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8 Wedding Games For Your Reception – Funny Ideas


Wedding games are a must for any wedding reception! It’s the best way to make sure that everyone stays active and engaged with the party. Simple wedding games are a great way to keep the party going, and a convenient way to break the ice for guests that haven’t met before. They’re also a great way to keep the kids occupied. Dancing isn’t for everyone, and some well organized games peppered throughout the night is a surefire way to make sure that everyone has a little fun.

When planning your wedding reception games make sure to offer a variety of fun for all of the sitters, standers, and dancers. This will include a combination of table games, outdoor activities, a photo booth, and tons of music.

1. Coloring Books As A Relax Wedding Games

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Some bridal shower games should be specifically arranged to keep the kids entertained. Many children are okay to dance the night away, but most of them will need a space to sit down and chill. Focusing on coloring this year’s hottest super hero or most popular animated princess will keep kids calm and concentrated.

Some parents will want to take a breather from time to time or may want to spend a little time with their kids, and there’s no reason not to allow them to get involved. Coloring books specifically designed for adults are growing in popularity at an impressive rate. It’s hard to meet a person who doesn’t already have one of these intricate mindfulness coloring books.

One theme that will span all ages and tastes is something that you make. A little photoshop and nice paper can do wonders. Personalized coloring books take a little time to put together but oh so worth it. Perfect additions to your wedding favors are hand-crafted coloring books featuring photos of your friends and family.


2. Yard Games – Active Wedding Games

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The outdoors offers a lot of options for fun bridal shower games to keep guests laughing. Oversized games like Jenga and Connect4 are quickly gaining popularity. Classic family games like Yahtzee, lawn bowling, and tic-tac-toe will have kids and adults entertained for hours, so it’s a good idea of wedding games.

Great wedding receptions keep guests moving from station to station and constantly entertained. Do your best to include as much variety as you can. Think of games like bocce ball, horseshoes, and croquet to keep your guests moving and smiling.

To keep things interesting, throw in a little friendly competition. Break your party into teams for everyone to enjoy matchups like bridesmaids vs. groomsmen, his family vs. her family, and kids vs. adults. Consider putting together a few thoughtful prizes for the main events. Your guests will have more fun putting effort into the game if there’s glory on the line.


3. If Guests Love To Sing – Choose A Karaoke

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A lot of people love to sing, and there’s no better reason to be struck by the urge to belt your favorite love song than this most romantic of days. Setting up a karaoke station is sure to draw a crowd.

When setting up for karaoke, make sure that the song menu contains a little something for everyone. Choose a mix of classic crooners, modern rock, country, and top 40s so that everyone will have a chance to step up and belt out their favorite hits. Aside from style, you’ll want to include some critical themes like Romantic like Girl Power. Romance is the theme of the night, and a few serenades from the Groom of wedding party compliments this perfectly. Watching the bridesmaids step up to the mic for Girl On Fire is great fun to watch.

The most difficult part just may be pulling your guests away from this great wedding game idea at the end of the night. These are often memorable moments. Make sure to set up a camera to capture the action, and take down names and Email addresses so that you can send your guests their videos as wedding favors.


4. “I Spy” Wedding Games

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I Spy and Treasure Hunts are great wedding reception game options. I Spy can be great fun, but you’ll have to prepare a list. Some good ideas of what to include on your list are unique decorations or wedding items. Great ideas include something a little more intimate like a candid photo of the mother of the bride crying or the bride and groom kissing. Putting a sexy spin on these games should also be considered for the bachelorette party.

Scavenger hunts can be equally wedding themed. You can go all out with a series of clues that lead to the final challenge or keep it simple with a checklist of things to find and photograph. Cute lists consist of personal items like “the best elegant up-do” and “high-heel shoes with the most sparkles”.

Your wedding photographer has a checklist of the wedding’s most important moments. Sending your guests out to capture these additional details will make sure that your wedding album will include candid moments and beautiful details that your photographer may have otherwise missed.


5. Video Games At The Wedding

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Setting up a gaming station and offering the most current titles is a fantastic way to keep kids engaged for hours. However, if you want to get the adults involved you may want to offer something a little more group friendly.

Many systems like Wii and Xbox use the player as the controller which is great for groups. Rock Band and Just Dance are a few examples of games that feature music, physical activity, and require absolutely no skill to have fun. Everyone loves watching Aunt Deb try to keep up with latest Beyonce choreography.

If you are going with the gaming station route, make sure to invest in some A/V. The screen will need to be large enough to accommodate everyone watching as well as their audience. There will be lots of noise around, so the speakers will have to be loud enough for players to keep up with the Rock Band drum beat. Most motion sensors need a good amount of space to pick up the players. A minimum of 10 feet from the screen is recommended.

Another way to bridge the generation gap is by renting a few arcade games. Some of your guests may not be interested in a 14 button controller, but absolutely anybody can get into a serious round of Ms. Pacman or Space Invaders!

6. Table Wedding Games

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Technology tends to creep into every facet of life these days. A traditional wedding reception is a good opportunity to step away from this and appreciate the more simple things in life.

Table games like legos and bingo are always a hit with both kids and adults. Other cool table games like Mad Libs and I Spy also do very well at wedding parties. Regardless of which games you choose, keep a few things in mind. Not everyone will want to dance, and they’ll need a few things to keep them entertained throughout the night. Children will go through a range of emotions throughout the night, and they’ll need several groups and individual options to keep them having fun. Old-school games are usually the perfect choice. Many adults may not have played these games since they were kids, and they’ll have a blast teaching new generations how to play.

Table games don’t necessarily have to include the kids. Many of today’s wedding receptions include a throwback to college days with games like flip cup and quarters. These are very easy to put together. All you need are some plastic cups, a few coins, and a good supply of your favorite spirit. As much fun as these wedding games are, proceed with caution. It can become a little bit too easy to have too much fun.


7. Traditional Wedding Games – If You Want Classic

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A fantastically fun wedding activity is the classic Shoe game. The bride and groom sit back to back with one of their own, and one of the other’s shoe in hand. The crowd shouts – preferably from a pre-made list – questions like “who’s the better cook?” , “who spends the money?”, and “who said I Love You first?”. To answer the question, the bride and groom will raise one of the shoes. Since the bride and groom cannot see each other’s answers, it can be great fun for the entire reception seeing what they disagree on.

The Kissing game is another classic but not everyone is a fan of clinking glasses. A modern twist to assigning the bride and groom to kiss involves a roll of the dice. A single oversized handmade die will sit within few of the couple. Each side has a type of kiss like “peck on the cheek” or “showstopper”. If a guest wants the bride and groom to take action, they simply roll the die.
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8. Funny Place To Take A Photo

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Photo booths are great fun, and there are so many options now! Simple stations with masks and funny glasses never fail. Props, costumes, signs, and wigs all make for some amazing photos. Outdoor weddings featuring a petting zoo may want to seriously consider including some of the animals in the booth for some added hilarity.
Check our ideas about photo booth at the wedding:

A wedding party that prefers something a little more glamorous may want to put together an entire set. This growing trend builds out entire rooms with desks and tables, shelves and photos, and chairs and couches. Designated outdoor photo walls are also a popular option. Many of these creative photo zones feature knockout frames to stand behind and personalized wedding backdrops. Many photo booths are going high tech with the ability to instantly upload to your favorite social media or the ability to add filters and editing options. Guests are having so much fun with photo booths these days, including one at your wedding reception is an absolute must!