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30 Modern Wedding Decor Ideas


A modern wedding celebration is the perfect choice for contemporary couples. Crystals, dramatic lighting, sleek lines and minimalist elements are the main features of modern wedding. We gathered the best modern wedding decor ideas that will surprise your guests.

Photo 1-3: Modern Wedding Arch Ideas

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Photo 4-6: Modern Ceremony Decor For Perfect Wedding

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Photo 7-9: All White Wedding Ideas For Modern Couples

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Photo 10-12: Stylish Modern Black Wedding Receptions

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Photo 13-15: Our Favourite Wedding Decor With Greenery

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Photo 16-18: Hanging Modern Wedding Decor

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Photo 19-21: Candle Light Ideas For Modern Weddings

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Photo 22-24: Elegant Tall Flower Wedding Centerpieces

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Photo 25-27: Lovely Wedding Centerpieces

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Photo 28-30: Modern Black Wedding Details

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