29 Engagement Wishes Examples And Writing Tips

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There are lots of ways of writing engagement wishes. One major factor that determines how your message is written is your relationship to the couple or engaged individual. You might be inclined to write funny wedding wishes or maybe even just simple engagement quotes. Either way, when you are pondering the words which adequately say, congratulations on your engagement, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Engagement Wishes: What To Write In An Engagement Card

Engagement cards can be such important keepsakes to a newly engaged couple. The card, as well as the message within it, should be rightly addressed to the engaged couple. And so, if you’re wondering what exact engagement card etiquette you might need to follow, we definitely got your back.

  1. Congratulate the Couple First – While writing messages for engagement cards, the very first line should be a congratulatory sentence to the couple. This short and simple phrase helps you set the pace for the rest of the message.
  2. Write a Heartfelt Message – At this next point, you can be sentimental, and depending on your relationship with the couple, express your joy on their upcoming nuptials. It could be something funny for friends or even contain romantic engagement quotes.
  3. Send Your Well Wishes – End your message with your wishes for their future and life together.


Engagement Card Etiquette

There are a few rules that go with writing and addressing an engagement card. Whether it be engagement wishes to a friend, or engagement wishes for a brother or sister, some of these should be kept in mind.

  • It is important to send your card right after the engagement is announced and not too close to the wedding date so you can receive an adequate response.
  • If there are an engagement party and you are invited, it’s the perfect avenue for you to deliver your engagement card.
  • Remember to write from the heart when wording your engagement congratulations. This will help you create a more personalized message.
  • If in need of a little inspiration, there is nothing wrong with checking the internet for wedding invitation wording samples.

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Examples Of Engagement Card Messages

Considering that there are different types of engagement card messages depending on your relationship with the couple, below are some samples to help you along the way. These samples will help guide you, give you inspiration and ideas for writing the perfect engagement wishes to the lucky couple.



Funny Engagement Wishes Examples

Especially if they are close friends, you might want to make it a fun message and so include some hip phrase, like:

Engagement: a reason to stop putting in an effort to look good for each other. Congratulations my lovelies!

Two crazy awesome nerds found each other – hooray! I def can’t wait for your wedding. To infinity and beyond!

Congratulations on your wise decision. I mean, if you are going to live together anyway, you might as well get a bunch of presents for it. Looking forward to your big day. Lots of love!

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Engagement Wishes To A Friend

Friends, but you’re not really feeling the funny messages vibe? Here are a few other types of messages you could send for engagement wishes to a friend.

Well done on getting hitched – it’s about time! Can’t wait to celebrate with you. Wishing you all the best for the future.

I’m really happy for you both. Wishing you all the best with the engagement and beyond! Lots of love.

Really happy to hear the news, you guys make a great couple! Wishing you all the best with the lead-up to the wedding and for the future.


Examples Of Engagement Wishes For A Brother Or Sister

Sometimes writing engagement wishes for siblings might be a little harder than writing for friends. You could even decide to get creative engagement gifts, find an appropriate gift to accompany your card. These messages should help with ideas for your message.

We’re so excited for you both and love you so much. Wishing you both a great future together. Congratulations!

Happy engagement dear bro/sis! I can’t wait for your wedding! May you both have a long, happy and healthy life together.

Cheers to the new husband and wife to be; you two are so good together! Congratulations on your engagement!



Engagement Wishes To A Son Or Daughter Examples

It’s a very joyous time when a child gets engaged. And though your heart might be swelling with emotion, it might not be so easy to get the words out. Here are a few phrases to help with that.

Congratulations to our amazing daughter and future son-in-law! Sam, we didn’t think we’d ever meet a man special enough for our baby girl, but here you are. We are over the moon that you two are going to be spending the rest of your lives together — you are perfect for each other. Look forward to watching you both walk down the aisle. Love, Mom, and Dad

Dear Suzy,
Congratulations on your wedding engagement! I am so happy to hear that you and Stella are taking the next step together.
I have enjoyed watching you grow as a person so much. I remember when you and Stella first met and how instant your connection was. And I am excited that you two have found love and I cannot wait to help you prepare for your wedding. Promise, I am always here for you and look forward to watching your relationship blossom.
May your love shine brighter and your companionship grows richer with each passing day.
Best Wishes, your loving Mom/Dad.

Congratulations on your engagement, you two! James, you are an incredible son, and you bring us the kind of joy that that simply can’t be explained. We are proud of the woman you have become, and we are proud you’ve found such a wonderful person to love — somebody who treats you with the love and respect you so deserve. Leila, thank you for being so, so good to our son; we’re overjoyed to be welcoming you into our family. Love, Mom, and Dad


Engagement Wishes From A Bridesmaid Or A Groomsman

So your girl or your buddy has just gotten engaged and you find you are the bridesmaid or groomsman for the wedding. Below are a few engagement wishes ideas for your card. You might want something funny or heartfelt, it is all up to you.

Thank you for letting me share in this joyful occasion. I wish both of you all the best as you embark on this wonderful union.

I’m so thrilled that I will be able to celebrate your wedding with you both. Time really does fly. It feels like just yesterday we were moving into our dorm rooms, and now you are getting married. Congrats!

You two are a perfect couple, and I am so excited to watch you make it official. Congratulations!



Engagement Wishes Examples For Your Fiance

In the mood to send engagement wishes to your fiancé? Not a bad idea at all; give it a try. Below are some ideas to help make your fiancé feel extra loved.

You are my strength, my joy, and my one true love. I love you with all my heart. I can’t wait to marry you.

I can’t wait to tell the whole world that you will be forever mine and I will be forever yours. I am so happy to plan our wedding together!

Are you ready to do boring things with me and annoy me for the rest of our lives? Just kidding but I wouldn’t want to do it with anybody else but you. I love you!


Engagement Wishes To A Son Or Daughter Examples

You might want to write something special for a religious couple, especially along the lines of their religion. If possible you might want to include verses of religious text. Just make sure they are accurate and speak to the message you are writing. Here are some examples.

Dear Jane and Mark,
Congratulations on your engagement! Sending you prayers for unending love and happiness and hoping that the love of God fills your hearts as you start your married life together.
Best wishes, Nickole.

Muslim: Mabrouk! (“Congratulations.”)
Baarak-Allahulakawabaarakaalaikumawajama’abainakuma fee khairin. (“Let Allah bless you both with love and happiness and many cherished moments of a blissful married life.”)



What Should I Write in My Parents Engagement Card?

Did your parents recently get engaged and you’re stuck wondering what to write as engagement wishes for them? We have a number of samples here that can help you find that inspiration. Let your message be able to express to them the immense joy you feel for their celebration and new adventure together.

May your engagement be the beginning of an everlasting dedication, happiness, and commitment to each other. You have both made me very happy, I love you forever.

I’m so happy you have found love in each other. All the very best with the wedding plans and have the best life together.

Engagement Quotes For Newly Engaged Couple

Sometimes all you need is a nifty and sweet quote to get your message across. Quotes are packed with meaning and can be very useful in generating ideas. So, here are a few engagements and short wedding quotes for your reference.


Inspirational Engagement Quotes

Some words of inspiration for that newly engaged couple.

You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly. – Anonymous

Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Romantic Engagement Quotes

Quotes can be romantic as well, and I’m sure the couple you have in mind would love these.

You don’t need to be on the same wavelength to succeed in marriage. You just need to be able to ride each other’s waves. – Anonymous

Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threaded, hundreds of tiny threads that sew people together through the years. – Simone Signoret

Engagement Wishes Cards With Images

Sometimes the perfect message is incomplete without the right picture or image to go with it. If you’re looking for such images of perfection, you could look for a card that resonates with what you imagine. You could also create a handmade card with a picture of the couple printed on it, your choice. Either way, your efforts will not go unnoticed and will be much appreciated.

Sending engagement wishes to a newly engaged couple is a lovely thing to do. If you’re wondering how to write this message, it’s not as difficult as you might first imagine. Every aspect of writing a message for a card and addressing and delivering it takes minute deliberate steps. Right now you are wondering what to write in an engagement card, next you would ponder how to address invitations, and we would be right here to hold your hand.