

If you really want to stand out and do something non-traditional for your wedding, consider a blue wedding dress for your special day. Wearing your favorite color instead of the traditional plain white is just another way of celebrating your union in your own way. Bring a fairytale wedding to like with a tulle ball gown, ruffled and glorious in touches of a light shade of blue.


Blue Wedding Shoes

There’s no rule that says your wedding shoes cannot be colorful or must be neutral. This is one of the most subtle and unique ways of adding a flair of your wedding color to your outfit. For a balance between classic and bold, consider royal blue in suede for that sophistication and added comfort.

Chic Blue Garters

With a blue wedding theme, you can throw convention out of the window, especially with something like a garter. Use silk ribbons to create a sleek, stylish garter, or find one with blue and white ruffles for a blue surprise on your special day.

Groom Attire for Blue Theme

For blue wedding theme ideas, the groom could decide to get a blue suit, or not. Midnight or navy-blue suit can be very stylish and classic. However, if that might be considered extreme and so out of the question, the groomsmen can go with stylish blue suits. Then the groom can wear his choice of a suit with a blue tie. It could be plain blue or a formal blue tie to tie in with the look of his wedding party.

Blue Bridesmaids Dresses

Color coding bridesmaids’ dresses can be a lot of fun. With this type of color theme, bridesmaids’ dresses can be matching or mismatched. Navy or midnight blue bridesmaids’ dresses can be very stylish as matching dresses. If you’re choosing to mix and match, then dresses in different shades of blue can be perfect as well especially for a more casual, laid-back wedding.

So much is possible with a blue wedding theme. From a rustic wedding to a sea wedding theme. This popular wedding color is great in a number of situations. With these inspirational ideas, you can see just how.