Simple Wedding Ideas for Saving Money

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Simple wedding ideas offer you the opportunity to save tons of money and reduce stress. As it’s the norm recently, couples do not fancy the idea of spending tons of cash on a one-day affair anymore. They may also either be short on cash or prefer to put the money to good use.


If you fall into this category, there are so many ways to have the wedding of your dream while keeping it simple. Check out simple wedding cake ideas, simple wedding decoration ideas and more. If you decide to have it indoors or outdoors, there are simple ideas to help you pull it off. And regardless of how simple, you’ll maintain class, finesse, and beauty without missing anything.

Simple Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations can be simple yet elegant. All you need do is to focus on the details that match your celebration vibe. Give it an extra oomph by adding your custom touch. Below are some sophisticated simple wedding invitation ideas.

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  • Be realistic! Always know how much your designs will cost you.
  • Get creative by making edging with punches or stamp cutters. It’s cheap and gives the card some class.
  • Go for ribbons. Not only are they fanciful, but they also hold in everything together.
  • Use personalized stamps to key in your initials, wedding date, and return address. It gives the invitations an official look.
  • Print on watercolor paper.
  • For rustic or simple backyard wedding ideas, use twines and tags. Twines and custom Kraft paper tags evergreen.
  • Create a personalized embosser, using custom monogram. It’s a classic.


Simple Wedding Decorations

With simple wedding decoration ideas, you don’t have to break the bank. You can use things around you, as long as they fit in with your theme. But while at it, Abby Larson, a bridal expert with Style Me Pretty says to stay away from Pinterest recycled ideas. They most times go out of style. See some simple ideas for decoration below.

  • Spread flower petals around, even if you don’t have flower girls. This gives the venue a cute look in the absence of floral arrangements.
  • For simple beach wedding ideas, go shelling. Put them in clear vases or hurricane containers and adorn the venue with it.
  • Use the bridal party bouquet as centerpieces at the reception.
  • For simple wedding reception table decoration ideas, you can use burlap table numbers. Also, keep the tables uncluttered and work with your favors. You can decorate the table with wedding favors, or create decor that becomes wedding favors. Anyone!
  • Go green, or you can drape twinkling lights around cut branches.
  • Light up the way up the aisle in an indoor or outdoor wedding with candles or string lights. Although candles are cheaper and more romantic.


Simple Outdoor Wedding Ideas On a Budget

For a couple that loves the outdoors, you can have it without breaking the bank. Nature is a beauty yet unrivaled, but you’ll need a few things to pull it off. Tiffany Rivera of Simply breathe events says no matter how small a wedding is, will need the following. Food, rentals, decor, bar, staff and some entertainment. So, you must keep those basics in the plan. See some simple wedding ideas on a budget below.

  • Host a backyard barbeque. Invite friends over to a BBQ and say your vows while at it. No-fuss, no unnecessary stress.
  • Have a backyard wedding. You only need tables, chairs, canopies, and some lights. You can decorate with flower/greenery if you wish.
  • Enjoy a wedding while camping. If you’re a couple that loves to go camping, invite friends along and say your vows in the trees and tents. Serve up some finger food and booze. Wedding over.
  • Have a wedding in the wood. Go rustic and have a woodland wedding. Set chairs for your guests under trees wound with string lights. You can spray petals on the ground for added beauty. Ditch the caterer and replace with a truck or cart food.


Small Indoor Wedding Ideas

Indoor wedding ideas are intimate and cozy. But when it’s a small indoor wedding, it becomes dreamy. See simple small wedding ideas for the indoors below.

  • Chop the guest list to the minimum. If you want a wedding of no more than 20-50 people, invite only people that matter. A trick Jove of Jove Meyer events is to go through your call and text list. The people whom you talked to in the last three months are important. Invite them.
  • Cut down on cost by hiring a venue where the decorations fit your specifications.
  • Think non-traditional venues like restaurants, coffee shops, hotel suites, or the home.
  • Stick with only what matters. Shed the fluff and replace with activities your guests will enjoy.
  • Spend wisely by upgrading on the most important things like photography and food. A smaller number of guests frees your budget.
  • Design right with the fabrics, lights, plants, etc., to fit your space and ambiance. And according to the valley, do it so good your guests have elbow room.


Simple Wedding Reception Tips

The wedding reception gulps more money than the ceremony. But you can save up on it by being smart and going simple. Most of the work is on the venue, food, and drinks. See some of our simple wedding reception ideas below.

  • Avoid venues that insist on in-house catering.
  • Have the wedding and reception in one place.
  • Adopt simple themed buffet serving stations.
  • Buy booze in bulk or ask guests to bring their booze.
  • Skip the cocktail hour.
  • Have a wedding party potluck.
  • Enjoy off the shelf appetizers
  • Raise your bar
  • Serve only beer, wine, and a signature cocktail.
  • Do a basic buffet.
  • Skip the champagne toast
  • Make the reception short

Wedding Cakes Ideas

Cakes are beautiful and add a touch of class to the wedding reception. You can either go flamboyant or keep it simple. But should you want the latter, Maggie Austin advises that you must develop a dessert that speaks your style. And incorporate details consistent with your wedding concept even while saving cash. That said, see some simple wedding cake ideas.

  • Augment the cake surrounding with linens, greenery, photos, candles, or even flowers. It fills out space around the cake.
  • Strip it naked and work with fillings and flavors says Betsy of Nine cakes. Such as lemon curd, orange, chocolate ganache with toasted almonds, etc.
  • Package cake as favors for guests. It pulls double duty.
  • Buy iced cake off a boutique bakery or add to catering contract.
  • Supplement a tier or two of display cake with sheet cakes.


Simple Bouquet Ideas

One of the best ways a savvy bride can save on expenses is through wedding flowers. You can create a bouquet from inexpensive flowers to tide you through the day. But Mary Coombs says that your flowers should be well chosen for a reason, not just the colors. Without further ado, let’s look at simple wedding bouquet ideas from Jill Mason of Starflower.

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  • Go for budget-friendly flowers such as English roses, carnations, hydrangeas, daisies, etc.
  • Order flowers limited to one or two varieties in wholesale and request volume discount.
  • Stay within the season, you’d get them fresh and cheap.
  • Go for the big blooms. It gives you a larger bouquet with fewer stems.
  • Think greenery such as sunflowers and wild-grown daisies.

Every elegant bride who wants to save money will love a simple wedding. Above are simple wedding ideas for cakes, reception, bouquet, decor and more for the wedding. They are step by step tips to guide you through the wedding planning process. By the end of the wedding, you have enough money saved up to splurge on a destination honeymoon. And you’d have saved yourself loads of stress.