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The engagement party is the first of many celebrations before the wedding. It’s a time to share your good news with your friends and family after savoring the moment alone. But just like the wedding, the engagement party needs a thorough and seamless plan. This is where engagement party etiquette becomes essential.

If you’ve never hosted an engagement party, then you want to be careful not to commit a faux pas. There is an engagement party etiquette for guests, invitations, gifts, and more. We’ve put them together to guide you as you plan. You’ll also find answers to all your questions in this etiquette for engagement party guide.

Brides Often Ask

What Happens at an Engagement Party?

Speeches, toasts, love stories, some dancing, and fun questions happen at an engagement party. It’s also an opportunity for families and friends to meet, have fun, and break the ice.

Are engagement parties still a thing?

Engagement parties are a beautiful way to share your joy with your nearest and dearest. In fact, it sensitizes you towards planning the wedding proper. If you want to host one, go ahead and have a blast.

Do you give speeches at an engagement parties?

Yes, speeches are essential at an engagement party. The best people to give speeches are the new couple. If they’re not up to it, the parents or mutual friends are great alternatives.

How many hours should an engagement party be?

An engagement party should last a maximum of four hours. So factor in the drinking, partying, speeches, and everything else. This will allow the guests to get home in good time.


Proper Etiquette For An Engagement Party?

The proper etiquette for an engagement party solely depends on you and the mood you want to set. You have to decide on when to throw it, the number of guests, invites, who to host it, etc. This will help you apply the proper rule where necessary, however, it’s all about you.

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When Should You Have An Engagement Party?

It is ideal to have an engagement party three months after the proposal at the latest. You have to think of a cogent reason to bring everyone together. However, if you plan on having a long engagement, you can delay the party a bit and celebrate when you’re ready.


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Who Hosts An Engagement Party?

The host of an engagement party is the parents of the bride in the traditional sense. But these days, things are evolving. Couples now choose to host their engagement parties. Also, friends step in to give the couple a surprise party.


Who to Invite an Engagement Party?

If the couple or bride’s parents host the party, then all the nearest and dearest should get invites. But, it is also crucial that you invite only those you want at your wedding. In other words, only potential wedding guests get invites to your engagement party.

Engagement Party Invitation Etiquette

The engagement party invitation etiquette states that you should decide on what kind of party you want to have. If you want a formal affair with full course dinners, send paper invites to your guests. If you’re going for a casual affair, send out e-vites or emails to your guests. Send them out a month in advance.

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How Formal Or Casual Should An Engagement Party Be?

An engagement party can be as formal as a sophisticated dinner, cocktail evening, or black suit event. It can also be as casual as an evening at the beach, club, or backyard setting. The most important fact is that the couple is able to get creative and leave their personal touch.

How To Welcome Guests at the Engagement Party?

A proper engagement party etiquette for guests is to host your party in a huge space. This will give the couple enough room to personally welcome all the guests. The people will want to felicitate with you personally, so give them your time.


Engagement Party Favors Etiquette

Guests coming out to celebrate your new status have given their time and resources. The proper thing to do is to say thank you. There’s no hard and fast rule but observing the engagement party favors etiquette, give something simple. Koozies, pizza cutters, rustic candy packs, bottle holders, etc., are cute gifts.

Should The Host Expect Gifts?

While guests will bring gifts anyway, you shouldn’t expect it. However, set up a wedding registry and include the link on your website. Guests will either take advantage of that or buy gifts through word of mouth. Never ask for gifts outright.

Do’s And Don’ts

  • Do choose your timing well and send your invites out early.
  • Don’t splurge unnecessarily at the party.
  • Do invite-only guests who will be at the wedding.
  • Don’t expect gifts, but keep an open mind.
  • Do welcome the guests personally.
  • Don’t attach your gift registry to engagement party invites.
  • Do keep your engagement party short and interesting.
  • Don’t forget to say thank you to the guests.


Engagement Party Gift Etiquette for Guests

An engagement etiquette for guests to follow when giving gifts is not to feel pressure. Buy budget-friendly engagement gifts like wines, dessert boxes, etc. You can bring it to the party or send it ahead of time.

Even if you aren’t giving the couple a gift, make sure to offer a congratulatory card. The only exception is if you’re very close to the couple. However, remember that you still have to buy the wedding gift, so make sure to spend within budget.

Can’t choose a gift for the couple? Check out our TOP 40 engagement gifts!

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Engagement party etiquette is well-created to help the couple as well as the guests. From who hosts the party to what everyone should expect, we’ve given answers. This guide will inspire you throughout your engagement party planning. Remember, it’s all about you, so enjoy yourself.