Unique, Quirky And Unusual Wedding Venues For Every Type Of Couple

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Many factors come together to make the perfect wedding. One of the most important of these factors is the wedding venue. And while some people are fine with traditional and convetional locations, there’s no arguing that using unique wedding venues can give you a more memorable experience.


Get creative with your wedding space, choose any one of these atypical and more authentic wedding venues to mark your special day.

Brides often Ask

How can I Make My Wedding Unique?

Personalizing certain aspects of a wedding can make it unique. This could mean including an event like a unity ceremony, creating a special out-of-the-box menu, or even choreographing the bridal entrance.

Where is the Cheapest Place to Have a Destination Wedding?

There are a number or pocket friendly destinations one can choose for a wedding. Some of the most affordable locations for a destination wedding are Cancun, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Tulum.

Where is the Nicest Place to Get Married?

With so many breathtaking wedding destinations, it can be hard to choose. However, some of the nicest places to get married include, Sea Island in Georgia, Tucson, Arizona and The Big Island of Hawaii.


Unique Outdoor Wedding Venues


One of the easiest to access of unique outdoor wedding venues is a beach. This is the perfect location to exchange your vows if you love the sound of the waves and don’t mind a bit of sand. Just be sure to get the right permit, stick with any necessary regulations, and you can get married with the beautiful ocean as your backdrop.



A garden is also a beautiful and unique place to get married. This type of location would particularly appeal to lovers of nature. This could be a private estate garden, a garden at a public park, or even a botanical garden. Surrounded by sweet smelling blooms, you would have the benefit of natural beauty and a delectable ambiance.


Vineyards provide a rustic and natural charm that make them great for unique wedding venues ideas. A great choice if you want a romantic outdoor wedding with a view worth capturing. A classy an elegant choice for a wedding, lovers of wine would particularly love this option for its beauty and abundance of the flavorful drink.


A barn is a great idea for a wedding if you want a rustic or country setting for your celebration. They can prove very charming with the right décor. This can be anything from flower walls, to canopies of string lights, neon signage and other elements to fit with the vision for your wedding.



If your apartment building, favorite bar or restaurant has a swanky rooftop, then it could be the perfect location for a wedding. With endless sky and breathtaking views of the city below, a rooftop has all the makings for a uniquely modern wedding venue. A great choice for fancy décor ideas, gorgeous photos and an altogether memorable wedding experience.


Castles are the best locations for weddings right out of a fairytale story. So, if you’ve always dreamed of being saved by the prince of your dreams, this could be the best way to begin your journey together. While most castles can’t be found in the US, a destination wedding is not too much if you’re looking to have that fairytale wedding.


National Parks

It’s not easy to find locations with more stunning landscapes than in National Parks. Each has unique features such as waterfalls, mountain tops and wooded forest areas. Most National Parks allow wedding events and can be used for outdoor celebrations. So, as long as you get the permit and weather right, this could be a steal for the perfect wedding.


There is a lot of appeal for nature these days and a farm captures that very essence. It is a great location for couples looking to create a rustic wedding experience. It also has added advantages such as the possibility for farm to table themed menus, simplistic beauty, and rustic or bohemian features.



With wineries you not only get an endless supply of alcohol for your wedding, you also get a unique wedding venue of character. The blend of sophistication, the beauty of nature and that rustic charm come together to make a fine space for a wedding. There is often the option for outdoor and indoor spaces and breathtaking views to boot.


The nautically inclined would be seduced by a romantic wedding space over the water, and why not? A wedding on a yacht would be one of luxury, endless sea views, sophistication and an altogether unique experience. As long as none of the guests has problems with seasickness, you can have a most memorable and intimate wedding cruise.


Most Unique Wedding Venues in The U.S.

The Vow Exchange Chapel in Kansas City, Missouri

Couples looking to have small weddings would love The Vow Exchange Chapel. This intimate space in Kansas City, Missouri is perfect for picturesque and personalized wedding celebrations. Apart from the cozy size, it is also unique in the fact that it’s an affordable option for couples on a smaller budget.


The Ice Castles in Midway, Utah

Couples can have awe-inspiring and spectacular winter weddings at this location that brings fairy tales to life. The Midway Ice Castles feature ice tunnels, slides, frozen thrones and ice sculptures that create a magical experience. This winter phenomenon can create a unique wedding experience for couples and their loved ones.

The Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn, New York

This rooftop farm and garden provides couples with the perfect location for an outdoor wedding. A great show of nature, this venue is ideal for a rustic themed wedding with its green and sustainable features alongside breathtaking views of the Brooklyn skyline.

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada

An outdoor museum of the most iconic neon signs. You cannot get a more unique location than this. The Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada is a colorful and unconventional location that would provide an amazing backdrop for any type of rustic wedding. This edgy venue provides inspiration for the most memorable of weddings for couples and their guests.

The Treehouse Point in Issaquah, Washington

Another wonderful location for a fairytale wedding, The Treehouse Point in Issaquah, Washington is a magical location nested in a four-acre forest. It features towering pines, a picturesque stream and cozy cabins. A perfect Neverland world for breathtaking photos and an enchanting wedding celebration experience with close family and friends.

The Exploratorium in San Francisco, California

Combine science with tradition in an extremely unique location for a wedding. The Exploratorium in San Francisco, California is a great choice for science enthusiasts to be surrounded by everything that represents the arts, science and technology while exchanging their vows. The scientific funhouse is no doubt a venue for a unique and interactive wedding experience.

The Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, California

Nestled in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, this historic villa and estate is a magical place for a wedding. A completely romantic location, it features lush gardens, hiking trails, a mansion and a non-profit center for the arts. The perfect space for a classic and elegant wedding celebration.

The Barn at Cedar Grove in Greensboro, Georgia

This stunning and unique wedding location features a restored dairy barn from the 1930s. Equipped with modern amenities, it gives off a rustic charm that makes it perfect for a rustic or bohemian wedding. The farm provides options for an outdoor wedding in a tranquil setting, or an intimate indoor ceremony.

The Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada

For couples who want a fun and quirky wedding, this iconic chapel provides an unforgettable Elvis-themed ceremony. Can you get married at the Elvis chapel?
Our Elvis weddings are the perfect fit because they are fun, spontaneous, and definitely memorable. You can tie the knot in bright and beautiful Las Vegas with a memorable and elegant ceremony.

The Cliff House in San Francisco, California

A wedding becomes even more unique when you choose a venue with the captivating view of a cliff-side, such as The Cliff House in San Francisco, California. This location comes with a ready-made stunning backdrop and panoramic ocean views that gives the event a refreshing ambiance and fantastic photo ops.

As lots of couples look for out-of-the-box wedding locations that better capture their dreams and visions for their big day, more locations with potential become obvious. Explore our list for more authentic and unique spaces that can help fulfil those dreams and create the most unforgettable wedding experiences.