Country Wedding Ideas Guide For 2024 + Faq

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The tranquility and charm of country weddings is hard to deny. From country wedding venues to country wedding décor that embraces the rustic and vintage, there is so much to love. Couples following this theme often choose informal venues such as ranches, vineyards, barns, farms or even mountain lodges.


But there is more to country weddings than just the location. To help you design the perfect wedding, we’ve put together country wedding ideas you can incorporate with this theme.

Brides Often Ask

What is a Country Wedding Theme?

A country wedding theme typically incorporates rustic and natural elements that reflect the charm and simplicity of rural life. This theme often includes outdoor or barn venues, simple yet elegant decorations, and a laid-back atmosphere.

How Do You Make a Country Wedding?

To make your wedding as country as possible, you could go with a few country wedding ideas. These could include choosing a rustic location such as a barn, countryside or even a field of flowers. Use nature and raw materials as décor and consider the use of florals as well.


Country Wedding Ideas

Country weddings are more than just the location and décor. Other elements come together to create the right look and feel. From country wedding dresses to the entire style of the day, you can get it right with unique country wedding ideas.

Country Wedding Dress

You can lend to a country theme by abandoning the idea of a traditional wedding dress and going with something more informal and natural. With the casual atmosphere of a country wedding, you are open to a lot more options than is usual. You can choose a gown to go with the ambiance of your wedding. Anything from stylish vintage dresses to casual floral prints, ruffled romantic dresses in tulle or chiffon, to classic formal gowns. You can look to your venue for ideas on how formal or informal your dress should be, so that when you set foot in it, it would almost feel like you’ve come home.


Country Wedding Attire For Groom

The groom should not be left out of the choice for a rustic outfit. It is important that his look matches with the bride’s. Some ideas for country wedding attire for grooms would include cowboy boots instead of the usual formal shoes. A casual formal khaki outfit could coordinate with the look of his bride if they’re going for a slightly informal look as well.
A black tuxedo for a formal country wedding could also be accentuated with a stylish cowboy hat to complete that country look. Adding a dose of your personality to your choice of wedding attire, you will enable you not only look the part, but feel comfortable doing it.


Country Wedding Invitations

Your wedding stationery plays a key role in setting the tone for your big day. This is why creating country wedding invitations can communicate your theme to your wedding guests. Your designs can incorporate nature inspired polygraphy with motifs of greenery, floral designs and other patterns that can reinforce this theme. Using burlap ribbons instead of the usual silk options, wood or paper burn accents, grain patterns and other details for texture can efficiently pass on the message as well. Give your wedding invitations the rustic vibe of the countryside and your guests will get the hint of what’s to follow.

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Country Wedding Decorations

Country wedding decorations are all about leaning into nature as well as raw, handmade items, and rugged details for an elegant and yet laid-back look. These can be repurposed to fit a minimalist look or a rustic chic look. There are budget ideas if you’re working on a limited budget, and more opulent ideas if you’d like to go big.


Country Wedding Ceremony

There are so many ways to hold a country wedding ceremony in style. Think of the picture you want to create when choosing your venue. Locations such as a wood chapel, a field of lush flowers, a barn or vineyard all create different kinds of country aesthetics.
You could go with rustic chic, classic, vintage or even minimalist. A simple twist on the traditional country style can add your personality to your big day. You can keep fundamental aspects such as wood, bale and greenery, and add details such as metallic accents and whitewashed chairs. Flowers also play a big role, and seasonal florals are always best. Natural and down to earth floral arrangements can convey the countryside feeling you are looking to create.

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Country Wedding Reception

A wedding reception is also an important part of the wedding that needs to carry the theme. A country wedding reception would have elements of the countryside introduced into the design for every aspect from cocktail hour to the dinner. There are many stylish ways of serving up that homey and relaxed country feel from mismatched rustic colored lounges, to country themed signature cocktails. The organic and loose personality of the countryside can work for indoor or outdoor country wedding ideas.
Flowers are also an important part of wedding reception décor, and to go with the flow, it is best to consider the blooms that grow naturally in the countryside. This will give you floral arrangements with accents of a variety of greenery and thistles to enhance the décor.


Country Wedding Table Decor

Whether you’re having an outdoor or indoor wedding, you can do it countryside with country wedding table décor. You can start with farm tables and decide on the linen or tablecloths. Linen table runners are a great way to dress up farm tables and elevate them for a wedding. You could also consider floral table runners or greenery, depending on the setting.
Horses make a great motif for country weddings, and these can be monogrammed onto table napkins, or actual miniature model horses can be used as table numbers or escort cards with stylish calligraphy. Vines, berries and kumquats can also give floral centerpieces that rustic chic look of country wedding aesthetics.

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Country Wedding Cakes

Country wedding cakes often have a slightly informal look that reinforces the countryside aesthetic at the wedding reception. These could be cakes with buttercream frosting, or even semi naked cakes, depending on the look you’re going for. If the wedding also has a primary motif, then the cake would be a great place to display this. For country wedding decoration ideas, this motif could be anything from a fern, to antlers, a horse, or something more personal to the couple.
Cakes can be dressed up with pressed wildflowers, greenery, foliage or even festive cake toppers custom made for the couple.


Country Wedding Songs

A country wedding would be incomplete without country wedding songs. The songs you choose will set the ambiance for the entire wedding. You can create a playlist that would be the soundtrack of your wedding with country music dating back from the classics, all the way to the most recent tracks. When creating such a playlist, also remember to include songs that are most dear and personal to you as a couple.
Such country wedding songs that are sure to create the right experience for you and your guests include numbers such as, ‘You’re Still the One’ by Shania Twain, ‘Die A Happy Man’ by Thomas Rhett, ‘Fearless by Taylor Swift and ‘I Will Always Love You’ –by Dolly Parton.

While country weddings have endured, country wedding ideas have evolved over time. And so, even though certain basics will always be constant, subtle twists and changes will help create the relaxed elegance to give you and your guests the ultimate experience of a timeless country inspired wedding.