Useful Rules How To Dance At A Wedding For Everyone

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How to dance at a wedding? Dancing is a big part in weddings, and with wedding season around the corner, you might want to brush up your skills. Whether you are the bride, groom or even a wedding guest, you would no doubt want to look great on the dancefloor. So, if you’re the type of person who needs to ask, how to dance at a wedding, you could need some helpful tips.


Whether you have the time to take dancing lessons or not beforehand, you can look to our tips on wedding dance etiquette for guidance.

Dance Rules And Tips For Newlyweds


First Dance

Dancing should be fun, especially on such an important day. However, if you find yourself wondering how to dance at a wedding first dance, then you might not be having much fun at all due to anxiety. With these simple steps, you should be able to relax and let the music take over.

  • Choose the right song: Whether it’s a favorite song or a song that you both love to dance to. It’s important to choose a song that has meaning to you both. Choose that song, be it fast or slow, that is perfect for you and your personalities.
  • Keep it short: Keep your first dance short and sweet. Your guests should enjoy it and you should enjoy it too. However, you run the risk of getting tired or guests getting distracted if it goes on for too long.
  • Consider your outfit and shoes: If you plan to dance to upbeat music, then make sure that your dress and shoes are planned for this too. Ensure that there is no risk of your dress getting in the way or getting entangled in your legs.
  • Take a few basic lessons: If you have a private teacher or you’re taking a class, great. If you don’t have any teacher, you could consider taking a few lessons together.
  • Relax and enjoy your dance: In the end, all you need do is have fun. So, relax, smile, be in the present and just enjoy your day.


How To Slow Dance At A Wedding

There’s really no need to worry about how to slow dance at a wedding. This is one dance style that allows you just follow the rhythm of the music. With just a few tips you should be fine.

  • First decide on your dance position. You could choose the traditional dance position where the lead has their right hand behind their partner’s back, just below the shoulder and the follower’s left hand is over the other’s shoulder with their free hands clasped together. You could also just decide to freestyle.
  • After choosing a comfortable position, just take the most basic dance steps and go with the flow of the music. Listen to the music, talk if you want to, and just enjoy this time with each other.


How To Fast Dance At A Wedding

Your wedding dance might include a fast dance with each other, or even with your wedding party or guests in a line dance. However, if you need a guide to fast dance with your partner, these tips can be helpful.

  • Basic side to side. This simple step can work with most any song. The key is to move with the rhythm of the music just from side to side. It can work for slow or fast music, with or without a partner.
  • Learn the right turn. The most basic turn, it involves the lead turning their partner to the right. An extension of the side step, it’s just as easy as long as you signal your partner and remember to lead firmly.
  • Finish with a dip. This move can be scary for less confident dancers. However, with a bit of practice, you can perfect this simple move and wow not just your guests, but yourselves as well.


How To Dance At A Wedding Reception

At the wedding reception, people are most times in pairs. So let’s run through how to dance at a wedding reception.

  • The basic dance
    When you hear good wedding songs, the first thing to pick is the rhythm. If the song is slow, move slowly with your partner. And if the song is fast, change into a fast dance. The bottom line is that you keep moving according to the rhythm. It may take a little practice, but it’s achievable.
    The basic dance step involves a leader and a follower. The leader has their right hand placed on the left scapula of their partner. The posture will see the right elbow pointed upwards and outwards to the right.
    The follower will place their left arm on the lifted right forearm of the leader, with hands-on their biceps. The free hands of both partners will stay clasped as they move to the rhythm.
  • Perfect a stunning entrance
    The entrance you choose sets the tone of the whole dance. This is what makes it more important than the closing part. So pick an elegant entrance that works with the wedding stage and the sequence of songs you’ll dance to.
  • Add some spice
    With your entrance decided, think of a way to switch up your routine. You don’t need to do anything complicated. Try the waltz box, right turn, under arm-twist, and other cute styles that will leave the guests in awe.
  • The dip
    No couple dance should end without a dip. This brings the performance to an end and makes for beautiful shots.
  • Choose your songs
    If you’re the couple, it’s necessary you choose only your best songs for the dance. Songs that resonate with your relationship. They will help you get lost in each other, bask at the moment while executing precise steps.

How To Dance At A Wedding As A Guest

Usually wedding guests join in the dancing after the couple and the wedding party have completed their routines. If you are a wedding guest unsure of how to dance at a wedding reception with or without a partner, do not worry, we’ve got your back.

  • Relax. This is key at any wedding. As a wedding guest you need to relax and have fun, especially on the dance floor.
  • No rules. Remember, there are no rules to dancing for the wedding guests unless wedding line dance songs come on. So, move your feet and hips and dance to the music. This applies whether you have a dance partner or not.


How To Dance At A Wedding Reception For Men

There are no separate rules for men dancing at a wedding reception, so all the earlier tips apply.

  • Just relax and move to the music whether you have a partner or are dancing solo.
  • If any wedding line dance songs come on, and you’re familiar with the routine, join in and just have a good time. Some of these songs might include dances for “the Cha Cha Slide”, “the Macarena”, “the Electric Slide”, “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”, or other.

How To Dance At A Wedding Without A Partner

If you want to know how to dance at a wedding as a guest, here are a few useful tips to follow.

  • Understand the music
    Every music has lyrics that make it unique. Listen and study the music to understand the lyrics. This will help you know the steps to use at certain points. For instance, a part of the song may say “hop,” or “hold me.” Knowing the lyrics helps you perform these appropriate gestures which can add spice to your dance.
  • Watch others
    If you notice a person that keeps digging it because they know what they are doing, take lessons. Watch them and maybe mimic their steps if you can. If you find it difficult to mimic them, create your own version from what they do.
  • Make body movement
    While we move our legs to rhythm, our bodies must cooperate to achieve dance perfection. Knowing how to dance at a wedding and not look ridiculous means your feet and body must be in sync.
  • Shadow train
    Shadow training is very important. Learning how to dance at a wedding solo means you must master your footwork. You must also perfect your lead or follow techniques, body movements, and even posture

While there is some etiquette in relation to dancing at weddings, with these simple tips you shouldn’t worry about how to dance at a wedding. Just relax and have a good time.