50+ Beautiful Wedding Blessings And Prayers For You

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Wedding blessings are beautiful and meaningful quotes for newlyweds. These words of wisdom and encouragement have been passed down through the generations. They also offer guidance and inspiration as the couple embarks on their new life together. They can serve as blessings to guide them through the years to come.


From classic literature to modern poetry, these quotes offer a variety of perspectives on love, commitment, and the journey of marriage. Check out our tips on inspiring wedding blessings quotes below.

Brides Often Ask

What are the 7 wedding blessings?

The seven wedding blessings are as follows:

1. A blessing of joy and laughter.
2. A blessing of commitment and faithfulness.
3. A blessing of companionship and intimacy.
4. A blessing of selflessness and sacrifice.
5. A blessing of forgiveness and understanding.
6. A blessing of respect and admiration.
7. A blessing of eternal love and devotion.

When giving these blessings, be sensitive and respectful of the couple’s beliefs. Also, speak from the heart and be genuine in your words and wishes.

How do you say wedding blessings?

Use your creativity, knowledge of the couple, and relationship with them to make your wedding prayers unique and special. If the couple has a good sense of humor, consider incorporating a bit of humor into your blessing. It will make the moment more light-hearted and memorable. Also, you can invite the guests to join in saying a blessing over the couple.


Unique Wedding Blessings Quotes

“May your hearts be united,
May your love be unending,
and may the world be forever
a better place
because the two of you fell in love” By Dave Willis

“What I’m feeling, I think, is joy. And it’s been some time since I’ve felt that blinkered rush of happiness. This might be one of those rare events that last, one that’ll be remembered and recalled as months and years, wind and ravel. One of those sweet, significant moments that leaves a footprint in your mind. A photograph couldn’t ever tell its story.”from “Jasper Jones” by Craig Silvey

Unique wedding blessings quotes are personalized, heartfelt messages that convey love, joy, and well wishes for the couple on their special day. Be sure to use unique quotes that have emotional connections for the couple. It will make the quote more meaningful and memorable for the couple. Also, consider the tone of the wedding and choose prayers and blessings that match it.


Funny Wedding Blessings

“I love you more than a duck can swim,
And more than a grapefruit squirts,
I love you more than a gin rummy is a bore,
And more than a toothache hurts.

As a shipwrecked sailor hates the sea,
Or a juggler hates a shove,
As a hostess detests unexpected guests,
That’s how much you I love.” By Ogden Nash

“To keep your marriage brimming,
With love in the loving cup,
Whenever you’re wrong admit it;
Whenever you’re right shut up.” By Ogden Nash

When saying funny wedding blessings and wishes, make sure the humor is appropriate for the occasion and does not offend anyone. Choose a funny quote that will be well-timed and will get a laugh from the audience. Also, consider the couple’s sense of humor, and try not to overuse humor. Use it sparingly to keep it effective.


Casual Wedding Blessings

“After all these years, I see that I was mistaken about Eve in the beginning; it is better to live outside the Garden with her than inside it without her.”By Mark Twain

“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn’t it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up.”By Neil Gaiman

For casual blessings, it is vital to keep the tone light and personal. You can include a mix of humor, love, and well wishes for the couple. Also, personalize your blessing by sharing a story or anecdote about the couple. Afterward, encourage guests to raise a glass in a toast to the couple.


Short Wedding Blessings

“Madly in love after so many years … they enjoyed the miracle of loving each other as much at the table as in bed, and they grew to be so happy that even when they were two worn-out old people they kept on blooming like little children and playing together like dogs.”By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

“Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love. How on earth can you explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love? Put your hand on a stove for a minute and it seems like an hour. Sit with that special girl for an hour and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.”By Albert Einstein

Short blessings readings can be as meaningful as the longer ones, as long as they are heartfelt and sincere. Also, keep it short and sweet, as guests may have a limited attention span. While you are saying your blessings, be concise and to the point, use simple and heartfelt language and then end with a heartfelt wish for the couple’s happiness and future together.

Religious Wedding Blessings

For religious wedding blessings, it is vital to respect the couple’s faith and tradition. So, be sure to research the couple’s religious backgrounds, to understand it better. Also, use appropriate religious texts or prayers, and emphasize the couple’s spiritual journey and God’s blessings for their marriage.


Christian Wedding Blessings

“May God bless, keep and guide you the rest of your lives. Happy Wedding Day!”

“Rejoice in your love for each other! God bless you now and always.”

“God bless this marriage and may your love for each other continue to grow.”

“May God bless the two of you abundantly in love, joy, and happiness.”

“We are praying that God guides you in your new adventure. May God pour out blessings on you two.”

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate. Mark 10:9”

“Rejoice in your love for each other! God bless you now and always.”

“As you become one in Christ, we wish you more joy and blessings.”

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear. I John 4:18”

“We are praying that God guides you in your new adventure. May God pour out blessings on you two.”

Religious blessings are those which appeal to God. They could be taken from the Bible as a quote, or be simply directed to divine forces. For example, English traditional vows are usually written on the base of the Bible but don’t sound very pious.

Jewish Wedding Blessings

Blessed are you, Lord our God, Ruler of the Universe, who creates the fruit of the vine.

Blessed are you, Lord our God, Ruler of the Universe, who created everything for His glory.

Blessed are you, Lord our God, Ruler of the Universe, who created humanity.

Blessed are you, Lord our God, Ruler of the Universe, who created humanity in His image, in the image of the likeness of his form, and made for them an everlasting establishment. Blessed are you, Lord, who created humanity.

May the barren one (Jerusalem) rejoice greatly and delight in the ingathering of her children within her in joy. Blessed are you Lord who causes Zion to rejoice with her children.

The loving partners shall rejoice as You caused your creatures to delight in the Garden of Eden of old. Blessed are you Lord who causes the groom and bride to rejoice.

Blessed are you, Lord our God, Ruler of the Universe, who creates happiness and joy, groom and bride. Exultation, delight, amusement, and pleasure, love and brotherhood, peace and friendship. Soon, Lord our God, may the sound of happiness and the sound of joy and the voice of the groom and the voice of the bride be heard in the cities of Judah and the streets of Jerusalem — the rejoicing of groom from their huppahs and youths from their singing banquets. Blessed are you Lord who makes the groom rejoice with the bride.

Jewish people take wedding ceremonies seriously. They pay a lot of attention to it and make efforts to keep and cherish their customs. One of them is ShevaB’rachot, Seven Blessings. Jewish blessings are the prayers for the bride’s and groom’s joy, companionship, love, and peace.


Catholic Wedding Blessing

“Lord blesses this beautiful couple with love and hope we pray.
Keep alive forevermore the vows they’ve pledged today.
May you bless their dreams and visions,
And keep them always safe.
May peace and joy be with them now
On this their wedding day.”

There’s no time limit to when a Catholic Wedding Blessing can occur but it’s customary to perform a blessing shortly after the wedding ceremony, often on the same day and always by an ordained minister.

Pagan Wedding Blessing Examples

“Now you are bound one to the other
With a tie not easy to break.
Take the time of binding
Before the final vows are made
To learn what you need to know –
To grow in wisdom and love.
That your marriage will be strong
That your love will last
In this life and beyond.”

Because this type of belief system is so broad, it makes it hard to define what a Pagan wedding blessing is. Typically these religions carry a strong connection with Mother Nature. If the wedding blessing prayer doesn’t include Her directly, it will evoke the gods of love, courage, truth, honor, or a combination of these.
If you’re attending a Pagan wedding for the first time, don’t be nervous. You’ll find that the majority of the event is very familiar.


Papal Wedding Blessing

A Papal Wedding Blessing is a certificate complete with the Papal seal and current Pope’s photo. Receiving a Papal wedding blessing can only be granted to a practicing baptized Catholic and a member of a pastor’s parish. But, the process is rather simple.

All one has to do is fax or mailed to the Parchment Office in Vatican City with at least 2 months’ time for processing.
Some Catholics will go to the trouble to travel all the way to Rome for the honor of a Papal blessing. Either way, there is no more meaningful blessing than a Benediction Papal.

Hindu Wedding Blessing Samples

“May this couple be blessed with an abundance of resources and comforts, and be helpful to one another in all ways.

May this couple be strong and complement one another.

May this couple be blessed with prosperity and riches on all levels.

May this couple be eternally happy.

May this couple be blessed with a happy family life.

May this couple live in perfect harmony… true to their personal values and their joint promises.

May this couple always be the best of friends.”

A Hindu priest (pandit) often performs Hindu wedding blessings, but they can also be performed by interfaith priests. There are 7 fairly particular blessings involved in this religious wedding ceremony.

Buddhist Wedding Blessings

“Do not deceive, do not despise each other anywhere. Do not be angry nor bear secret resentments; for as a mother will risk her life and watches over her child, so boundless be your love to all, so tender, kind and mild. Cherish good will right and left, early and late, and without hindrance, without stint, be free of hate and envy, while standing and walking and sitting down, what ever you have in mind, the rule of life that is always best is to be loving-kind.”The Buddha’s Sermon at Rajagaha

Buddhist wedding day blessings typically involve traditional rituals and practices that reflect the couple’s commitment to their spiritual path. So, it is important to involve a qualified Buddhist monk or nun to lead the ceremony, as they will say the blessings and guide the couple through the traditional rituals and practices

Wedding Blessings from Different Cultures

Wedding blessings and wishes from different cultures can vary depending on the specific culture and tradition. When planning a wedding blessing from a different culture, it is important to conduct research and become familiar with the customs, traditions, and symbolism of the different cultures. This will influence how you say your blessings over the new couples.

Irish Wedding Blessings

“May you always walk in sunshine.
May you never want for more.
May Irish angels rest their wings
Right beside your door.”

“May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

Irish wedding blessings quotes are typically steeped in tradition and symbolism. For an Irish wedding ceremony, you can begin with the traditional Irish blessing, “May the road rise to meet you”. Also, it is necessary to be conscious of the symbolism and traditional elements while saying your blessings. It is okay to carry your guests along while saying an Irish blessing for couples.

German Wedding Blessings

“Möge der Herr mit euch sein und euch segnen.
Mögt ihr eure Kindeskinder erleben.
Mögt ihr arm an Ungemach sein
und reich an Gnaden.
Mögt ihr vom heutigen Tag an
nichts als Segen erleben.”

“May God be with you and bless you.
May you see your children’s children.
May you be poor in misfortunes
and rich in blessings.
May you know nothing but happiness
from this day forward.”

German wedding prayers and blessings are led by a priest or minister, who will guide the couple through the exchange of vows and rings. For German blessing, practice pronouncing the words and phrases beforehand to avoid any hesitation or mispronunciation during the ceremony. Also, during the ceremony, speak directly to the couple, wishing them well and speaking about how you are excited about their future together.

Italian Wedding Blessings

“Dio li fa e poi li accoppia.”

“God makes them, and then joins them.”

“Matrimoni e viscuvati, di lu celu su mannati.”

“Weddings and spiritual matters are heaven sent.”

When writing an Italian wedding blessing, it can be helpful to keep it short as Italian wedding blessings are often brief and to the point. So, try to keep your blessing simple and heartfelt. Also, avoid using complex language or flowery phrases. If you are not fluent in Italian, it is a good idea to have your blessing translated by a professional translator to ensure that it is accurate and appropriate.

Apache Wedding Blessings

“Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter for the other. Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other. Now there will be no loneliness, for each of you will be a companion to the other. Now you are two persons, but there is only one life before you. May beauty surround you both in the journey ahead and through all the years. May happiness be your companion and your days together be good and long upon the earth.”

For Apache wedding day blessings, it is vital to research and understand the traditional Apache wedding ceremony and customs, consult with the couple, speak clearly and confidently, and incorporate personal elements into the ceremony. Also, the blessings should be straight to the point, as time is of the essence during weddings.

Wedding Blessings from Parents

“I pray your home be blessed with the love, joy and laughter. And I ask God to give you a long and healthy marriage remaining faithful to one another throughout all seasons of life. Our prayers for our children never cease.”

“May your life be filled with laughter, endless happiness, and good fortune. May your hearts be filled with dreams to face each day with hope and motivation.”

Wedding prayers and blessings from parents are often emotional as it comes from a deep place. If you are a parent, write your blessing or speech, and speak from your heart to your children. There is always a tendency to talk too much but it is advisable to keep it short and sweet. Also, avoid childhood topics that might not sit well with the couples, you don’t want to ruin their day.

Wedding Blessings for a Friend

“May you have strength, patience, good humor, peace, love, and joy in your life together.”

“May these vows and this marriage be blessed.
May it be sweet milk,
this marriage, like wine and halvah.
May this marriage offer fruit and shade
like the date palm.
May this marriage be full of laughter,
our every day a day in paradise.”

A wedding blessing for a friend captures the essence of your relationship with the couple. You can use humor and personal anecdotes in your speech to make it more relatable to the couple and the guests. You can also share experiences or wisdom about love and marriage that you think may be helpful for the couple. It’s best to end your wedding blessing with a heartfelt and sincere speech for the couple’s future.

Wedding Blessings for Sister

“May your wedding day be as perfect as you are: awesome!”

“You used to be the little girl who would always follow me around, and now you’re all grown up. To me, it all seems like a dream. May your marriage always be happy!”

If you are writing a wedding blessing for your sister, share emotional details about your unique relationship and how you have seen her grow and develop throughout the years. It is also necessary to reminisce about childhood memories and important moments that you have shared. End the wedding blessings quotes by offering your love and support to your sister and her partner as you wish them a lifetime of happiness together.

Wedding Blessings for Couples

“May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy.”

“May the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years.”

When saying wedding day blessings over a couple, it is okay to use storytelling and imagery in your speech to paint a picture of the couple’s journey and future together. Also, encourage the couple to continue to communicate and grow together in their relationship. And, end the blessing with a quote or poem that encapsulates the love and commitment of the couple.

Bible Verses for Wedding Blessings

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”1 Corinthians 13:13

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”2 Chronicles 7:14

When choosing Bible verses for the wedding blessings message, think about the overall theme or message you want to convey during the ceremony and choose verses that align with that theme. Also, look for verses that convey love and commitment, and avoid using too many verses or complicated language that may be difficult for guests to understand.

Wedding Dinner Blessing

Dinner blessings honoring the couple and asking God to provide them with joy, strength, and fruitfulness.

Breaking bread has been part of rituals and ceremonies for thousands of years, and there’s still no better way to bless a marriage.

Here is a traditional religious wedding dinner blessing example:

“Thank you, Creator, for bringing (name) and (name) together in such a happy way. We ask the Universe to bless this couple and their future together. May happiness and joy be a hallmark of their relationship. As they explore their love for each other, establish a home, and build a life together, may they be strengthened by the love and encouragement of those gathered here today. If times get hard, may they remember the commitment they made today and the joy that brought them together? Help them to learn from one another and grow strong as both individuals and a couple. May the food we eat now bring strength to us, and may we all enjoy this time of celebration and friendship. Amen.”

Non-religious Wedding Blessings

Non-religious wedding blessings are a wonderful way to celebrate a couple’s union without invoking specific religious beliefs or traditions. They can be secular, poetic, or philosophical in nature, and are often focused on themes such as love, commitment, and partnership. Non-religious wedding blessings can be recited by family members, friends, or officiants, and offer a heartfelt way to share in the joy of the wedding ceremony.

May your love for each other be as endless as the oceans, as timeless as the mountains, and as enduring as the skies above.

As you begin your journey together, may your love and commitment to each other only deepen and grow with each passing day. May your life together be filled with joy, laughter, and endless love.

May your love story be like a beautiful melody, always in harmony and full of love. May you continue to create a life of happiness, love, and laughter together.

Blessings on Wedding Anniversary

“May God keep blessing the two of you, and may the love you have for each other keep growing with time.”

“May your marriage be blessed with love, joy, and companionship for all the years of your lives.”

Every couple deserves a blessing on their wedding anniversary. When you are saying these wedding anniversary blessings, share how you have seen the couple grow and evolve in their marriage and how they have inspired you in your own life. It is also necessary to encourage the couple to prioritize their relationship and make time for each other.

When It’s Time To Say Your Wedding Blessing

Traditionally, a blessing is given during the ceremony or at the reception before dinner. Depending on customs and the couple’s preferences, it’s said either by a religious leader or by a family member. Generally, it goes before the ceremony to grace all the guests, to invite holiness to the venue. But in the end, the blessing is to pray for God’s approval of the new marriage.

At the reception, you might say blessings to a family member, like a father’s prayer to a son, a sister’s blessing, etc.

However, they all vary in length, it could be long marriage quotes or just a short saying, but they all have care, kindness, and goodwill in common.

Wedding blessings for couples are an important part of the wedding ceremony and are a way to offer support and well wishes for the couple’s future together. It is also important to remember that the wedding blessing is not only for the couple, but also for the guests, and it should be a memorable and meaningful moment for everyone.