A Heartfelt Thank You Speech for the Unforgettable Celebration

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Every beautiful event must come to an end, and in the case of weddings, a wedding thank you speech is important. Guests came all the way to celebrate with you, your parents made sacrifices, and your spouse joined you. Appreciation goes a long way to making everyone happy.


However, there are rules and outlines for binding thank you speeches, which we have discussed in this post. So if you’re looking for guidance and samples that work, read this post.

Thank You Speech Wedding Inspiring Examples

Follow the thank you wedding speech examples below to show your appreciation for everyone. These speeches should be directed at the guests who spared their time, parents who were there all the way, and spouse who stays forever. The speech’s ideas are heartfelt, powerful, and have some humor to lighten the serene atmosphere.

These examples can also be adopted by couples with a little tweak. Hence, you can use these ideas as inspiration to write yours or adopt and personalize them.

Our closest family and friends, we would like to greet you on our special day and thank you for being here. Each of you has played a pivotal role in our love story, so your presence makes this day even more special.
We have spent the last 10 months planning our wedding and we couldn’t have done it without your help. This is very valuable for us!

Despite some moments that today didn’t go 100% as we planned, for example, we forgot our vows at home and tried to remember them on the go (which probably made the moment even more emotional for us), we are glad that everything turned out so great!
Raise your glass and we’ll raise a toast to each and every one of you here today.

I want to thank everyone for being with us today. Many of you have come a long way to get involved and we thank you for your time and effort. As we embark on this next chapter of our lives, we are so grateful that we have your love and support. We would like to thanks our parents for their continued support and encouragement. Each of you did everything in your power to ensure that our wedding day went exactly as we imagined.

To our guests: our day would not be complete without you. Thank you very much for coming. Cheers!

My new husband and I would like to welcome all of you and thank you for sharing this special occasion with us.
We especially want to thank our parents. To my mom and dad, who not only helped plan my dream wedding, but also made sure I felt nothing but joy and love growing up.

Our dear guests! This day wouldn’t be so enjoyable if you weren’t here to celebrate with us.
My dear husband, you made me the happiest woman in the world and I am very grateful to you for this. You helped make all my dreams come true, including this wedding – after all, I started planning it when I was only 8. And now I understand that everything turned out exactly the way I imagined!
So many wonderful people gathered at our wedding – thank you all for being with us today!

Today my family has grown larger and not only my new husband entered it, but also his parents and siblings. I am so happy that you are now part of my family! Thank you for everything!
Mother and father! You supported me all my life and showed by your example what a real family should be! You have no idea how much I love you and how grateful I am for everything! Thanks to you, today I feel exactly as I always dreamed of! Thank you for making this day the way I wanted it to be!

My dear husband, I promise to do everything in my power to make our world a happy one–because I know you will, too! You are the kindest and most powerful person I have ever known!
I also want to say thank you to all our guests who are here today to share this wonderful day with us – I know many of you come from other countries and have come a very long way – this is incredibly valuable and means a lot to both of us!
I propose to raise a glass to all of you, to all of my beloved people. You make me happy and this day is so fantastic thanks to you!


Thank You Speech For Wedding: Tips And Recommendations

Be Emotional

When giving a thank you speech to wedding guests, mean every word. Speak straight from the heart and let your emotions flow. The emotions you put in your words give it life and help connect with the guests. Without emotions, your words would just sound bland and ordinary.


Add Some Humor

Lighten up the atmosphere with some humor so that the guests would laugh a bit. You can incorporate a very short story of not more than one minute. A punchy one-liner with enough humor to liven the audience is also perfect. Make sure your story is relevant to the wedding day and your one-liner is easy to understand without explanation. Also, avoid dark humor or vulgar words.

Prepare In Advance

We always advise that you write your speech in advance, memorize, edit and keep it safe. And if possible, say your speech without a paper but keep it organized. However, you must also incorporate some elements of the wedding so that the speech becomes personalized and relevant in real-time. Mention names, situations, times, and elements specific to your wedding during your speech.

Be Relaxed And Calm

Anxiety is inevitable on the wedding day because you can’t pull off a 100% perfect wedding. But work against stage fright and anxiety during your speech. Take in some breaths and relax so that your speech doesn’t sound forced and shaky. Boost your confidence before taking the stage.


It Can Be A Couple’s Speech

This is a bride speech, but of course, you call your spouse to the stage in the middle of your speech and the both of you can continue. And even if he doesn’t come up to join you, use the word “we” as you speak to represent both of you. The unison between both of you is what the guests should see as you start your journey forever.

Wedding Thank You Speech Outline


Welcome Guests

To write the perfect wedding thank you speech sample, you must follow an outline that starts with welcoming the guests. Remind them that you appreciate the sacrifice of their presence at your event today. Don’t mention any names as all guests are equally important. Appreciate them for their good wishes, the gifts, and everything they’ve done to make the day successful.

Describe Your Feelings

Channel your excitement into words and tell them what the day means to you. Remind them you’re the happiest to be bound to your beloved and how they’ve made your day special. Talk about how you felt at the beginning of the day and what’s going through your mind, seeing the way you’re surrounded with love. Also, remind them how your wedding is a dream come true.


Say Some Words About Specific People

Don’t fail to mention specific people who have greatly impacted your life and the day. If you have a great relationship with your parents, talk about their contribution. Remind them that your spouse is the center of your day. Talk about his parents too and that friend who went above and beyond to make things happen. Appreciate them in your speech and they’ll feel seen and important.

Say Some Words Of Gratitude To All The Guests

The guests aren’t left out either because they paused many things in their lives to honor you. Thank them again, especially those who traveled the distance to be with you. Let them know that they added sparkle to your big day.



Finish your speech by telling them where to get all the food and booze if it’s a buffet. Or you can tell them to relax and enjoy themselves as the refreshments go round. Make announcements inviting them to the after-party if it’s open to all. Also, wish them journey mercies back to their hotels and homes. Then sign off with a toast and your new name to make everyone smile.

What Not To Say In Your Speech At Wedding


Don’t Add Some Bad Memories

For your wedding reception thank you speech, you must sieve and censor your words. Avoid including anything that brings up bad memories in your speech, even if it’s said in good faith. Desist from telling guests how your parents hated your spouse at first, or how you stuck by your spouse through his infidelity until he chose you. The guests really don’t want to know about your internal problems.

Do Not Cry Too Much

The truth is that your wedding event isn’t a funeral and you could get the guests worried by crying too much. So no matter how emotional you are, be in control. Let the excitement you feel be contagious and let the guests see your joy radiating. A few tears here and there, and that’s enough.

Do Not Joke Too Much

Another thing to note is that your wedding isn’t a circus or comedy show. So while it’s okay to add some humor and fun to your speech, don’t go overboard. It’s easy to lose the essence of your speech by making lots of jokes, especially those in bad taste. Moderation is key and a joke is one too many. Keep it as subtle as possible.

Do Not Make It Too Long And Boring

Your guests came to the party, to have fun, mix up, celebrate with you and eat to their hearts fill. So don’t over-stretch the timing of your speech, making it long and boring. The guests would lose interest and you’d be there rambling. Hit your most important points within the first one minute and wrap them up as quickly as possible.

Brides Often Ask

What do you say in a thank you speech for a wedding?

Express gratitude for guests’ presence and contributions. Acknowledge their role in making the day special. Mention specific ways they’ve added joy. End with heartfelt thanks for sharing in the celebration.

What do you say in a wedding thank you?

Begin with appreciation for attendance and well-wishes. Express gratitude for gifts, specifying the thoughtful gestures. Convey excitement about shared memories and the start of a new chapter together.

How do you thank everyone at a wedding?

Circulate and personally thank guests for being part of the celebration. Acknowledge their efforts and offer genuine gratitude. Be attentive, approachable, and make everyone feel appreciated for contributing to the joyous occasion.