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30 Hilarious Wedding Memes To Reduce Planning Stress


From popping the question to whiskey off on the honeymoon of our dreams, we all go through every emotion imaginable when planning a wedding. Sometimes perfectly choreographed wedding photography doesn’t go exactly as planned, and sometimes we can’t exactly express yourself.Whatever boat you’re in, these 30 wedding memes express just how we feel – or at the very least make us laugh thinking “well, it could be worse”.

wedding memes the happiest moment of my wedding wedding planning is over
  1. We all have that friend who “took photography in school”. I’m sure he’s just as good as a professional.
wedding memes hilarious bad photographer at the ceremony just hire a friend to take pictures they said
  1. No wedding is complete without a little Michael Jackson to get the get the crowd moving.
wedding memes funny picture when dj turn on thriller
  1. We all want him to lean in the wedding prep plans. Well… least he tries.
wedding memes funny childish gambino my face when she asks which floral pattern do you like
  1. Somebody get this guy off the internet, he’s setting the bar too high.
wedding memes funny wedding collage how my future husband better react or im turning around and doing it again
  1. You can always count on the best man to answer the call of duty. Unfortunately, you can’t always count on him to be sober for the photoshoot.
wedding memes fun best man at the photo some dust would be perfect best man hold my beer
  1. Ladies it’s official, times have changed. Bridezilla meat GroomKong.
wedding memes totally fun red carpet attire when she thinks the wedding is all about her but its your day too
  1. When your dedication to etiquette goes head to head with your dedication to cake.
wedding memes when youre at a cake tasting and want more free samples

  1. Millenials are struggling with crippling tuition debt and homeownership seems like nothing but a distant dream. $40k on one party? NBD.
wedding memes hilarious fun about wedding lets spend all our money in one day wedding
  1. Most of us waiting for “the perfect man”. He’ll be coming by any second now.
wedding memes old lady me waiting for wedding
  1. A lot of couples save a ton of cash with wedding DIY projects. Other couples…. maybe it would be cheaper in the long run to go with a professional.
wedding memes diy wedding decor expectations and reality
  1. What were those vows, “Until debt do us part”?
wedding memes wedding budget hilarious meme wedding budget expectation and reality
  1. You haven’t really lived until you’ve experienced the roller coaster of emotions that is wedding planning.
wedding memes planning wedding funny everything is fine just planning my wedding
  1. Even the most coordinated brides on the planet will feel like this at some point. No matter how much effort you put into your wedding planning, there’s bound to be a few moments that you feel like you have no idea what’s going on.
wedding memes when people ask me how is wedding planning going
  1. Just because it’s a meme doesn’t mean it has to be funny. This one hits the emotional nail on the head.
wedding memes cute and funny meme about to marry best friend dont have cold feet
  1. The flowers blooming, the birds chirping, the romance in the air, and OMG the sun. PLEASE at least pass out some fans.
wedding memes funny meme you are invited to sweat through your formalwear at my summer wedding
  1. Just make sure to include Mom on the squad so you get at least one honest opinion.
wedding memes when you say yes to the wrong dress
  1. And with the power vested in me, you may hold the bride’s hair.
wedding memes were having an open bar oh and a wedding
  1. Planning a wedding is nothing by tasting cake, picking out menus, and trying on gowns. Right?
wedding memes wedding dress wedding stress
  1. It’s not official until social media says so. Pics or it didn’t happen!
wedding memes newlyweds change your facebook status
  1. $20k lighting? Check. $10k live band? Check. And $8k worth of flowers? Check. Ok time to stop dreaming, I need to plan my wedding.
wedding memes planning a wedding with pinterest im planning two weddings
  1. A good wedding photographer knows that you can’t plan for the perfect wedding photo. It just happens. LOL, it happened!
wedding memes marry by a lake fail
  1. All brides wear many hats. At least you’re smiling in reality.
wedding memes bride how people see me
  1. Hey honey, I’m thinking a small intimate wedding.
wedding memes when you ask parents for their guest list
  1. Eat. Sleep. PLan your wedding. 1 out of 3 ain’t bad.
wedding memes when youve been wedding planning for six months but realize its only been two weeks
  1. We all have our own version of Prince Charming. I bet he doesn’t leave his socks on the floor.
wedding memes describe your dream wedding
  1. “Is she a keeper?” asked the best man. Enough said.
wedding memes wedding pizza as cake
  1. Remember your vows ladies and gentlemen.
wedding memes marriage is about finding one person you want to annoy
  1. And for the band we’re getting a simple 4 piece band, the Chicago Children’s Choir as backup, and a 25 minute pyrotechnic show.
wedding memes me i just want my wedding to be casual low key
  1. The bride and groom sure have a lot of stress on their plates on the big day. They’re not the only ones.
wedding memes that moment when best man forgot the rings
  1. Those precious months between popping the question and walking down the aisle.
wedding memes when your engaged

If you find yourself losing your mind during your wedding planning process, just come back here at our wedding memes list and laugh it off. If all of your planning doesn’t turn into the picture perfect day of your dreams, hopefully it’s funny and you can add to our list! Happy planning.