Blue And White Wedding Colors For Your Wedding Theme

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Blue and white wedding colors. Seems simple right? Not really. With so many hues, tints, transparencies, and shades, there’s an entire world of blue and white to explore. The right choice isn’t a simple answer. It depends on the time of year, the venues, skin tone, available space, and – of course – your personal taste. It’s important to make your color decisions early so that you can nail down your theme and make wise choices that are directly tied to your color scheme.

Keep reading to discover all of the combination possibilities for every scenario you can imagine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Blue represent in marriage?

Blue is the color of love, purity, faithfulness, and modesty.


Blue Wedding Colors Palette

Blue is the color of the sky and the color of the water. It’s the color of many flowers and it holds a prominent space in many cultures and mythologies. As a primary color, blue enjoys the ability to pair perfectly with opposites, neighbors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, and all tints and shades.

When choosing blue, there are 4 pillars to work with:

  • Royal Blue: A rich, bold shade of blue that has royal connections.
  • Baby Blue: A pale, pastel blue that evokes innocence and playfulness.
  • Navy Blue: A deep, dark blue which conveys power, stability, and unity.
  • Classic Blue: The color that immediately comes to mind when someone says “blue”. This tint displays confidence, connection, and a feeling of calm.

The trick is to understand the emotion you want your theme to portray and choose accordingly.

Blue And White Wedding Attire

Most brides aren’t ready to take the plunge into a non-white wedding gown. But, there’s no reason that blue can’t play a prominent role with accents and accessories.


Blue And White Wedding Dresses

If you’re steadfast in wearing a white gown, consider adding some blue accents.

  • A blue and white wedding dress can simply be an entirely white gown featuring blue lace trim.
  • Trendy brides are going an extra step with blue straps or strategically placed lace accents. This look is particularly successful in fire and ice (in which case you’re looking at a red white and blue wedding theme) and other winter wonderland wedding themes.
  • In these cases, lighter shades such as baby blue and white wedding dress are most appropriate.

Regardless of a pure-white gown or accents of baby blue and white wedding dresses, accessories are where it’s at. You’ll have the bouquet, necklace, earrings, hairpieces, shoes, and possibly a shawl or taffeta sash to toy with.

It’s difficult to get your shoes to perfectly match the flowers in your hair comb. The best approach is to choose a handful of blues so that everything winds up matching.


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Blue And White Groom Attire Ideas

Grooms have a lot of flexibility when it comes to a blue and white wedding theme.

  • A black suit with a white shirt and blue tie is a classic combo perfect for traditional weddings. If you’re looking to make more of a visual impact, mix it up!
  • A navy-colored suit keeps things classic without walking into the world of trendy. Grooms can wear white, black, grey, or different shades of a blue shirt.
  • The same can be said for the tie. The trick here is to choose different shades and colors. Choosing the same color for tie and jacket, for example, causes the look to visually bleed together.

Styling tips: Consider the bride when sorting this out. As a couple, you’ll look much better if one compliments the other instead of trying to match. Once this is sorted out, accessorize sparingly so that your boutonniere doesn’t steal all of the visual attention.


Blue And White Wedding Guests Attire

You can’t expect guests to follow your design guides to a T, but you can help them out.

A great tip is to use your chosen blues on your save the dates and invitations, with suggestions to match those exact colors.

Alternatively, share some photos on your wedding website or app. There’s no doubt that you have a vision board that led to your design decisions. It’s hard to explain color. But if they see it with their own eyes it’s much easier to nail it.

Styling tips: Although you want them to match, don’t go overboard. Yes, the bride is the star of the show. But, bridesmaids should stand out from your guests. Try to hit that sweet spot where guests fit the theme but don’t seem like part of the bridal party.


Blue And White Bridesmaid Dresses

Even if you’ve chosen a royal blue and white wedding dress, consider a variation for your bridesmaids. Although your accents and accessories look absolutely stunning with certain shades of blue, that same color covering an entire gown could be an eyesore.

Once you’ve moved on to the bridesmaid’s dress selection phase of your wedding planning, bring a few things along with you. Having a full-scale canvas (aka your maid of honor) try on the gown will tell you how it looks. Bringing along your shows or an accessory will tell you how it will perform within your theme and how it will look next to you.

Styling tips: A good rule of thumb to start with is opposites. If your wedding gown is mostly white with blue accents, their dresses should be mostly blue with white accents. This creates a lot of visual contrast while allowing the bride to stand out as she should.

Stylish Blue And White Wedding Ideas

Dressing your wedding party in matching white and blue hues is a great first step. Satisfying an entire wedding theme requires a little bit more. Here’s how to extend your color pallet throughout your entire ceremony and celebration.

Blue And White Wedding Invitations

Save the dates and wedding invitations are your guests’ first interaction with your wedding. It’s important to express your theme on day-1 so that it can be carried through to your big day.

Styling tips: If possible, have your printer provide you with some test prints to verify the color on the screen results in the right color on paper. Match it against some of your other choices before pulling the trigger.

Printing invitations requires working knowledge of fonts and images among other things. Luckily professional designers and online software take the guesswork out of it. Your only job is to make sure that you have a steady handle on what your theme is. Blue and white wedding invitations can easily represent traditional, boho, trendy, garden party, barn, and many other wedding themes depending on the shade of blue and other design elements.


Blue And White Wedding Bouquets


Floral choices are abundant when working with a blue and white wedding theme. Picking out the perfect bouquet is sheer delight.

Hydrangeas, delphiniums, hyacinths, blue stars, and roses all come in various shades of blue. The choices are so vast that you’re sure to be able to match your gowns and decor. With lilies, orchids, babies’ breath and dozens of other options adding white to the mix is a snap.

Styling tips: It’s also a great idea to use the same choices in different ratios – you want your bouquet to be unique – for your centerpieces and other florals. Matching colors makes visual consistencies. Matching details creates conceptual consistency which is a little stronger.

Blue And White Wedding Cakes

You’re in luck! Some colors are very difficult to color-match when it comes to icing. Blue and white wedding cakes are a sure thing since blue is one of the easier shades to manipulate.

  • Traditional themes are likely to call for a white cake. In this case, you can add color-matched blue icing and edible flowers. For wedding themes that are a little more trendy, the entire cake can be your blue of choice with white accents.
  • Trendier modern themes are swapping cake for cupcakes and other desserts. Use the same concepts mentioned above if this is your case. With cupcakes, they don’t all have to be identical so feel free to mix and match.


Blue And White Wedding Decorations

Blue And White Wedding Aisle Decor

Most brides aren’t ready to take the plunge into a non-white wedding gown. But, there’s no reason that blue can’t play a prominent role with accents and accessories.

Blue And White Wedding Reception Decor

As mentioned before, you can find blue throughout nature. Take advantage of this with water features, blue-tint lighting, blue florals, and blue linens. Depending on your theme, traditional for example, you may prefer featuring white decor with a few blue accents to make everything pop.

  • Since blue is such a natural color, it’s easy to match with second and third color choices. Boho brides who choose blue as their primary color can easily add greenery to complete the theme look. Blue is also a prominent art deco color.
  • Add gold to the mix to pull off a gorgeous gatsby theme.
  • Looking for more of a Disney princess appeal? Close your eyes. What color is Cinderella wearing? Regardless of your theme, there are royal blue and white wedding decorations to make your dreams come true.


Wedding Seating Chart Decorations

If you have a large wedding seat chart, white text on a blue background is fine. However, the smaller your seating chart is the more difficult it will be to read.

Styling tips: Before you invest in the final product, print a test paper to make sure things are legible. At some point, you’ll have to switch to blue text on a white background.

We’ve mentioned a lot of themes so far, but it keeps going. Add a dusty pink to the mix and see your wedding transformed into a beautiful romantic theme.

Again, seating charts are a visual treat but their first priority is functionality. Make sure there is enough contrast so that uncle Fred with his coke-bottle glasses can find his seat.

Wedding Table Setting Decor Ideas

Candles. Centerpieces. Linens. Chairs. Dinnerware. They’re all available in beautiful blue hues. Whether you’re buying or DIYing, use blue sparsely. Blue doesn’t trigger the appetite quite like earth tones and warm colors. Let the food to its work and use your colors to create a themed sense of delicacy and beauty.

Styling tips: Late summer and early fall weddings look especially gorgeous in sky blue adornment. Start with a white foundation and add sky blue table runners and napkin rings to create a theme that warms the soul just looking at it. Use the same technique with royal blue and white wedding colors (or any other shade of blue for that matter) for a completely different look.

Remember, your guests and wedding party are likely to be wearing blue. Overdoing your table setting decor will create a messy sea of blue. Dashes and points of interest are all it takes to tie your theme together. Less is more.


Blue And White Flower Arrangements

We mentioned flower options in the bouquet section above. Now it’s time to talk about blue and white wedding flowers style. The best approach is to choose a focus flower – a large blue hyacinth for example – along with up to 3 complimentary flowers.

Styling tips: Choosing different types of flowers create the textural interest your bouquet demands. Choosing too many causes the eye to get confused. You can choose a mix of whites and blues or all blue. If choosing all blue make sure to choose an assortment of shades to create the contrast your bouquet needs to be beautiful.

Another option, choose all white flowers. Use the same methodology for visual interest, and wrap the bouquet with a ribbon. The ribbon can be made from the same fabric that’s featured on your wedding gown or bridesmaids’ dresses.

If you’ve come this far, it’s clear the blue and white wedding colors are extremely versatile. This color combo can fit any theme at any season. Keep the big picture in mind by choosing your theme, gown and guest attire, and decor as one topic as opposed to one at a time. This way you’ll achieve unity and pull off the theme you’ve been dreaming of.