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Children are bundles of joy but can be a handful at weddings. They also come with the extra expense of keeping them comfortable and engaged with kids’ wedding activities to avoid chaos. As a result, inviting them to your wedding becomes a dilemma. Not inviting them also becomes selfish since it should be all about you?

The truth is that you can have a beautiful day even with the kids around. All you need are some interesting kids’ wedding activities and duties to keep them occupied and relevant. We’ve listed a couple of them for you to check out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I have a kid’s table at a wedding?

Yes, you should if you’re inviting a large number of kids. If you aren’t, let them sit with the family.

What age is considered a child at a wedding?

The appropriate age range considered as a child at a wedding is between 3 to 13 years.


Children At Wedding: What You Need To Consider

The extent of children’s involvement on your wedding day depends on certain factors. Your budget, theme, parents, and the children’s opinion.
You must seek consent from the parents and even the kids before assigning them to tasks. Once that’s gotten, make them feel relevant by assigning them to age-appropriate kid’s activities for the wedding. They could share the confetti bags or work alongside the ushers to get people to their seats. Older children can also show guests to parking spaces. You can go a step further by delegating readings during the ceremony with the parent’s consent. How about having them distribute the wedding programs and props for the photo booth? Don’t forget the flower girl, page boy, little bride, and you can even have balloon kids.

Giving them these tasks will make them feel important and a part of your beautiful day. Kids take their tasks seriously, hence, chaos is averted.

Do children count for weddings? – We count children as full guests in weddings, typically caterers will include meals that are specific to our young guests or we will have a children’s table but if they are invited and it is a children’s welcome reception, we recommend they count as guests!

Kids Wedding Entertainment and Activities

Keep the kids entertained with wedding day activities for kids both at the ceremony and reception. See kid’s friendly activities to inspire you.

  1. Goodie Bags
    For the perfect kid’s wedding ceremony and reception activities, welcome them with goodie bags. Fill these bags with disposable cameras, sketchbooks, finger puppets, bubbles, pencils, crayons, play-dohs, puzzle cards, etc. These bags will form the basis of all the fun during the whole wedding. Don’t forget to add some treats.
  2. Ceremony Activity Sheet
    This is a printable wedding activity sheet for children that is fun and cerebral. Create colorful sheets to suit your palette of the wedding theme. Incorporate fun tasks like asking them to draw their own cake, the couple, or connect dots. They can also work a maze that will keep them engrossed through the program.
  3. Camera Scavenger Hunt
    Bring out the photographers in the kids by sending them on a photo scavenger hunt. Give them a list of things to snap, like the couple dancing, cake, beautiful table settings, first dance, people smiling, etc. This is a real and fun task that will take their attention. At the end of the day, you’ll have many beautiful pictures snapped with love.
  4. The Kids’ Table
    Make the kids’ table fun and engaging with activities. Add sketchbooks, glitters, crayons, board games, and snacks. If you’re using the outdoors, clay molding and papercrafts could also feature. Set it up in a way that adds beauty to your overall decor. For instance, put the coloring supplies in mason jars and boards in a stack.
  5. Movie & Game Area
    Children love to be active, so channel the energy into games and movies by setting up an area. This works best if you’re using an indoor venue. Set up a low-light corner space complete with games, movies, pillows, couches, and popcorn. Delegate a minder to keep an eye on them to avoid injuries or fights.
  6. Music Requests
    Give the kids some dance time at your wedding and allow them some input. Tell them to nominate a couple of songs among themselves which you’ll add to your playlist. Give the children time to dance or choreograph their songs.
  7. Kids photo booth
    A kids’ photo booth is one of the most creative kid’s wedding reception activities. Make it all about them, including kid photographers. Furnish the booth with masks, card signs, banner signs, funny hats, tutus, sunglasses, and props. Give the kids disposable cameras and let them stay having fun and making friends.
  8. Hire professional entertainment
    Bring their favorite cartoon characters to entertain them at the wedding. If you have older children, hire magicians to dazzle them. You can also bring clowns or professional crafters to teach them a couple of things. They’ll leave your wedding with more fun than they’ve had in years.
  9. Lawn Games
    If you have ample space outdoors, introduce lawn games to the kids. Put the kids in groups and have them play games of Croquet, corn hole, balloon dart toss, or bocce ball. A game of Jenga will also hold more interest for younger kids, while ping pong will excite the older ones. You can customize these game materials to include your pictures or initials.
  10. Kids Only Favors
    End the day for children by gifting them kids only favor packs. Kids games, activity pack complete with crayons, and temporary tattoos are beautiful options. You can also include custom cups with straws, heart candies, cute bracelets, and heartfelt notes.

Downsides and Upsides to Having Children at Your Wedding

Kids are sweet to have around, but it’s not always rosy with them. So before you decide to include them or not, see some pros and cons of having kids at your wedding.

Expert answers
Is it rude to have a child-free wedding?
We do not think it is rude to have a child-free wedding. In fact, around 80% of our clients choose a child-free wedding. We find it is an opportunity for their guests with children to truly partake in the wedding and have an evening to themselves. One particular practice we love to extend is inviting children to the ceremony but then offering on-site babysitting services for children during cocktail hour and the reception. In this way, the children can still be near their parents while the reception can remain children free.



  • Budget
    Children will normally not eat the same portion as adults, but you’ll still pay for the food. Although kids get discounts, it can spike your budget by at least 8% depending on how many you invite. You’ll also spend some more to hire entertainers, minders, purchase activities and maybe favors. So, be sure that you can afford it.
  • Unpredictability
    Children aren’t predictable and their antics are endless. So having children at the wedding would mean the possibility of screaming, noise, and getting in the way. You may probably opt for kids over the age of ten, who can coordinate themselves.
  • Guest Enjoyment
    Most guests work so hard that weddings are a place for them to unwind and have fun. If they’re saddled with babies who need care, it may prove difficult. They won’t have the ultimately enjoyable wedding experience. So, you may have to skip that.




    • Atmosphere
      The unpredictability of children also has upsides. They will give your big day color, flair, and laughter with their innocent acts. Children love to photobomb pictures, say words just out of their heads, make funny faces, coo at adults, etc. They’re really beautiful to have around.

Expert answers
What role can children play in a wedding?
Children can play perfect roles for the ceremony for traditions such as ring bearers or the classic flower girls. One trend I've seen lately is to include children in songs such as the ceremony or even at the reception when friends and family are providing toasts, children can join in, after all children say things as they think it and that effect can be a one of kind for weddings!

  • The Wedding Party
    One aim of weddings is to create memories. With children at the wedding, the memories are priceless. Your flower girl, little bride, page boy, and even confetti throwers will make your pictures pop. Weddings are for everyone to have fun and unwind. However, children can get cranky and ruin it for the adults if they’re not comfortable or part of the fun.

So, we’ve created a list of kid’s wedding activities to engage the children. Also, we’ve answered some of your questions, while looking at the pros and cons of having kids around. Your wedding is all about you, but you can spread the love and have fun.