The Best Bridal Shower Games

9 The Best Bridal Shower Games


Many of the guests at bridal showers and bachelorette parties have never met each other, it can sometimes be difficult to break the ice and let the games begin. However, our trendy but classy party game ideas can help create strangers-turned-best friends.

Popular bridal shower games involve lots of laughs and they make the party a real hit, giving you the glory of being the hostess who threw the best party ever. Here’s a list of some of the best bachelorette and bridal games for your upcoming soiree.

1. Bleep the Buzzword

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This game can be played all through the party, even while playing other games. As your guests arrive, give each gal a plastic bling ring, explaining that there is a word (or words) that are forbidden at the party. What makes this interesting is that you choose words that would no doubt be uttered at some point by each guest. Whenever someone hears someone saying one of the buzzwords, she is given the ring of the guest who said the word. At party’s end, the gal with the most rings is the winner.

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2. Formula For Success – Funniest Bridal Shower Game

Create a recipe for love by passing out wood spoons and black permanent markers. Ask each partygoer to write down her advice for a lasting marriage. The messages are to be anonymous, so no one signs her spoon. Once all guests are finished writing, give all the spoons to the bride-to-be and have her read them out loud. There will be many well-meaning tips, as well as some tongue-in-cheek advice! The best part is, once finished reading, the bride-to-be will select her favorites, at which time the writers will come forward and be presented with “awards.” As the host, you can frame these spoons as a memento of the occasion.

3. Hidden Gold

Create a station at which partygoers can decorate a cupcake that you have baked beforehand; however, don’t tell anyone that you have hidden a plastic bling ring within the cupcake batter. After the guests are finished decorating their cupcakes, the bride-to-be decides on her favorite creation. The winner will then choose a prize. But wait! The fun is not done! Before guests begin eating their creations, inform them that one lucky gal has something hidden in her creation. When the bling ring is found, that guest also wins a prize and is informed that she will be next to say “I do.”

4. Fashion Forward With… TP?

Every girl has thought about creating her very own wedding gown, and this game gives your guests that very opportunity. You will need a lot of toilet paper and a stopwatch. Guests can design in teams or on their own. Set the timer for fifteen minutes and watch the madness ensue! When time is up, have the “designers” model their creations on a makeshift catwalk. The bride-to-be will choose her favorite creation.

5. Make a Scrapbook

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Purchase a scrapbook and varied themed pages. Send one page to each of the guests in advance of the party, asking them to decorate one of the sides with photos, quotes, or other mementos, and the flip side with a favorite recipe. When all guests have returned their pages, put them in the scrapbook. Wrap as a gift for the bride-to-be and present it to her at the party.

6. That’s What He Said

Finally, this game is lighthearted and fun, utilizing the groom even though he won’t be there. You will need to enlist his assistance creating flash cards with things about the bride-to-be. For instance, ask him to write down some things that he likes about her, what her favorite movies are, what song was playing when they first met; you get the idea. Re-write these questions on as many cards as you will have guests. Each guest will fill in how she thinks the groom responded. Read each question out loud, having the girls write down their answers at the same time. You can even keep score on a dry-erase board to add an extra level of fun. Winner gets to choose a prize.

7. The Big Quiz

One of the most popular bridal shower games, start by creating a questionnaire for the groom (funny questions are a lot more effective) covering their relationship, the bride and himself. Have him fill it out or you can record him answering the questions; then, at the party, have the bride answer the same questions and guess what her future husband’s answers were. For an extra kick, have the groom participate through Skype or google hangout and watch his reactions to her answers.

8. R-Rated Scavenger Hunt

Separate the party guests into teams and provide them with a list of items they need to retrieve in a set amount of time. The items can be as lewd or as innocent as you like, but X-rated hunts always seem to draw the most laughs (as long as your bride is all right with it; if she’s not, keep it PG- this is one of the most popular bridal shower games because it is endlessly adaptable to suit every bride). Your scavenger hunt list might include items like a piece of lingerie, specific food items, adult toys, fake tattoos or other adult-themed things like lubricant and condoms. Whichever team has the most items, or gets the items in the quickest time, wins.

9. Dressing The Bride

Have all of the guests bring their most outrageous fashions with them and before you go out to party, then separate the ladies into groups. The teams take turns dressing the bride with whatever everyone has brought. This can include feather boas, floppy hats, anything with lots of sequins or glitter or any other questionable, fun and flashy fashion you can find. Vote on which look is best and then the bride has to wear that creation out on the town. Make sure you document everything with a lot of photographs.

In Conclusion – It’s All Fun & Games

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Planning a great bachelorette party or bridal shower is all about making it fun. See how much fun you can have at a bachelorette party without having to resort to the cliché? What games do you think you will try? Remember, this is to celebrate a commitment of love between two people who are certainly at the top of your friends list, which makes the typical male stripper type party out of the question. Celebrate this union by creating a good foundation of friendship when you show the bride-to-be and her fiance that you appreciate the bond they have created.