Gorgeous Italian Wedding Cakes 2024 Guide & FAQs

italian wedding cakes
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When it comes to wedding cakes, the Italians have a huge stake in them dating back to Ancient Rome. They broke bread over the bride’s head as a symbol of good fortune or had couples kiss over tiers of cake in medieval England. Italian wedding cakes have come a long way, embedded in culture and dripping with class.


Then came the dreams of fortune if the couple slept with cakes under their pillows back in the 17th century. On it went until Prince Leopold completely edible wedding cake in 1882. And as creativity evolves, they have become the toast of almost every bride, who wants a meaningful cake with soul. So if you are interested in Italian confectionery, see some amazing cake ideas that inspire.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a wedding cake in Italy?

On average, the traditional Millefoglie wedding cake costs $5 per head, while the American inspired costs $7 per head. Invariably, the former will cost about $400 while the latter starts at about $500.


Classic And Modern Italian Wedding Cakes

Dating back to the Ancient Romans, weddings were symbolized with the breaking of bread over the bride. However, the Italian wedding cake recipe has evolved and the taste is now decadent. Traditionally, an Italian wedding cake was made in a single-tier regardless of the shape. But when eaten, your tongue becomes a conglomerate of flavors. To get the experience, see some Italian wedding cakes below.


Traditional Italian Wedding Cakes

Millefoglie: The popular traditional Italian cakes include Millefoglie, sponge cakes, and fruit tarts. However, the most favored and sort after of the three is Millefoglie. Originating from the French millefeuille, it combines layers of crispy pastry dough covered by whipping cream. The Millefoglie pastry comes in alternating layers complete with choice fillings like chocolate, fresh berries, lemon curd, etc. The hallmark of this cake is its crispiness.

Crostata di frutta: coming in second is Crostata di frutta or fruit tart. This is simply a fruit tart cake that is quite filled with pastry cream or Chantilly cream filling under the cake. If you want to conform to seasonal weddings, this is the best cake because of the fruit availability. For fall, you can use oranges, pears, kiwis, apples, and pineapple wedges. For a spring affair, you will find every kind of berries.


Sugar Covered Cakes Ideas In American Style

Moving away from the traditional Italian wedding cake, couples are taking a leaf from the American-inspired or Anglo Saxon cakes. Pretty similar to the classic Italian, the outer covering made of fondant instead of whipped cream is the difference. Couples who want an intimate or nature-inspired wedding will choose the drip cake. It is an American-like Australian cake characterized by dripping chocolate or syrup on the sugar paste filling. For a more formal, grand, or luxurious wedding, it becomes an affair of elegant fondant, cream, and personalization. All this goodness will further match the aesthetic detailing of the venue while reflecting the couple’s love.

How To Choose Your Italian Wedding Cake?

Choosing your Italian wedding cake recipe is essential for the kind of aesthetics and taste you want to experience. The work lies in the form and layer which you will learn about below.


Choose Your Favorite Form

Traditionally, Italian wedding cakes are single-tiered, whether square, round, or heart-shaped. The no-fuss look gives it depth and a spirited, intimate appeal. Fortunately, many Italian couples still favor this cake form. Immersed in culture, this cake is made using an airy traditional sponge called “Pan di Spagna” and finished with pastry or Chantilly cream. Whatever cream choice, they can be texturized and flavored sing chocolate drops, liquor, or fruits. The look is finished with fresh fruits or delicate flowers as your wedding theme allows.



When we talk about layers relating to Italian wedding cakes, Millefoglie comes to mind. This cake is the ultimate dessert for a rustic wedding with its natural and earthy charm. It sits prettily among the best of naked cakes. Other naked cakes that come close include the champagne layers, chocolate and berries, caramel layer, unfrosted carrot, lemon curd cakes, and more. Aptly describes as a “thousand layers,” it owes its popularity to its content. Millefoglie is created from sheets of crisp, flaky pastry split by expertly piped cream. It is best adorned with fresh mint, berries, or flowers. This cake is quite hard to slice, so it takes longer to serve this cake than the regular ones.

Italian wedding cakes are the toast of a couple who loves luxury, intimacy, and tradition. Whether you want something simple or extravagant, there is something that suits your taste. From the Millefoglie to layers, forms, and everything in between, get inspired by these ideas.