10 Ideas To Keep Your Wedding As Simple As Possible


If you want to keep your wedding simple, there are lots of ways to make that happen. However, be aware that if you want the traditional church wedding with the white dress, bridesmaids, reception and all, then you’re in for something more complicated than even the most complicated simple wedding. Even if you create the simplest wedding in the world, you’ll probably still be feeling the pressure associated with making wedding plans and seeing that everything goes smoothly.


Here are some great ideas for keeping your wedding simple and reducing those pressures.

1. Have A Simpler Menu

By keeping the menu to simple, easy fare, you can avoid the high maintenance and cost of extravagant menu options. The meal isn’t meant to be the star of the reception, so choosing some staple dishes and desserts can keep your wedding costs low while letting the celebration of your marriage stay in the spotlight. A simple backyard wedding can still be beautiful.


2. Delegate Tasks & Responsibilities

There are lots of tasks that need to be attended to, no matter how simple your wedding is. If you can manage to delegate some of these tasks and enlist the help of friends and family, you can relieve some of the pressure associated with planning your wedding. In order to keep your wedding simple, ask for help when you need it and don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to family members and friends who are willing to give you a hand.


3. Get A Caterer

When you’re looking at the food preparation for your reception, you can choose simple preparation or simple budgeting. For easier preparation, a caterer is invaluable.  For smaller budgets, having friends or family members take care of the food prep is often the simplest option. No matter which you choose, you’re not going to be able to have both a small budget and simple preparation. Caterers can be fairly expensive, even for simple fare. Knowing whether you need to trim your food budget or trim your involvement in food preparation is essential to making the right decision.


4. Make A Smaller Guest List

Keeping your guest list to an easily managed size is an excellent way to keep your wedding simple. Your guest list affects everything from how many people you have to serve at your wedding to how big your reception venue needs to be.


5. Choose Simple Attire

It may seem counterintuitive, but unless you own some very nice clothes, wedding rentals may be the easiest choice in terms of keeping your wedding simple. Rented tuxedos and dresses are fairly hassle-free, especially when compared with shopping for and buying clothes for the whole wedding party. Rental shops will usually make any necessary alterations and the fees are considerably less than buying the wedding party clothes.

6. Forego The Fancy Invites

To keep your wedding simple, forego traditional wedding invitations with their multiple envelopes, little pieces of tissue paper and endless font colours and style choices.  Instead, get some good-quality stationary and print your own invitations from the computer. You can even hand them out instead of having to address envelopes and buy stamps.


7. Forget About Making An Impression

Fancy weddings are, by definition, not simple. If you are trying to impress everyone, you’re going to go overboard with little touches and details. Before you know it, your simple wedding has become an all-out event with five hundred guests and all the bells and whistles.

8. Keep The Décor Simple

You don’t need hundreds of feet of bunting and centerpieces everywhere. Instead, opt for a few nice floral arrangements, and then arrange candles artfully on tables and throughout your venue for a touch of ambiance that’s simple, elegant and romantic.


9. Favor Simple Favours

Small favor boxes with a variety of candy can be the perfect simple favors for your simple wedding. If you’re trying to keep your wedding simple, having small, simple favors for your guests is essential.

10. Make It Early

For the simplest wedding, have it early in the day. Your ceremony can take place mid-morning and then your reception could follow as an easy lunch buffet. Venues are typically less busy during the morning hours and you can leave right after your reception and get to your hotel just at check-in time.