15 Top Black Wedding Songs

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Black music is the heart and soul of a lot of today’s popular music, a lot of which is centered around love and romance. This makes black wedding songs a perfect fit for almost any wedding.


There are so many, though, that it’s tough to choose the perfect playlist. Here’s how to make your choices.

Top Black Wedding Songs

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For Special Moments

There are certain moments at every African American wedding that call for wedding songs by black artists. Moments like the walk down the aisle, the mother-son dance, the father-daughter dance, and the first dance all require something romantically special.

  1. Stevie Wonder – Overjoyed
    The living icon Stevie Wonder’s Overjoyed is just perfect for the father-daughter dance.
  2. John Legend – So High
    When it’s time for mom and son to dance, nothing beats one of the top african american wedding songs, So High. This is one of the best new wedding songs out there.
  3. Dianna Ross & Lionel Richi – Endless Love
    There’s no better first dance than the timeless classic Endless Love. The lyrics and music have managed to touch generations.
  4. K-Ci & JoJo – All My Life
    Choosing black wedding songs to walk down the aisle to is no easy decision, but this song makes it seem like it.
  5. Jason Nelson – Forever
    For all those other romantic and special moments, look no further than Motown or R&B love songs.



For The Reception

Throughout the reception, you’re going to want to choose a healthy mix of dance and love songs. This is a wedding, so you’re going to want to slow things down from time to time. But, THIS IS A WEDDING! and you’ll want your guests smiling and pumping their feet.

  1. Luther Vandross – Here and Now
    Feel free to skip this song and use the lyrics as your Vows. They’re that good!
  2. Monica – Angel of Mine
    True love is about attraction to someone’s spirit, and that’s what this song is about. Perfect for a wedding.
  3. Sade – No Ordinary Love
    No wedding would be complete with a little sensuality. Love is wholesome, but it’s also seductive.
  4. Anita Baker – Sweet Love
    The Queen of Love Songs absolutely must make an appearance during the reception.
  5. Michael Jackon – Lady in My Life
    Back then, he was only known as the King of Pop. His music reigned supreme and no one could help dancing to it.
  6. Eric Benet & Tamia – Spend My Life WIth You
    You don’t get married because you’re supposed to. You get married because you can’t imagine your life any other way. That’s what this song’s about.
  7. Kenny Lattimore – For You
    Smooth, low-key ballads always get the entire guest list’s hearts pounding.
  8. Cameo – Candy
    If Candy doesn’t get the whole crowd dancing, we’re sure Word Up will do the trick.
  9. Alicia Keys – No One
    A lot of the other wedding songs on this late are from previous generations, but we can all appreciate something a little more current.
  10. Beyonce – Love On Top
    No black wedding ceremony songs list (or any wedding playlist for that matter) would be complete without mentioning Queen B.

The only thing hard about choosing a fantastic black wedding playlist is having so many decades of great songs to pick from. But, we hope that this top 15 list has helped you narrow it down.