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24 Outstanding Fondant Flower Wedding Cakes


A delicious cake is the perfect ending to a great wedding celebration. Your wedding guests might not remember the details of your bridal bouquet, but they’ll most certainly recall the cake that melted in their mouth. Check out these 24 outstanding wedding cake designs, take inspiration from our favorites fondant flower wedding cakes!


Photo 1-6: Colorful Fondant Flower Wedding Cakes

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Source: Dream Day Cakes, Christopher Testani, The Cake Whisperer


Photo 7-12: White Cakes With Colorful Flowers

Source: Megan Wappel Designsweddingforward via Instagram, weddingforward via Instagram

Source: Hilary Rose, Cotton and Crumbs Hilary Rose


Photo 13-18: White Cakes

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Source: Kathy’s Little Cakery via CakesDecor, Baking Arts, Dream Day Cakes


Photo 19-24: Colorful Fondant Flower Wedding Cakes

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Source: Philip Flicks photography, The Cake Whisperer, Pernille Loof


Photo 25-30: White Cakes With Colorful Flowers

Source: But a Dream Custom Cakes, But a Dream Custom Cakes, Nine Cakes

Source: Nine Cakes, Nine Cakes, Kerry Schutz photography