Winter Wedding Photo Ideas To Help You Capture The Spirit Of Winter

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While spring and summer might be popular for weddings, there is one season that is absolutely magical. Take advantage of the magic of winter for your wedding and create some of the best winter wedding photos. Whether you choose to have a wedding in the snow outdoors or an indoor winter wedding, we have a number of winter wedding photo ideas you are sure to adore. From poses in a winter wonderland to the warm comfort of fireplaces and cozy blankets. Winter weddings have the potential for all.


If you are a winter bride, try to take advantage of the snowfall. Ignore the chill and organize the most fun and beautiful winter wedding photoshoot. We’ve put together some of our best winter wedding photography tips from experts, that could guide you in getting the best winter wedding pictures. From your poses to props and what to wear, you can hardly go wrong with the picture-perfect backdrop of a winter wonderland.

Brides Often Ask

How do you take wedding pictures in the winter?

With the right tips, you can make the most of your winter wedding photography shoot. For instance, try to go out early if you would prefer natural light, to catch the sunshine that lasts only a short time in the winter. Also dress warmly, if possible, in layers so that you are comfortable, and choose your colors carefully as you take advantage of the gorgeous snowy white backdrop.

Does snow ruin a wedding dress?

The chances of the snow ruining your wedding dress are slim. Also, everything should be fine as long as you are not outside for too long. So, it is a good idea to plan your snow wedding photo shoot well in advance. If you do, you can go out prepared, take your shots and be back inside before any harm can come to your dress.


Bride’s Winter Wedding Photos

Your winter wedding pics would be incomplete without a photo shoot of the bride on her own. There are numerous ways to get that perfect shot of a bride in her winter wonderland. Consider carrying a bouquet of bright colors to contrast the icy whiteness of the snow and your wedding gown. For added accessories, a cozy hat and cool custom leather jacket would do just fine. Make a statement with your look that says you are having the best time of your life, for some awesome bridal shots.


Wedding Ceremony Photos

To get the coolest wedding ceremony photos, consider saying your vows in the snow. Winter wedding pictures outside of you saying ‘I do’ could end up being some of the best in your collection. Even better if you happen to catch a snowfall for dreamy photos in a flurry of romance. Get the ultimate snow wedding photos with a winter wedding ceremony. Ensure you have extra blankets and cozy textiles, so your guests can stay warm.


Lovely Pictures with Plaid

Winter is a good time to cozy up with your loved ones. So why not take a picture where you are all wrapped up with your partner? This is a good time for a colorful plaid blanket to make an appearance. The colors are sure to pop against the white blanket of snow as your backdrop. You could snuggle up eyes closed under one big blanket, or stare into each other’s eyes as if for eternity.


Gentle Kiss Photos

Christmas wedding photos are often full of love, fun, and magic. And what shows love more than delicate snowy kisses? Remember to take a few shots of dreamy kisses, be it on the lip, cheek, forehead, or even nose. Close-up shots will be a good way to showcase the bride’s makeup, especially red lips that would go well with the winter Christmas wedding theme.

Photo Ideas With Sleighs

Add some more smiles and laughter to your snow wedding photography with fun activities. Go sledding with your partner and let loose on a sleigh. These fun photos will add all the love and color you want to your winter wedding photo collection. Create memories that will last forever and capture the magic in the best way possible.


Photos With Breathtaking Views

If you have access to breathtaking views like a water body, mountainside, or evergreen trees, take advantage of it for your winter wedding photoshoot. Create the perfect romantic scene with your bridal attire, the snowy backdrop, and a view to die for. The sort of photos that postcards are made of. Create your own Hallmark-worthy photos with these winter wedding photo ideas.

Photos With Eyes to Eyes Pose

A pose where you are looking into each other’s eyes intently will make a good shot for your snow wedding pictures. Choose attire and accessories that would look great in close up and other type of photo shots. Holding each other by the hands or even closer will help capture the magic between you both, in your winter wonderland.


Fairytale Photos In Forest

Capture a true fairy tale moment with a walk in a winter forest. Turn your modern wedding into a fairy tale with evergreen trees and a casual walk, hand in hand. Don’t forget to smile and catch the flurry as well if you happen to chance upon a snowfall.

Evening Winter Wedding Photo Ideas

Think twinkly lights overhead or even a stroll along the city streets with street lights behind you. Evening winter wedding photos give another perspective to the magical season that is winter. Take advantage of all aspects of it for the best snowy wedding pictures.

There are many unique ways to capture your wedding memories with winter wedding photos. Use these winter wedding photo ideas to create the best memories to last a lifetime.