The Best Ideas For A Blue And Black Wedding Theme

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A blue and black wedding theme is a combination of class, mystery, romance, and sophistication. Both colors are solid and signify intimacy, stability, strength, and purity. Blue comes in a lot of shades from navy to powder, sky, deep, royal and more. They form a perfect combination with other colors too.


However, with black, they become a popular palette suitable for beach, nautical, rustic, tropical, glam, and romantic weddings. You may either like a wedding theme of black and blue or a touch of either color. Whichever your wish, learn how to create a stunning theme from this palette for attire, decor, stationery, etc.

Blue and Black Wedding Attire

With the blue and black theme, you could arrange an attire that will make you a bombshell. From the bride to groom and guests, see some of the best ideas.

Bridal attire

Choose a navy blue and black wedding theme for your attire because both colors can make statements by themselves.

  • Match your blue dress with black strappy sandals and black pearl for a nautical wedding.
  • You can also opt for a black blue and silver wedding theme. But be consistent.
  • Wear a black blue dress and accessorize with ivory stilettos, silver necklace, bracelets, charms, and hair clips.
  • If you wish to maintain your white dress, do touches of blue and gold from your jewelry to corsages and shoes.

Groom attire

For the groom, blue-black and white wedding theme would suit just fine.

  • Wear a midnight blue/blue-black suit and match it with a white or grey shirt. Opt for a tie with a heavy texture like a deep shade of red or light blue to complement.
  • Wear dark brown or shiny black shoes to match your suit and accessorize minimally.
  • Finish this look with a gold wristwatch and a pocket square.
  • Avoid wearing a belt with this outfit, instead of for a cummerbund or suspenders to match your tie.

Guests attire

The guest’s best bet is to opt for a gold, black, blue, and gold wedding theme style.

  • Make blue or black the base of your palette (your attire).
  • Then work around it with other silver and gold in jewelry, shoes, clutches, and hair accessories.
  • Strappy stilettos and dress shoes paired with your black or blue attire work best for semi-formal, traditional, formal, and casual weddings.

Blue and Black Wedding Bouquets

The first of your floral arrangements is the wedding bouquets. So, see our curated ideas from the black-white, and royal blue wedding theme to others.

  • If you prefer deep tones or have a moody personality, choose black roses, royal blue ranunculus, burgundy dahlias, and deep-toned foliage for the bouquets. For a bohemian wedding, opt for white rose mixed with king protea, astilbe, scabiosa, and burgundy ranunculus.
  • However, for a bright yet mysterious combination, curate purple-hued roses with hellebores, and fritillaria. This combination is perfect for wood, rustic, and lakeside wedding.

Blue And Black Stationery

The prettiest and trendiest themes range from blue to black and colors in between. Try them for your invites, save the dates, thank you, and place cards, using these ideas.

If you want a dark blue and black wedding theme, the art deco stationery style is perfect. Use dark blue, black, and white to add elegance to your creation. For a sunny look, use blue as your base and fill it with watercolors in black, silver, yellow, and pastel pink.

  • However, for tropical and nature-inspired weddings, use a greenery motif on a white base. Write your letters in gold or black and use the same colors on the borders.
  • Navy blue and gold or watercolor gradients would work for the bohemian, rustic, country, and even beach weddings.

Blue And Black Wedding Decor

Black and white and blue table decorations, royal blue, black, and gray color wedding theme, and more are great wedding decor ideas. See styles for your ceremony and reception decor.


Ceremony Wedding Decor

  • If you’re having a beach wedding, evoke the warm tropical weather vibes with black roses, blue hydrangeas, length greens, and peonies on your arch.
  • But for a rustic wedding, blue hydrangeas, white peonies, and yellow roses are perfect. Match them with gray colored curtains for a balanced scheme. Use an abundance of royal blue petals to create a Backdrop at the altar. Match black lanterns with greenery along the rows and complement with royal blue candles. You can also use garlands in blue, black, gray, and yellow colors between rows and at the entrance.
  • Another way to make a statement at your entrance is by raising tall walls of delphinium, blush roses, gray candles, and gold wedding lanterns. This look would work for garden and glam weddings.
  • But country and boho weddings would see some cacti along the aisle in black and blue ribbons. And if it’s outdoor, use a high gloss white flooring aisle with a burlap backdrop. Complement with black and white roses and greenery in vases and line them from the entrance to the aisle. Finish with gold and white lighting overhead.
  • Peachy peonies, blue hydrangea, leafy greens, and vibrant aloe vera bring tropical, warm-weather vibes.


Reception Wedding Decor

Backdrop Decor

  • Use black and blue roses, greenery, carnations, and pampas grass the create the ultimate blue and black theme wedding reception ideas for backdrops. This look is perfect for formal and glam weddings.
  • You can also use light blue parasols on white walls to create the statement-making romantic Backdrop.
  • For a celestial look, starry night wedding theme colors black and midnight blue would work for overhead lights. Use bulbs or twinkle strings of lights, especially outdoor.

Table Decor Ideas

  • Use light blue for your handwritten tassel escort cards to give the bohemian vibe. Drape your wedding reception tables in shades of blue with gold table runners or black patterns to channel romance. You can also paint your acrylic table numbers gray-blue to make it brighter, and use neutral dinnerware.
  • If you want an eclectic rustic look, add some mismatched bottles and vases as centerpieces. Fill them with greenery or use chinoiserie vases for a vintage touch. Alternate your tables with blue and black napkins and complement them with deep Patterned plates.

Flowers Arrangements

  • For a blue and black wedding theme, you need flowers in these shades and in between. Also, bring some colors that would add life and create balance for the centerpieces, venue decor, and other floral arrangements.
  • Depending on your wedding theme, irises, hydrangeas, forget me not’s, rosemary, lavender, and thistles fit in. Switch up these flowers by adding roses, dahlias, ranunculus, and some foliage.

Wedding Signs

  • Pain rustic driftwood in black and write directions on it using white chalk. Hang garlands of blue and gold flowers over it for the perfect finish.
  • For a simple sophisticated wedding, use gold fancy fonts on a whiteboard with black rims.
  • If you want a neutral or acrylic palette, gold or blue calligraphy would give it all the hype it needs for Nautical weddings.
  • But if you want something whimsical, say for a garden wedding, natural wood, organic foliage, and black calligraphy would do.

Balloons Decor Ideas

Opt for a clustered balloon arch in alternative rainbow colors over the reception table. Move-in gradients of black to midnight blue, grey, light blue, white, and more.

Move from deep to light colors. You can also try a garland table runner in muted and bright tones, black, and blue. Intertwine them with eucalyptus, foliage, or flowers.

Opt for a consistent or asymmetrical backdrop using balloons. You can stand them or hang them off the roof. If you’re having a seaside wedding, tie tassels to your balloons and hang them overhead to match your table linens. Or you can pop them in white, pink, black, or gray, and blow plus greenery over the dessert table.

Black and Blue Wedding Cake Ideas

  • Cover your cake in black fondant icing and decorate with sugar flower accents in blue and gold. You can also draw whimsical paintings of peonies and greenery on the black coat.
  • If you’re going with a blue base, decorate with white, gold, and black sugar flowers. But then, an intergalactic cake can make all your palette dreams come true.
  • Use black fondant as the base and incorporate all your colors as lights/stars.
  • Use gold, pastel pink, shades of blue, gray, white, and other colors to create the galaxy.
  • For naked cakes, fill with natural black, blue, and gray flowers and accents. Complement with berries and fruits to give an exotic vibe.

The blue and black wedding theme is versatile and stable. These colors work perfectly with other bright or deep colors to form a fantastic hue. Whether you’re looking for reception decor inspiration or how to incorporate black and blue into your attire, you’re covered. Check out our comprehensive guide to wedding themes featuring blue, black, gold, silver, and other beautiful colors.