29 Amazing Ring Exchange Wording Examples To Steal

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There are numerous ways of re-phrasing your ring exchange wording and making it, especially yours. If you’re finding it difficult to put together just the right words, allow us to help you navigate the waters of wedding ring exchange wording. The significance of a ring in marriage cannot be underestimated, and so the words that follow the exchange of these rings should be special indeed.


You can find these helpful phrases sometimes in sample wedding ceremony scripts or just read below to find out more about the ring exchange wording.

Wedding Ring Exchange Wording

Here we have a few descriptions of the different types and examples of ring exchange wording you can use.


Unique Ring Exchange Wording

“With this ring, I thee wed”, is how most standard ring exchange wording begins; however some couples seek something unique. Below are a few samples, which might help with this.

“The fitting of this ring with its unending circle symbolizes
my everlasting love for you.
The placing of this ring on your finger,
is the fulfillment of my dreams,
to have you as my friend,
my love, my husband/ wife,
to live as one forever.

With this ring, I give you my heart…
From this day forward,
You shall not walk alone.
My heart will be your shelter,
And my arms will be your home.”


Ring Exchange Wording Funny

Some couples choose to include something fun and go a different route, even adding special traditions like unity ceremony ideas to their program. If you’re seeking something fun, perhaps some of these might resonate with you.

  • “Do you, with this ring, take [name] to be your husband/wife,
    to have and to hold from this day forward for better or for worse,
    for richer or for poorer,
    in sickness and in health,
    to love and to cherish until death or zombies do you part? Me: I do.”
  • “I give you this ring as a symbol of my love for you. Let it be a reminder that I am always by your side, even when you snore; and that I will always be a faithful partner to you.”


Ring Exchange Wording Modern

Out with the old and in with the new, are the thoughts of most modern couples of today. Something different, which still carries the meaning of their union. If this is you, then perhaps some of these samples are for you.

“I give you this ring
as a reminder
that I will love, honor, and cherish you,
In all times,
In all places,
And in all ways, forever.

With this ring, I marry you and bind my life to yours.
It is a symbol of my eternal love,
My everlasting friendship,
And the promise of all my tomorrows.”


Simple Ring Exchange Wording

The beauty of simplicity isn’t lost on wedding ring exchange wording. If you are this couple who prefers going straight to the point with no fuss at all, then here are a few suggestions for you.

“With this ring, I seal my promise to be your faithful and loving wife/husband as God is my witness.

I give you this ring as a sign of my love, and with all that I have, I honor you and take you for my husband/wife.”

Traditional Wedding Ring Vows

  • Example 1:

    “With this ring, I thee wed. As a symbol of my love and commitment, I give you this ring, a circle unbroken, a token of my everlasting trust and devotion.”

  • Example 2:

    “I give you this ring as a visible and constant symbol of my promise to be with you through all life’s experiences. With all that I am and all that I have, I honor you.”

  • Example 3:

    “With this ring, I marry you. Wear it as a sign of my love and commitment. As this ring has no end, my love for you is also forever—unbroken and never-ending.”


Religious Wedding Ring Vows

During the exchange of rings at a wedding, it is traditional to have a wedding vows ring exchange for the wedding. Your religious beliefs sometimes determine the type of wedding ring ceremony vows that you use. Below are examples of traditional wedding ring vows for several religious sects.


“I give you this ring as a symbol of my love; and with all that I am and all that I have, I honor you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”



“Harey at mekuddeshet li b’taba’at zo k’dat Moshe v’Israel (Behold, thou art consecrated unto me with this ring according to the law of Moses and of Israel).”


“In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, take and wear this ring as a sign of my love and faithfulness.”


“With this ring, I thee wed, and all my worldly goods I thee endow. In sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth, till death do us part.”


Rings are traditionally exchanged during the mangni, a betrothal ceremony, but not during the wedding itself.



“(Name), I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow, and with all that I am and all that I have, I honor you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”


“I give you this ring as a sign of my vow, and with all that I am, and all that I have; I honor you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”


“Praying the Almighty that I am blessed with a long life, I tie this knot around your neck. Oh! Sowbhagyavati, may Providence bestow on you a fulfilling life of a ‘Sumangali’ for a hundred years to come!”

Ring Exchange Wording for the Officiant

As an officiant, you might be looking for a few sentences to say about the significance of the ring exchange for the couple. While the symbol of these rings and the eternal love they represent might not be lost on the couple; it’s never a bad idea to add a few words to the wedding ceremony structure, to buttress this point.

You have for each other a ring. This most precious of metals symbolizes that love is the most precious element in your life together. The ring has no beginning and no ending, which symbolizes that the love between you will never cease. You place these rings upon each other’s fingers as a visible sign of the vows which, this day, have made you husband and wife/ partners.

Wedding rings are made precious by our wearing them. Your rings say that even in your uniqueness you have chosen to be bound together. Let these rings also be a sign that love has substance as well as soul, a present as well as a past, and that, despite its occasional sorrows, love is a circle of happiness, wonder, and delight. May these rings remind you always of the vows you have taken here today.

Real Ring Exchange Wording Examples To Steal

Here we have a few more examples of different types of ring exchange wording, which could help with ideas when crafting your own. Thinking of some ring exchange wording offbeat for a secular or non-denominational wedding? Well, here are some suggestions you can use.

Example 1:

“I (name), I give you this ring
This band of gold
To love you always
To have and to hold
I give you my love
Precious and true
You know that my heart
Is only for you.” – by Sarah, SA

Example 2:

“I promise to love, respect, and honor you
I will always be there for you, with you, beside you
Let this ring be a symbol of our love,
may it represent our today, our tomorrow,
our future & our past.
As I have given you my hands to hold,
so I give you my life to keep.” – by Megs, NSW

“This ring is my precious gift to you, as a sign that from this day forward you shall be surrounded and encircled by my love.”
“This ring is a token of my endless and abiding love. Just as this circle is without end, my love for you is eternal.”
“I gladly accept this ring and will wear it always as a sign of my love for you.”

Example 4:

“Today I give myself to you and ask for your tomorrows. I promise to love you above all others, to give you my strength and ask yours in return, to stand by you in good times and in bad. I give you all my trust and unconditional love. May this ring be a token of my undying love for you?”

Example 5:

“I give you this ring as a sign of my love, knowing that love is precious and fragile, yet strong. This ring is a symbol of the vows we have made here today. I give you this ring as I give you my love, for the rest of my life.

I give you this ring as a token and a pledge of my abundant love, and I promise from this day forward, to love, to honor, to cherish and respect you, in sickness and in health, wealth, and poverty, for all the days of our lives.

In pledge of the marriage vows made between us, I offer you this ring. Let it be to you and to me and to all the world, a symbol of the covenant of marriage we have entered into this day.

I promise to embrace our life together with compassion, faith, and spirit. I will be a loyal friend, one who will believe in you and stand by you always. With this ring, I give you the promise of my unconditional love forever.”

Example 6:

“I give you this ring as a symbol of my love for you. Let it be a reminder that I am always by your side and that I will always be a faithful partner to you.

I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness. As I place it on your finger, I commit my heart and soul to you. I ask you to wear this ring as a reminder of the vows we have spoken today.”

Vow Renewal

Vow renewals have had some of the best wedding vows we’ve ever heard. This is because before writing your vows this second time around, it’s good to take some time for reflection. Reflect on the years that have passed, the good and the bad, and all that your partner has come to mean to you. Write all of this down, and you will find that you have material for some deep and thoughtful, full-of-emotion renewal vows. Below are a few examples.

Example 1

“With great joy, I pledged my love and commitment to you on our wedding day. But a loving relationship does not exist in a vacuum. Our family and friends first showed us how to love, helped us grow, and supported us when we found each other. I hope they will continue to love and support us as we love and support them. Therefore, I am delighted today, in the presence of these witnesses, to reaffirm my commitment to you, and once again, to promise to love you, honor you, and comfort you, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better and for worse, as long as we both shall live.”

Example 2

“On our wedding day, I made a choice. It was the most important and significant choice of my life and I made it only after a great deal of consideration. On that day, I chose you to be my husband/wife. I thought then that such a decision, once made, as final and irrevocable. Now I know that the selection of a life partner is not a one-time decision but an ongoing process.

Many times in the years since then, I have chosen you again. Faced with changes and alternatives, I have become keenly aware that a marriage lasts only so long as both partners desire each other above all others. As our lives have been affected by the ebb and flow of other lives and events, there have been many times when I could have chosen to go in a different direction. I did not.

The reason is simple: no other person has ever aroused in me the feelings of tenderness, joy, and caring which you elicit. I elect to stay with you not because I feel obligated to meet your needs but because you continue to meet mine. I live with you not because a legal document says that I am your wife/husband but because, in my heart of hearts, I still want to be by your side more than I want to be anywhere else.”

Choosing to embellish or write your ring exchange wording from scratch is choosing to put a piece of you into the words. As you decide on how to re-phrase this, it might help to remember why you love your partner and the new journey you are embarking upon. Including these extra phrases in your wedding ceremony order of events shouldn’t pose a problem.

Answering Your Questions About the Ring Exchange

The ring exchange is a significant moment in a wedding ceremony. Here, we address common questions to help you navigate this important aspect of your special day.

Do you say vows when exchanging rings?

No, vows are typically exchanged before the ring ceremony. During the ring exchange, couples often express a few words or sentiments, but detailed vows are usually spoken earlier in the ceremony.

Can we choose unique ring exchange rituals?

Absolutely! Couples can incorporate special rituals such as handfasting, ring warming, or cultural traditions that hold significance to them.

Who Says the Ring Exchange Wording

There’s no strict rule on who says the ring vows first. The exchange is usually brief, with each person expressing a few heartfelt words or repeating a short vow as they place the ring on their partner’s finger.

How Long the Ring Exchange Wording Should Be

It can be as short as a sentence or two, focusing on the significance of the ring and the commitment being made.

The ring symbioses these things and more; therefore we hope that we have been able to help you with ideas for writing your very own ring exchange wording.