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50 New Wedding Gift Ideas 2022 For Every Budget


It’s a brand new year and our wedding experts are bringing you brand new wedding gift ideas. Buying the perfect wedding gift is never easy but, regardless of your budget, we’ve got you covered. Read through this list and you’ll find all of the classic, fun, unique, and thoughtful gifts you could hope for.

How much cash should you give for a wedding present?

Only a short while ago it was viewed as unfashionable to give money as a wedding gift. But, with today’s student loans, costs of purchasing a home, and newlyweds that are already set with their kitchen and decor needs, the gift of a few dollars is a breath of fresh air.

A lot of couples leave an anonymous donation box at the reception, or dictate a maximum amount so that no one feels left out. Failing that a respectable minimum is $50 with the average ranging from $75 to $150. If you’re very close to the couple or enjoy an above-average income, there’s no real limit to be aware of.


Covid Wedding Gift

Having to cancel or postpone a wedding during this trying time of the COVID-19 can be highly frustrating and result in a mix of feelings for any couple. Not being able to travel or move freely can also contribute immensely to the stress of wedding planning. And so, if you are a close friend or family member of such a couple. A covid wedding gift will not only be thoughtful, it could also do a lot to lift their spirits.

While you can’t make the pandemic disappear, or completely ease their stress, you can definitely do something to make them feel less alone. A covid wedding gift will show that you acknowledge what they are going through, and that their frustrations do not go unnoticed.


Postponed Wedding Wine Glass

Make your friends feel extra special with personalized wedding wine glasses Etsy. Inscribe them with fun “postponed wedding” quotes or even memes. A great reminder for the impact of the pandemic year and an option to drink and be merry.


Corona Bride Sweatshirt

It’s a great year for loungewear. Many have gotten extra comfy in their home clothes, and your bride to be is no different. However, a corona bride sweatshirt would definitely be more special and will be even more appreciated in such a time as this. Etsy


Face Masks

We find that inspiration is everywhere, and even something seemingly simple as a face mask can be a shiny and beautiful accessory for a new couple. With the right amount of creativity, you can gift a pack to your bride for her walk down the aisle Etsy.

Spa Day Gift Set

Relaxation is never out of the questions, especially in times as these. At a time when most spas are closed, a spa set can help turn a home into a luxurious space for relaxation Etsy.


Unique And Contemporary Wedding Gifts

It’s unlikely that these unique items will be on the happy couple’s wedding registry list, but they’re sure to be a hit!

Photo puzzle frame

A photo puzzle frame is the perfect symbol two lives completing each other, and make for great newlywed gifts. Find these on websites like Amazon for $10 to $100 depending on size and quality.


Happily ever after stepping stone

Many couples take pride in their backyard gardens, which is the perfect place for a Happy Ever After Stepping Stone. Pick this up at Walmart for $20-$30, and have it engraved with their names and wedding date for the perfect reminder of their big day.

Desktop decision spinner

This fidget spinner for adults is cute and always appreciated. Grab these fun wedding gifts for $25-$55 at site like Amazon.


Personalized keepsake box

Keepsake boxes come in all shapes and sizes, but with all of the mementos from their wedding the happy couple certainly needs one. Get yours at for $15 to $100.

A custom cheese board

For approximately $30, you can gift your newlywed friends with an engraved cheese board complete with knife and serving fork. Get these unconventional wedding gifts at sites like


Fun Wedding Gifts Couple Will Love

Getting something for him is cool. Getting something for her is nice. But getting a wedding gift that both can enjoy is extra sweet. Check out these gifts specifically designed to be enjoyed by a couple.

Couples aprons has some great unique wedding gifts like these $30 couples aprons. Choose from a variety of designs and styles that perfectly sum up their personalities.


Fun printed pillows

Printed pillows are an unexpected wedding gift but you can offer something special with a wedding photo, tailor-made quote, or design that compliments their decor for $13-$30 from

Adult coloring book

Adult coloring books are all the rage, but not so much that they’ve lost their appeal. Give the gift of relaxation and humor for $10-$20 from Amazon or your local bookstore.


Funny shot glasses

Alcohol is something that many couples enjoy together. offers a great set for $12 and up, or a classy box set for $50.

Cute coffee mugs

Bed Bath and Beyond carries great sets of Mr. & Mrs. coffee mugs of all sorts. The ‎best wedding gifts are personal, and when your newlywed friends are coffee lovers, you nail it with a cute set of mugs they can appreciate every morning.


Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples Who Have Everything

We all know that couple who already has everything they need in life. What’s the best wedding presents for them? An experience! They can’t hold it in their hands, but they can hold it in their hearts, and they’ll love you for it.

Subscription box

Give the gift that keeps on giving: a subscription box! These deliveries bring a fresh surprise to the bride and groom, extending the gesture month after month. Premium Spa Items and Jewelry boxes from Etsy can run upwards of $150. But, there are plenty of amazing subscription boxes, like hot sauce of the month, for as low as $15.


Date night for two

Some couples would love to spend a night at a fancy restaurant or take in a concert, but always find a reason that they can’t go. Bend their arm and give the wedding gifts for couples can’t live without: time together.

Spa session

After a year’s worth of planning and the stress of hosting both a ceremony and a reception, every couple deserves to relax. Whether you’re shopping for engagement gifts or wedding gifts, a spa session is always a hit. Book yours with Groupon for $25 to $125 depending on the type of package you want.


Travel watch roll

Men and women who know how to appreciate the value of a good watch will certainly want to protect their investments. Help them do it in style with a protective case that’s almost as stylish as the items it’s protecting. Pick up a $60 mid range model from

Modern art

You don’t have to chisel a Banksy off of a building wall to deliver thoughtful wedding gifts to your newlywed friends. Discover a piece perfect for their living room or bedroom for $50 to $200 on


Non-Traditional Wedding Gifts They Will Remember

We all have those friends whose taste is a little off different. Consider these wedding gift ideas for friends who march to the beat of their own drum for the perfect “you just get me” reaction.

Record player with vinyls

Pick up the ‘music lover’ couple a starter record player on for $99.


Love poems on canvas

Some couples would really appreciate daily words of encouragement or reminders of how deep their love runs. Find a huge variety of poetry on canvas on for as low as $50.

A Luxe chess set

Not only is chess fun to play, the board and peices also make for great sculpture. A high end chess set would be perfect for that intellectual-type couple, or even the couple that just likes to play together. Get yours at $100 from


Gem stone slice coasters

These clever wedding gifts will keep the creative couple smiling. Slices of agate are nature’s work of art, and you can get your newlywed friends a set from Amazon for the low price of $50.

Dinner basket service

A unique wedding gift ideas for bride and groom, this spin on the subscription box delivers gourmet and healthy meals to your newlywed’s doorstep. Find yours for $25 on


Wedding Gift Set Ideas

Equally appealing as bridal shower gifts, these gifts sets provide newlyweds with the gift that gives several times over. There’s a gift set for everyone, so make sure to take note of their particular personality to make the perfect choice.

Chocolate set

You can find delicious sets of chocolate from anywhere between $20 and $200. Either way, they’ll be eaten up quickly and with delight. Find a midrange chocolate gift set at



Some couples adore reading together. Choose a book set from a particular series, author, topic, or genre from from $20 to $150 to keep your happy couple engaged for weeks.

Wine set

If your newlyweds fancy themselves wine connoisseurs, a wine set is the ideal gift. Start them off with a set that includes a corkscrew, foil cutter, wine stopper, and drip catcher. Or, take it to the next level with an aerator, decanter, and other great items from at $20 to $120.


Set of bath bubbles

Give the gift of relaxation to newlyweds who appreciate a good soak. Choose your favorite creams and lotions at $30 to $50 for a great set from

Cheese knives set box

Cheese knives may not be an everyday item, but for the newlywed couple who loves to host dinner parties, a classy set is an absolute must. Find yours on in the $30 range.


Crazy And Creative Wedding Gifts

Sometimes the unexpected is the best wedding gift choice you can make. Let your personality shine with a gift that screams your name every time the happy couple sees or uses it.

Cards against humanity game

The couple that plays together, stays together. Give them the gift of hilarity with Cards Against Humanity. Pick up your box at Walmart for less than $30.


Marriage manual

Couples who are freshly married may not realize exactly what they’re in for throughout their Happily Ever After. Help them appreciate the good times and overcome the tough times with $15 to $25 wedding guides from Amazon.

Unique vase

Many newlyweds are moving into their first home together, and plants are sure to be part of the decor. Step up their game with a gorgeous vase from Wayfair for $100 or more.


Fashion fixtures

Keeping with the home decor theme, a fashionable lighting fixture is a great home upgrade that every couple can enjoy. Get your $60 to $700 lighting fixture from Amazon.

Stamp maker kit

This gift isn’t for every couple, but for those who appreciate a good stamp it’s a home run. Get your stamp maker kit – including a UV light box, clamp, brush, and everything else they’ll need – for $100.


Small And Inexpensive Wedding Gifts Ideas

Gifting on a budget doesn’t mean your presents will be a let down. All it takes is a little thought to send something special. These ideas are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Photo frame

With the wedding freshly over, there’s sure to be an abundance of photos, and one of them will certainly be the shot they want to remember forever. Gift them a cute commemorative picture frame from for as low as $15.


Wine bag

An adorable wine bag is perfect for the dinner-partiers on the go. Choose between a burlap design from Bed Bath & Beyond at $10.

His Hers keychain

It’s the details that count. They carry their keys with them wherever they go and look at them a handful of times each day. Remind them of their big day for less than $20 with a bridal keychain from Amazon.


Custom star map poster

For under $10, offers you the gift your newlyweds with a poster of the stars. This is romantic enough already, but these posters feature the constellations exactly how they were on the couple’s wedding day. Now that’s special!

Candles set offers a gorgeous $20 wedding candle. Get this gift custom engraved to deliver ambient light, sweet scents, and constant reminders of their happy day. Not a bad gift at all.


Wedding Gift Ideas For Bride

If you were in the bridal party or simply just very close to the bride, you’re probably considering wedding gifts that are more for her than for him. These examples are sure to perk up here life a little.

Basket with beauty treatment

Creams, lotions, hand soaps and more. This $120 gift basket from is the perfect wedding gift choice for the bride that loves to be pampered.


Pair of earrings

When it comes to jewelry you can spend a few bucks or you can spend a small fortune. Find a great mid range set of solitaire diamond earrings for $120 at


Grooms and brides alike love to cook once they get going. Give them a kickstart with a cookbook that features some of their favorites along with a little sometime new for $20 to $30 on Amazon.



It’s hard to go wrong with jewelry. Put your best foot forward with a bridal wedding gift from for a budget of $100 to $220. These designs have great reviews and sure to be a new hit with the bride.

Flower subscription

A fresh bouquet of flowers is always a pick-me-up for any home. Gift the bride with a flower subscription to keep the smiles flowing on a regular basis. offers a great selection for $20 to $30.


Best Wedding Gifts For Groom

If you’ve known the groom before he met his new wife, it’s likely that your wedding gift will appeal to him more than her. These wedding gifts for men easily double as gifts for a bachelor party and sure to impress.

Fitness watch

Many grooms enjoy staying in shape. This could be anything from trimming down some weight, to keeping his heart rate up, to hitting the gym on a regular basis. Regardless of his goals, help him keep track of his progress with a $99 FitBit from



Wallets are an important accessory for many men. They have to hold all of his necessities, but be thin enough to fit in his pocket. They have to be stylish, yet functional. Get him an RFID (hack protection) wallet from for around $80.

Decanter set

A nice set of whiskey tumblers is nice, but an elegant decanter to go with them is fantastic! Class up his home bar with this wedding gift from $120 or less from


Box of cigars

If your newlywed buddy is into cigars, this is a great gift. Send him iconic Cohibas or classic Romeo y Julietas from $60 to $300. has a huge inventory of brands and styles to choose from.

Wallet bottle opener

Choose a stainless steel credit card bottle opener the cleanly slips into his wallet for a great, and budget friendly, wedding gift for him. has a great selection starting at around $8.00


Best LGBTQ+ Wedding Presents

Although the majority of the planet views them as completely equal in every way, unfortunately the LGBTQ+ community still has some fighting to do before absolutely everyone comes around. If the wedding you’re attending is featuring a same-sex couple, show them your full support with one of these non traditional wedding gifts.

Mrs. & Mrs. ceramic mug set

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and a great way to start it is with an image or message that reminds you of the most romantic day of your life. Find a cute same-sex mug at Amazon for $10 and up.


Personalized same-sex wedding art

Home decor is always a big hit and an excellent choice for your LGBTQ+ wedding gift. Search for pieces in the $50 range, or as low as $15 if you’re shopping on a budget.

Rainbow coasters

Every home needs a set of coasters to keep their surfaces clean and damage free. Gift your LGBTQ+ newlyweds with a loud-and-proud set of rainbow coasters. Get yours on and similar sites for $50.


Custom couple portrait

A nice portrait to hang on the wall is a sweet gift and welcome addition to home decor. Convert the happy couple’s photography into custom drawings or paintings with starting at $90.

Mustache shot glasses

These are enjoyable wedding gifts regardless of orientation, but there’s a cultural connection between the LGBTQ+ community and the moustache. Pick up a pack of hot mustache shot glasses at for $5 and up.


Pazzled Photo Frame

Each and every one of these ideas will make a great wedding gift in 2022. Some are classic, some are modern, but all are sure to bring a smile to the happy couple’s faces when it’s time for the unwrapping. Come back often for more great wedding gift ideas and plenty of other helpful information to help you plan and execute the perfect wedding experience.