Wedding Signs That You Absolutely Need

wedding signs guide
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Wedding signs are meant to relay important information such as confirming that the guests have arrived at the right destination, where the bathrooms are, and an itinerary of events. Communicating this effectively involves working the design into your theme and (more importantly) making words large enough and with enough space around them to be able to read from an appropriate distance.


We are about to teach you all about what exactly wedding signs are needed, wedding sign style, the materials you should choose for a variety of situations, and a little DIY advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are wedding signs usually?

The size of wedding signs is determined by the information on them. Important communication must be large enough to read by elderly guests from a few feet away.

How much is a wedding sign?

The average cost of personalized wedding signs ranges from $50 to over $100. The cost to buy a sign consists of the materials used, the process used to manufacture them, and the size.


At the entrance wedding signs

Wedding entrance signs usually consist of 2 main components:

  • The bride and groom’s name to let guests know they’ve arrived at the right place
  • Wayfinding to help guests find their way to important destinations.



Welcome Signs

Brides and grooms usually choose a scripted font for their welcome signs or a font that matches their theme. Whatever your choice, don’t overdo the script to maintain legibility. Couples use wood, glass, or (more recently and less expensively) acrylic placed on a stand at the entrance to their venue.



Directional Wedding Signs

A lot of banquet halls already have wayfinding signs to standard destinations such as the bar, hall, and bathrooms that they can offer. Make sure to inquire first. Otherwise, use large lettering and prominent arrows so that guests can see the directional signs from a distance.


Unplugged Wedding Signs

A recent trend that we are loving is the unplugged wedding sign. If you are not familiar, this is a sign indicating that cameras and screens are not permitted during the wedding ceremony. Sure, you may miss out on a few candid photos, but that’s why you hired a professional photographer!


Wedding Ceremony Signs

Ceremony signs provide important details so that guests know what to expect and what’s expected of them. Couples often create signs for the reception itinerary, seating arrangements, and some fun and inspirational messages.


Ceremony Program Signs

Ceremony program signs clearly lay out the itinerary for the day. This is extremely convenient for guests as they will know what’s going on and when. It’s also convenient for the couple as guests typically want to adhere to the schedule and move things along at a healthy pace.



Wedding Seating Signs

Place wedding setting signs just outside or in the immediate entrance of the ceremony space. Providing a visual representation of where guests are supposed to sit alleviates a lot of the potential for confusion. Ceremony lighting is usually a little duller, so make sure to write in high contrast so that names stay legible.


Wedding Aisle Signs

Wedding aisles are an excellent opportunity to communicate romantic thoughts and emotions to enhance the wedding theme. Writing cute quotes and love-oriented messages on wedding aisle signs creates a very emotional ambiance just before your guests sit down and witness your union. What a lovely sentiment.



Wedding Hashtag Signs

Some couples want to include additional information like the hashtags they want to use for social media or the URL to their wedding website. This is a fun and easy way to make sure that all of your guests’ photographs are easily found, shared, and curated into a complete wedding album.

Wedding Reception Signs

There’s a lot going on during wedding receptions, and proper wedding signage will make it easy for your guests. This can include a schedule of toasts and other events, the seating arrangements, and wayfinding to designated areas.



Seating Chart Signs

The seating chart should be the first thing that guests encounter as they enter the reception area. It’s always best to show a blueprint of the space with the tables and seats in their actual locations. This avoids any confusion for guests who may otherwise misinterpret written instructions.


Order Signs

You put a lot of time and effort into planning the events that will occur throughout your reception. Let your guests in on the plans with wedding order signs. This way, they will move from event to event without delay or interference.



Sweet Treats And Bar Signs

There are 2 locations that your guests are very interested in, the bar and the dessert table. Rather than telling them one by one, post large signs that guests can see from across the room. When possible, hang these directly over the stations with an arrow pointing straight down.


Creature Comforts Wedding Signs

Creature comforts are designed to make your guests comfortable throughout the reception. Umbrellas for the rain, hand fans for the heat, and blankets for the cold are all items that can greatly improve their comfort. Display a creature comfort sign to direct your guests to the baskets where they can collect their items.



Table Signs

Table signs are important so that guests know they are at the correct table. Most couples use numbers. However, it’s always fun to use themes like color-coding or naming conventions. These should fit into your theme, but they should also stand out so that guests can spot them easily.


Entertainment Signs

Entertainment signs at your wedding reception will inform your guests of when the fun starts when performers will take a break, and to prepare to participate. Including bio and contact information about performers will also help them spread their brand if they do a good job.



Favors And Thank You Signs

Guests will feel odd just picking up a bag and walking off with it. So tell them it’s ok with wedding favor and thank you signs! “Thank you” is good enough, but a cute little message or poem always goes over well.

Funny Wedding Signs

Not all wedding signs have to provide instructions. Some signs can simply exist to support your theme and generate certain moods. Creative examples for this include posting lyrics from the couple’s love song, a few short poems, or some famous romantic quotes.


Personalized Wedding Signs

When personalizing your wedding signs, consider how you are going to use them in the future. Many couples save a lot of wedding signage to use as home decor once the wedding is over. If this sounds like your plans, pay a little extra for higher quality materials and inks so that they stand the test of time.

Many couples disregard signs during the planning process but, as you can see, they do play a significant role in the efficiency of your plans and the comfort of your guests. Choose sturdy materials, and always prioritize clear communication over design. For best results, make an intentional effort to work planning your signs during your venue walkthrough.