Awesome Outdoor Wedding Ideas With A Breath Of Fresh Air

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One of the best ways to embrace the environment and use every element to your advantage at a summer or fall wedding is to have it outdoors. From the sheer natural beauty, to lots of space, al fresco dining and natural lighting, there are many reasons to have a wedding outside. With fitting outdoor wedding ideas, you can turn a backyard, sprawling woodland or farmland into a magical space for a fairytale wedding.


Read on for some inspiration.

Brides often Ask

What is the best month to have an outdoor wedding?

The best month for an outdoor wedding is May; June is also a close second. This is usually early summer when it’s not cold and not too hot either. There’s also little chance of rain to spoil the event.

How can I make a cheap but beautiful wedding?

Planning a beautiful but budget friendly wedding takes some out of the box thinking and non-traditional options. For instance, renting a wedding dress instead of buying one, and using a free backyard instead of a paid location.


Outdoor Wedding Aisle Ideas

Getting the best out of an outdoor wedding means incorporating nature with your décor. So, when considering options for outdoor wedding aisle ideas, look to the surroundings for inspiration on colors and design such.

Seasonal blooms are a great idea for lining the aisle or even decorating the aisle side chairs. Floral arrangements can also hang from trees or draped around branches to suit the layout of the venue. These can be paired with ribbons, fairy lights or even draped fabric for that bit of extra.


Vintage Touches

A gorgeous arch with that touch of vintage is a great way to complete your wedding aisle décor.


Incorporate that bit of nature in the aisle décor with greenery for a fresh element that can make all the difference.


Wood And Flowers

A wooden arch or arbor can be brough to life with brightly colored seasonal flowers for that fall or summer wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Ideas

The great outdoors provides limitless options for a wedding. Choosing the right location can also inspire creative outdoor wedding ceremony ideas with the most picturesque moments. You could go with unique locations such as a winery or a National Park, the beach or even a backyard. Whether you’re having a local wedding with a large number of guests, or destination type intimate event you can achieve the dream wedding that you desire.

Be sure to look into any permits you may need to set up decorations within a National Park before you plan your wedding.



Castle weddings provide some of the best backdrops with nooks, archways and entrances that set the scene for fantastic wedding photographs.


Create the feel of the ultimate romance with a wedding in the woods decorated just right for a fairytale happy ever after wedding.


National Park

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With nature as your backdrop, you can get simplistic but scenic views for the most elegant of weddings at a National park.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Ideas

Some of the best wedding receptions are held in the great outdoors. There is not only ample space, there is also more freedom. Guests don’t feel cooped up and can take in the sights and nature while enjoying your celebration. Get creative outdoor wedding reception ideas that will help you make the best of such an occasion.

Dining al fresco and dancing under the moonlight would feel even better surrounded by elaborate floral arrangements, candlelight or even chandeliers.


Lemonade Bar

Give your guests the gift of a cold and fresh lemonade drink with a creative citrus drink station at your reception.

Outside Bar

Keep your summer or spring wedding guests well hydrated with an outside cocktail bar to match your outdoor celebration.


Ice-Cream Bar

Some ice cream will go down well on a hot day outdoors, so an ice cream bar would be more than welcome, and fun.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas

Loving nature is often one main reason for choosing the outdoors, so incorporating organic materials in your décor would not be out of place. Many outdoor wedding decoration ideas provide inspiration for non-traditional designs. Whether you’re having a classic wedding or need outdoor rustic wedding ideas for a boho theme, you will have all that you need right there.

You could choose a botanical garden for a dreamy wedding with floral backdrops, or a desert setting with earthy tones and ample foliage for décor.

Sitting Chart

Style your seating chart after your wedding theme, because even the little things count and can make a world of difference.


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Capture the outdoor look and feel by adding gorgeous plants that blend with the landscape to your décor.

Fruits And Berries

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Get the perfect wedding centerpieces with fruits and berries sitting pretty alongside floral arrangements.

Wedding Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor weddings can inspire dreamy creations with a host of wedding outdoor lighting ideas that would appeal to the senses. Twinkle or fairy lights can mimic the night sky while scented candles in glass jars can give you that sweet smelling ambiance that blends with the scents of nature.

For some extra opulence, you could consider gleaming chandeliers. Give your wedding an ethereal glow that will add a touch of magic to your day and result in captivating wedding photos.

Suspended Light Bulbs

Create an elegant and romantic dinner setting with lights suspended over your entire wedding reception.


Even the simplest of chandeliers can transform a plain arrangement to a creatively stunning view.


Whether suspended overhead or acting as wedding centerpieces, candles will always add a dreamy element to an outdoor celebration.

Country Outdoor Wedding Ideas

A rustic farm or a barn location would both be great options for a country wedding. Creative country outdoor wedding ideas could range from bale seating to barrel wine bars, cowboy boot décor pieces and vintage backdrops.

Wooden Tables

From long tables to shorter picnic tables, wood will always fit the aesthetic for an outdoor country wedding.

Floral Tablecloth

Match the seasonal floral décor with floral tablecloths featuring motifs and detailing of all your favorite blooms.

Seasonal Flowers

Best to keep with the season by choosing seasonal flowers for your outdoor wedding décor.

Outdoor Fall Wedding Ideas

The fall season is a great time for weddings and all its natural and earthy tones give great inspiration for outdoor fall wedding ideas. From a rustic woodland wedding, to an outdoor event in a state park, there are numerous locations with the perfect landscape for that beautiful fall wedding. With a natural color palette, you can style your venue to match its surroundings.


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Give your venue that rustic fall feel with foliage accents added to your floral arrangements.

Flower Centerpiece

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Create a botanical wonderland with seasonal flowers as centerpieces for your wedding reception.


Choose a wedding arch that matches your theme and the season with fake blooms in fall colors, or even a metallic arch in bright bronze.

Outdoor Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer weddings are no doubt best held outdoors. With a wide tent guests can be shielded from the harshest sun rays while enjoying the warm weather. With so many outdoor summer wedding ideas, you can count yourself spoilt for choice. Create an elegant space on any budget with the right outdoor wedding decorations.

Bright Blooms

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Make your day the day of bold statements with iconic bright blooms that announce your summer wedding.

Mix Of Colors

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Stark contrasts with a mix of colors can make your décor stand out against the furniture, tent and entire wedding venue.

White Curtains

Create an elegant or whimsical feel with draped white curtains to complete the décor, and perhaps also double as shade.

Outdoor Wedding Outfit Ideas

An outdoor wedding requires the right outfit for the day. Deciding outdoor wedding outfit ideas would rely on the type of location. From a beach to castle grounds, a park or a lush garden. There are lots of style, fabric and color inspirations to fit each one.

Floral Prints

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Bold or demure floral prints are great for an outdoor wedding at most any location whether it be seaside or backyard.


You can add a touch of personality to your attire with appliques that fit your wedding theme.


Add fabulosity to the traditional with some outside the box thinking for dress styles in separates.

Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas

Some of the most picturesque wedding photoshoots take place outdoors. A wedding at a lake, a vineyard or even a winter wonderland would provide enough inspiration for impressive outdoor wedding photography ideas. Capture the type of timeless pictures that will last forever.

On The Edge Of The Earth

Pictures at waterfalls or cliff edges give the most dramatic and captivating illusions of edge of the earth poses.

Closer To Nature

Nature oftentimes provides the most romantic backdrops whether it be a field of posies or a woodland.

Ancient Vibes

Get stunning shots with the modern present posed against ancient architecture.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas On A Budget

An outdoor wedding can be a pocket friendly option especially if you use a location you don’t have to pay for. This could be your backyard or a friend’s, or even a public park. Once you have the venue down all you’d need is entertainment as well as décor ideas for outdoor weddings on a budget. With that money saved, you could decorate the venue to your heart’s content.

Less Is More

Less is often more with simplistic and minimalistic designs shining a light on the natural beauty of the location.

Micro Wedding

Intimate weddings or even elopements often have more heart and love put into them, which is a plus since they also cost less.

Handmade Baked Goods

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Homemade baked treats are just as good, if not better than store bought ones, and the guests will love them even more.

Create your dream wedding with these outdoor wedding ideas that can be the launchpad for even more. Whether you’re underneath the stars, a tent or trees, you can get that wedding of your dreams in the great outdoors.