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18 Ideas Unique Wedding Venues


A cute wedding among flowers, hot kisses in the tropics, a magical forest for the bride and groom – the ideas of unique Wedding Venues can be different. This wedding is perfect for couples who love everything unusual and want to make their holiday special, not only for themselves but also for their guests.


Photo 1-3: Beautiful Orangery

Source: Jennifer Louise Photography via instagram, Paula O’Hara Photography via instagramHayley Savage Photography via instagram


Photo 4-6: Unique Wedding Venues – Library

Source: Rachelmay Photo via instagramAlexander Rubin via instagramRachel Smith Photography


Photo 7-9: Wonderful Museum

Source: Katie Lopez Photography, Christina Montemurro Photography via instagram, Kaeli Garcia via instagram


Photo 10-12: Tropical Wedding Venue

Source: Alicia Thurston Photography via Instagram, Logan Cole Photography via instagram, Anastasiia Photography


Photo 13-15: Castle Venues

Source: Julie Pepin Photography , Erich McVey via instagram  From the Daisies via instagram

Photo 16-18: Enchanted Forest

Source: Cypress + Light via instagram, Retrospect Images PhotographyShea Christine Photography via instagram